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Dear Krystyna,

I am so glad to find your blog while googling. I am wondering if you were already aware of “”.

My partner forever: Company Definition

mypartnerforever Company Description

Mypartnerforever top priority is to make sure every Russian or Ukrainian woman on website is real, single and honestly seeking a foreign husband.

There are hundreds of marriage agencies out there and unfortunately, many are scammers. 

The only way to make the difference between the good ones and the bad ones is to meet woman in their offices. Mypartnerforever verify their way of work, make sure they have met every Russian or Ukrainian woman in person and have a copy of her passport. Review: Is it scam or legit?

On my google search, I couldn’t find many negative reviews as much as other scammer sites like or Which means that it is the reliable site more than other major online dating sites where many scammer or prodater exist? Please bring this site on your blogs and let us share any experience. Also, your professional comment about the site will be helpful.

Thank you for your time.


MyPartnerForever Company logo Services Reviewed: Krystyna answers

Dear Chaney,

First I would like to say you thank you for your message especially for your compliments about my site.
Very nice! I am always happy about positive reviews of my readers. 🙂

To your question:

I have never heard about the services of I took a look at the website and have to say that the dating site looks pretty professional. As for me, if a dating site contains information about the owners, it’s a positive sign for the company. Many International dating companies hide information about the owners and write false information. 

In addition, the owners of are a married couple who met on the Internet. So on their online dating experience they run this site. But it is not so important; what customers are saying about this site is much more important. Thus, I did a recherche and found the following reviews on the internet. S. here:

Review 1:

Reading these few notes about mypartnerforever I also decided to add something. I’ve never been much of a romantic…. I don’t really believe in love at first sight, or soul mates, and far prefer my relationship to be based on practical criteria over emotions. 

With all the ladies here in America with whom I was having relationship we just had common interests, good conversations, similar values etc. But there are few things that I’ve always wanted in a relationship, that might be considered “romantic” + “romantic with a really sensual beautiful lady” So that’s why I decided to try one of these dating sites.

So my advice to all – reading all kind of information via internet is nice but that does not mean that if one is destined to be a loser forever – you will be a loser with some pretty young kitten also a loser! My advice do not listen but try and give yourself a chance…

mypartnerforever Company Description

Review 2:

Hello, I am from Berlin, Germany and I wanted to talk about a site after reading about them: My Partner Forever. I can speak English a bit and I want to agree with what I read that they have bias in them against other people of different colors! 

At first I had some doubts about what I had read on them but I asked owners of site about what I had read about how they deal with people of different colors and about showing these different colors of people on the site and they gave me stubborn attitude about this! I will have to say I was disappointed.

I know that some may not believe me but that is what they can say but I know my experience and I am one who does not believe in telling a lie about things like these and believe everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their different colors! I am so disappointed with them that I am recommending that these people never be trusted nor their site! 

I cannot stand for things that hurt other people! These people and their site really are bias and although I had doubts about what I had read after dealing with these people I will not trust this site or owners and I do not think anyone else should also trust them!

Review 3:

Unfortunately I am the victum of a website dating and marriage scam. Completely caught me by surprise. I decided to use a foreign lady website to try my luck at finding my lifetime partner.

Review 4:

This is the most correct way to describe this site founded by Alain Lalonde and Yuliya Kuneyeva.  One should not let their smiling faces fool you because behind the smile lies that which is sinister in appearance and that is their racially challenged site reflecting their own racially challenged ways!

Review 5:

Thought I would share some recent experiences wrapping up my involvement with this “agency”. In reality it is a Canadian facade in the form of a website that essentially offers profiles from a number of agencies in Ukraine and other FSU nations. 

They put their stamp on the photos, offer links to existing services and, of course, increase the cost of each of these services; some of which can be found directly and more cheaply by going to a website run by the actual agency on the ground. In addition to inflating the cost of the services, MPF claims to monitor or have “verified” profiles.

In my experience I ran into the usual slew of unsolicited letters from nubiles who apparently ignore their own age guidelines or seek geriatric partners for the thrill. I ran into two “pro letter writers”. The first occurred early on and was actually one of my prime go to meet ladies, but when I tried to move our correspondence to email outside the site, she faded away. The most recent flurry came just prior to my coming to Ukraine – I’m typing this on my last night in Kiev, with my flight leaving early in the morning.

I wrote back and forth for a week or so. “Anna” was quick to suggest we had known one another in a previous life and now that she had found me, happiness was at hand. “Great luck” I told her, because I’m going to be in Ukraine in a few days, what magical timing!! Most of you can guess what happened next…..she stops writing……days go by (previously she had been pumping out a letter a day) and finally I get a one sentence reply “Busy at work, can’t see you….”.

