A Consumer Reports on His Tour Experience with A Foreign Affair

Editor: Krystyna, founder of Ukrainian Dating Blog & Ukrainian Dating Stories and speaker at the iDate conference. On this blog she shares her knowledge and experiences with international dating and intercultural relationship.  Read more

Editor: Krystyna, passionate dating blogger, speaker and author  read more

For some, finding a loving partner is the most important quest in life; however, finding that loving partner is an altogether different task and is often difficult at best. This journey becomes even more difficult when someone is being taken advantage of. Below is a description from Perry, a former client of A Foreign Affair, and his unpleasant experience with AFA during his quest to find love.

Started from negative experience

Perry began his trip on a negative note. He arrived at the JFK airport in New York where he was to meet with a representative from AFA and other clients for their flight to Odessa in Ukraine. Not knowing who he was to meet, nor finding anyone holding a sign to guide the clients in the right direction, Perry wandered around the airport until he finally recognized a representative.

The AFA agent actually borrowed a pen from Perry in order to make a small sign so the other men wouldn’t be lost too. Upon the group’s arrival in Odessa, they were left standing outside with their luggage for more than an hour waiting for a bus to take them to the hotel.

International Single Tour

The unprofessionalism didn’t stop there.

Once the group arrived at the hotel for their first social with the women, ATA introduced only 15 interpreters to the group of about 30 men. When the group finally entered the social, they were given two hours to chat with more than 300 women. One of the women he spoke with – through the interpreter – stated that she had been going to socials for many months because she enjoyed the music, dancing, socializing and free food, which was the attitude of the majority of the women in attendance.

Perry did get a few email addresses and phone numbers, and he set up dates with a couple of the women. These dates included a woman who didn’t have time to meet with him, another who took him to an unfamiliar restaurant where she and her friend ran the bill up to a staggering amount, and yet another who asked him if he could pay her bills because she was broke.

Final words: all focus is on money

Perry complained on several occasions to the AFA staff, which led to nothing being resolved and staff members defending the women’s actions. Needless to say, Perry returned home without finding love, very disgruntled and upset about his experiences. The other members in his group also felt the same and one man even left early out of frustration. 

All in all, Perry felt the representatives were unprofessional, uncaring, and that AFA’s focus was not on matchmaking but on money.

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    The decription above is a very common experience , however Anastasia from the letter writing to the tours is a total scam operation.

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