Ukrainian Dating Interview with Olga: my experiences with online dating and Western men

Today, we talk to Olga, a good friend of mine and a very beautiful young woman from Kiev Ukraine. She is 29 years old, lives in Germany and has a German fiancé. Olga agrees to tell about her experience with an intercultural relationship.

Krystyna: Hello Olga! Thank you very much for this interview. I am sure you have a lot of cross-cultural dating experiences you can share with the readers.

Olga: You are welcome, Krystyna 🙂

Krystyna: Tell us please about your online dating experiences with Western men.

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Olga: I talked to many men from Germany, England and the USA online in the hope of meeting my dream match. Some dialogues were very interesting and I really enjoyed our online communication; some men just wrote me boring messages and I did have any wishes to develop our contact.

I want to say a few words about male scam. Many men write and say that there are tons of fake women’s profiles and professional pro-dates on Russian and Ukrainian online dating sites. Yes, it’s true. But I have to say that there are tons of male scammers, as well.

For example, I met a nice man from Austria. We had wonderful time online and I was going to visit him in Vienne. I strongly believed that we had a future together and thought about my career opportunities in Austria. A few weeks later, I found out that he had contact with a lot of Russian and Ukrainian girls who wanted to visit him, too.

I was more than disappointed. Believe me, guys, our hearts can be hurt too. And there are enough Western men who want only to play with us and have no real and genuine intentions to start a relationship with us. And this really sucks… 🙁

Krystyna: How did you find your fiancé from Germany?

Olga: I saw his profile and decided to write a short message to him. And I was really wondering if I would get a message back or not. I got it! So our communication as well as relationship began… I must say that our relationship did not start very passionately or emotionally. We both were very cautious. I had gained my negative experiences with online dating already and thought that Dan wanted only to play with me.

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On the other hand, Dan thought that I was only for his money and German passport. But time and patience are the most important keys to the happy intercultural relationship (and I say this from my personal experience!!!!). I told him a lot about our culture, mentality, customs and traditions. I convinced him that I need him, not his money. I work in Germany (but only part-time). I really want to earn my own money. Dan changed his opinion about that all Ukrainian women are the same and just are after your money and a better life in the Western world.

Krystyna: Is a relationship with a Western man more difficult than with a Russian or Ukrainian man? How do you deal with intercultural differences and misunderstandings in your relationship?

Olga: You know, Krystyna, if people are patient and tolerant of each other, there are no intercultural differences and misunderstandings in a relationship. That is my personal opinion. I have read a lot about life in Germany, the traditions and customs of the Germans.

Speaking honestly, some points of life in Germany seem to be unusual for me, e.g. the culture is very individualistic, and friendship is very superficial. Especially the relationship between a German man and woman is sometimes very strange to me, namely: they just spend time together and do not want share their lives with each other. But I respect the culture and mentality of my fiancé.  There are positive and negative features (exactly as in the Ukrainian culture). Of course, we have quarrels from time to time but the reason of our quarrels is very trivial, namely: our every life.

Krystyna: Let’s talk about one of the most controversial issue in the International dating industry, namely: age gaps. It is understandable why Western men are looking for much younger ladies from Ukraine and Russia. Olga, what do you think about a 15-20 year age difference in a Ukrainian-Western relationship? Does an age difference really matter in a cross-cultural relationship?

Olga: Well, it is pretty difficult to answer your questions, Krystyna. As for me, the best age gap in an intercultural relationship is up to 5-8 years. Ok, 10 years are ok, as well. But I personally prefer a 5 year age gap. My fiancé is only 2 years older than I. And this age gap is perfect for me. I think an age difference is indeed an important point in each relationship, not only in a cross-cultural.  In my opinion, everyone must know by himself and decide what age difference is ok for him.

Krystyna: Thank you very much, Olga, for this great interview. Good luck!

Olga: It was my pleasure, Krystyna! 🙂




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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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