So I spent my last few credits sending her a page of ” $#&* you scammer” and a photo of my middle finger extended. No need to translate as I posted my letter in Russian and the photo, well, that speaks a universal language I think. Juvenile, perhaps? Satisfying? You bet.


As you see, the company has both positive and negative reviews. This is normal for me because not every Western man finds his destiny from Russia or Ukraine on the Internet. Very often, such a failure occurs for two reasons: the first reason is a false choice of a dating site/marriage agency and as a result of that, the man becomes a scam victim. The second reason is that a Western man has false or rather unrealistic expectations of women from Ukraine and Russia. 

Almost every International dating/marriage/matchmaking agency presents Ukrainian and Russian women as angels who dream to be house holders and have no personal wishes. Thus, many Western men are disappointed after the first meeting with a Ukrainian or Russian woman in person because they find out that we Ukrainian women have high requirements to the men.As you see, the company has both positive and negative reviews. This is normal for me because not every Western man finds his destiny from Russia or Ukraine on the Internet. 

Very often, such a failure occurs for two reasons: the first reason is a false choice of a dating site/marriage agency and as a result of that, the man becomes a scam victim. The second reason is that a Western man has false or rather unrealistic expectations of women from Ukraine and Russia. Almost every International dating/marriage/matchmaking agency presents Ukrainian and Russian women as angels who dream to be house holders and have no personal wishes. 

Thus, many Western men are disappointed after the first meeting with a Ukrainian or Russian woman in person because they find out that we Ukrainian women have high requirements to the men.

Moreover, I want to say that has much less reviews than or because the site is not so big like them and have not so much money for marketing campains. Thus, we read only a few reviews on because they have not so many customers as other International online dating giants. 

Because I have never used their services, I cannot recommend you to use this site. So you have to make your own decision if you want to use the services of or not. It would be really great if you could share your experience with the readers of my blog.



About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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17 thoughts on “Reviews on Is mypartnerforever Serious?”

  1. Hi Krystyna,
    I just happened across your site and now I’m very nervous! I have been speaking to a woman from Russia for several weeks and requested her personal info and like every other dummy, I only researched after weeks of correspondence. So for me I felt comfortable because of the owners info but now thinking about it, what good would that do me if there were a problem? Can you tell me your honest thoughts of this site and if there are actually any quality sites where an american might meet an Eastern European woman?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Hello Krystyna:
    I utilized the services of My Partner Forever for a planned Ukraine trip in 2011. I did meet several girls from their site. I can say the meetings were not at all what I expected are hope for , based on the tone of letters of the girls who had invited me to come meet them. Many I met for a first meeting and it was the last meeting simply because how they described themselves or their personality was quite opposite of their action in reality. many seemed more interested in me showing them a good time (empty my wallet) than getting to know me. I am a generous man, treat a woman well, but not stupid to let some girl take advantage of me.

    I find it quite odd for any woman, Ukraine or not, to accept a meeting with a man and the first meeting expect a 5 Star restaurant dinner and a shopping spree to follow. All without even an attitude to know who I am as a person. Many of the girls are photo-shopped and they were NOT what I expected to meet. I only use natural photos so not to deceive a woman. I also made very clear to those women I had several month long correspondences with, what to expect. It was like none ever read my letters. One woman I had fond hopes for in Nikolaev scammed me, using my kind generosity to her benefit after a great “show of interest” then dumping me for no reason once she got nice winter coat and boots. Even my Ukraine translator was shocked and appalled by these women’s attitude. I will say My Partner Forever did try to correct problems, but I think it is more such agencies do not take the time to screen their women more carefully and only accept those who pass very strict investigation. It is just another meet market of pretty girls they have and making a lot of money off the backs of men.
    I report ALL scammers and probably a personal best that gives me the experience I have and knowledge to share of over 1100 women to date, many found on . Yes, 1100 women over 17 years time! DISGUSTING AT BEST!

  3. I can say nothing about all women on this site. But i had deal with one Vinnitsa agency “Royal Agency” . I am sure they all are scammers there. You write them hundreds of letters, they even talk to you in skype sometimes but when it comes to the real meeting or asking for their personal information the real wonders begin. They all cant speak English at all so they need “interpreters”. Some go to the business trip the day you come to their city, some are suddenly ill. And if you meet one at last you understnad you were talking with a different person. I think the girls are just for creating accounts there. The agency wirte what they want to take your money for letters, skype, presents and interpreters.

