10 Essential Pieces of Ukrainian Relationship Advice

I am married ten years to a Ukrainian woman…

Here is my Ukrainian relationship advice:

1. Let her take care of the house, choose the furniture, the dishes, the paint colors, everything.

She will be good at it and it is “her job” You (the man) do the heavy lifting, the painting, etc. If she asks your advice, give it.

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2. Earn enough money for the family to have a normal life.

That’s YOUR job. She wants to KNOW all about the finances, but she really doesn’t want to deal with it. YOU take care of that…and she doesn’t want to see late notices or have the electricity turned off. DO YOUR JOB! She will do hers.

Be honest with yourself. If you don’t earn enough money to support the family, don’t get started. If she is a younger woman (under say, 35) and doesn’t have children already, she will want them. Be ready for that. If you are not, then don’t get started. Even if she has a child, she may want to have a child with you. If she has children, be prepared to support them also.

3. Do all the “man” stuff.

Fix things, repair things, maintain things, take out the trash, change the AC filter, etc., take care of the car(s), do not make her tell you to do it. If you can’t do it yourself (better if you can) then make enough money to pay someone to do it and not make her wait with things that don’t work.

4. Follow her rules in the house…the shoes routine, clothes routine, etc.

You will have to take off your shoes outside, etc. Just do it.

Ukrainian relationship advice

5. No scandals, stop arguing.

To a Ukrainian woman, ALL in life is “small stuff” except health and family. Why would you make a scandal with the most important person in your life over “small stuff” DO your job, let HER do her job.

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6. Let her take care of you.

And she will undoubtedly doctor you with lotions and potions and stuff. She will likely have a suitcase full of Ukrainian creams, lotions, antiseptics, etc. Let her do it. She wants to care for you.

7. Sex all the time, she wants it.

It keeps her happy and she knows you desire her. She will “give you” her body, it is yours, be sure to touch it, feel it and squeeze it often. She believes she gets energy from you from sex, give it to her.

She will never let you be unsatisfied. Surprise her with sexy clothes. You cannot choose her dresses, jeans, shoes and such, she is much too picky for that, BUT you can buy her sexy underwear, stockings, etc. She loves it! Go with her when she buys clothes, go right in the dressing room with her and she will give you a show trying on new clothes.

Don’t panic when she chooses 12 dresses to try on, she will maybe buy 1.

8. Do NOT look at other women.

She is VERY jealous (if she is a normal Ukrainian woman), no pictures of other women around, take down that bikini calendar in the garage, she HATES it. Even if she doesn’t tell you (but she probably will) Always be honest and available, do NOT let her even suspect you are not being faithful.

9. She MUST feel she is #1 to you.

Not your friends, your job, your hobbies. She MUST know she is your priority…YOU are hers.

10. VERY IMPORTANT…if you marry a Ukrainian (or any foreign) woman you MUST prepare before she arrives for her needs.

She will need (most likely) English classes, driving lessons, to file for her green card, things for the kitchen, clothes (your climate might be much different than hers was) etc. Be prepared for this. Provide for her transportation before she gets a driver’s license.

Get her signed up for English classes right away, like before she arrives, and have a way to get her there and home. She is 100% dependent on YOU and YOU are her husband, it means YOU must already “solve these questions” before she arrives. The visa process takes months, use it to prepare for LIFE. DO NOT buy a bunch of things for the kitchen, you won’t get it right. Just be prepared to take her to bed, bath and beyond and let her fill her needs.

You may have difficulty getting her out of that place! Know where the local “Russian store” is. There IS one near you. Where she can buy her Ukrainian food items she is used to. (Google “European foods“)

Russian food

IF you do these things, you will be “Gold”, if you do not, she will be very confused and sad why her HUSBAND is not caring for her. This is tough, moving so far from home, make it as easy for her as possible. Have a plan to get her credit started. You can add her to your accounts, or get her a prepaid credit card and start that way.


My wife started that way, had a 720 credit score within 3 years (you don’t get better than that in just three years) and multiple credit cards with high limits. Ukrainians generally HATE credit and paying interest but she needs this to function in the USA.

My wife uses her credit cards to buy things, get extra discounts and then pays the balance immediately. Ukrainians LOVE a bargain! Of course, be sure she has a computer, a cell phone, internet connection, etc. She will communicate with her Ukrainian family and friends by skype and viber.

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