  4. My Favorite Partner site milks you for money,.. you pay a dollar a credit to communicate with the ladies, separate from the membership fee, it uses up a few credits to read a letter from a woman, it uses up a few credits to write a letter to the woman, through the site, if you request her contact her info, it costs $80/80credits,…. absurd. Sharing that shouldn’t be at a cost. If you include contact info in your correspondence without the official channel used(a choice you can select, which would be allowed after 5 letters of back and forth correspondece), that contact info gets deleted. So, see, your communications are checked by a moderator before the lady/girl receives it. If you want the most honest straightforward least chance of a scam profile, subscribe to ElenasModels,… it’s good, I’ve met women through it, and one with whom I may have truly found a long term/marriage partner, – and it’s purely individual person to person, for one basic subscription fee of your choice for 50 contacts,… and that’s way more than enough,… you’re well taken care of on this site,… plenty of relevant info given about the communications your doing and about the woman such as whether your correspondence was read or deleted. Individual correspondence info can be freely shared at your prudent pace such as your email, or Skype, or phone number,.. at no fee,… and you can go right to communicating off site whenever you two feel it’s appropriate. You only have your basic subscription fee for the totality of the website, for basic necessary communication purposes,… though there are different subscriptions options, the basic one is all you need. I’m sure My Favorite Partner can work in making a long term/marriage relationship happen, but going on it’s business model,… it doesn’t feel right using this site,… it just feels like your getting milked. It’s reliably more expense to use than Elenasmodels, due to the pay for credits system. It would be way more respectable for MPF to just have a basic full use subscription fee, with no need for additional costs to make the full on connections through to private-individual communication such as email, phone, Skype,…

  5. My experience with mypartnerforever has been terrible first person I was writing too got the hump and stop communicating she basically wrote the same letter twice about taking a break with her dad and it being a surprise. I just told her it should be a surprise as she went there last time, I check her email on google and it revealed her surname I told her I was aware of her surname and explained how. Maybe she thought I was being unkind but she stopped communicating.

    I then was in communication with Elena Kutzensova for three and half years, I must of spent £2,000 on her. I would recieve letters ever fortnight, month or at longest two months.
    On occasion at the end of 2014 I spent over £400 on Mypartnerforever and £200 on a trip to the Ukraine to meet Elena. I was told she was out of the country so was not available, I later recieved an email from Elena saying she was out of the country for 2, 5 or 3 months. I lost my deposit and cancelled my flight. I assume mypartnerforever stole my money.

    I was disappointed so I started to look on I made a friend from the site which I am still in contact she comes into the story later. Later I noticed Elena had left the site and I was completely heart broken I wrote to mypartnerforever asking if there was a way still meet her etc.
    I received an email from Elena and was happy again her email was also quite sexual in nature.

    I noticed a while back she sent me a photo and left a link in the photo so I looked it up, I had both Elena’s Skype and her phone number. I didn’t try to contact her out of respect, I notice on vibe she had a different picture of her someone with dark hair. I was concerned about this and felt if she cares about me she would make more effort. I wrote to her less and one of my messages was stuck in drafts. I still wrote to her and she said that she needs to sort the relationship out as her previous messages said I was her soulmate and my name was the word of love.

    I assumed she meant us, then her future letters got more and more distant until she told me she found her man and she was going to try him out. I have never been hurt so deeply someone I think is my soulmate stabs not just into my heart but my soul. She says I am only her friend and the passion she felt was friendship. All other letter have been moving on and I TOLD YOU basically she’s a complete stranger and I either still love her or completely hate her.

    My feeling is that something is very wrong with the site, I just can’t trust any of the girls are real, there also been lots of discrepancies in the letters. I even wonder if I was talking to the same person on the phone for two different people.

    I fell into a depression another thing they could get sued for is mental cruelity and I wrote to my friend from RussianCupid and she lives in Ukraine, she invited me over so I went and stayed over there for two weeks. I made a few new friends and it was a good experience.

    I would say with RC stick to verified members then standard and be aware of scammers.
    But as a gold member you can contact anyone and leave personal details.

    I recently met some one on Okcupid which is free I just looked at Russian and Ukrainian profiles, I am now writing to someone nearly 20 years younger and she in the same city as my friend.

    Staying in the Ukraine is no big deal but stick with registered taxi and check the fare before you pay as there is con men about. Also find someone attractive but avoid model their most likely be dodgy. Most people speak a little English in the Ukraine. Lviv is nice, Kiev has nice clubs which are busier at the weekend. Western men will easily pull with good manners and confidence, looking at a girl will usually cause interest they like to dance straight in front of men. They really like if you fancy them it usually get them to smile as a lot are single.

    My advice is go to the Ukraine for holiday and at least meet real people…are all the women super models?? Do they like western men?? the sex industry quite high out there so be aware of people that want to take you to strip joints or erotic bar. I chatted two women both offer services in clubs rather then a relationship. Another club a woman gave me her number but she wanted me to pay her rent and she would be my girl friend or wife. A little extreme….have fun, Peter

  6. You know, some time ago i deleted my profile from mypartnerforever. I and my friend were corresponding with nice (we thought ) men there. I was really interested in two guys- in differenr time. I received so open an nice letterd, even sweets sometimes! I was ready to go to personal communication!and when i asked to get my skype or mail, both of them just stopped to write!one wrote he was ill, then just dissapeared. Another wanted to go to skype, i agreed. As it figured out later he was corresponding with my friend also and wrote the same letters to both of us( i was dissapointed an we both delated our profiles. Not because of the srvice but decided to find our soulmates in reality.

  7. Mypartnerforever is the worst criminal site I have ever known……None of the girls are real and its just about money. I don’t agree that Marina’s real they only give out email address never anything else and the girls have several to one person they use. It cost $80 to purchase an email, where are these magic agencies the girls go to, where do the girls log in as the site a guy only. I am currently in a cold war with Yuliya and Alan I hope to cause them as much misery as possible. I’ve already mounting a few attacks against the company, why am I so bitter because of what they have done to me I put every into something I thought was special and its left me with hate and deep scaring from believing I had a soulmate after 3.5years. I just want Alan and Yuliya to suffer in the same way, to feel like a joke and lose the ability to love anymore. The site is just full of models she even wanted me to send pictures of my private parts while writing sexual explicit emails only to try to blackmail and destroy me. Your never see a selfie from them….I hate them forever until death do us part.

  8. My partner forever is a real criminal site… I called with 3 “different” girls but all had the same voice … the privat data from the girls was bullshit … a Number that you cant call and she not answer you because she is busy … really fake shit …

    For my germany guys :

    Bitte lasst die Finger von my partner forever, die Frauen sind alle fake existieren gar nicht erst oder sind extrem bearbeitete Bilder… ihr bezahlt für alles Nachrichten lesen schreiben etc. Die Privaten Daten bekommt ihr gar nicht oder sie sind nichts wert nach 600 Euro mit null Resultat kann ich nur klar davon abraten

  9. Hello!
    I found this site in the internet and read the comments of men. Mostly negative comments made me remind my story and I decided also to write here from a point of view a lady – not only men can be hurt by the ladies!
    Actually I was also a client of one of the marriage agencies, and enjoyed My Partner Forever – I do not write it in order to advertise it, but state the fact by telling and sharing my story.
    When I registered at the agency I warned them that I do not speak foreign languages ((( – but they reassured me and said that the agency have translators will help me to translate the correspondence to me and for that I do not need to pay. This was my first pleasant surprise.
    The agency paid my photo session – shooting and it was my third pleasant surprise. After they scanned my documents I registered at the agency, and I started waiting for the letters.
    it took some time- and they called me and said that I got a letter from the man-and was invited to come to see his profile. My first unpleasant surprise was that the man was much older than me (“do they used to do it!?”: I thought). But in the photo, he looked quite young and handsome, I decided to try to correspond and get to know him.
    I will not tell you all the peculiarities of our correspondence – longing months – but it was okay we exchanged the letters, the man sent me a few gifts, I was really pleased. So after a while we decided to meet. My agency provided us with an interpreter, since I did not know the language, and also very worried.
    What was my surprise when at the meeting, I saw a man much older than his own photos (as it turned out, he put the photo on the site which were made 15 years ago) – it was a very unpleasant surprise number 2. So we continued to talk, showed him our city. Little by little he ceased to be held down and began to show traits. He began to have strange conversations that he paid the conversation and began to reproach me that I am not attentive to him as if he wanted to. It was an unpleasant surprise for the number 3. In our letters have been no promises intimacy and I’m certainly going to marry him. I wanted to meet him, to see the man’s face, and then take any decision. But the more he was in my city-the greater the number of claims to me, but I’m not swearing than cornfields, and even more so in an intimate relationship. It was enough not pleasant – although by virtue of education, I behaved well and continued to talk.
    As a result, with this man, we broke up. Then I found my destiny on this site – by coincidence that the site just called MyPartnerForever and thank you very much to all of them – the agencies and their employees.
    But now stumbled this site-I remembered that my first experienced after reading reviews men allegedly offended at women and more on actually experiencing for their money spent. I want to write to all the men who left angry reviews here, mad at agencies and women, be adequate! Evaluate your age and appearance before writing the girls! Do not write if you think that paying you are buying a woman during your visit like a purchase. If you need to buy woman – it is not in the service of the marriage agencies, find someome for sexual services in your country!!
    And I want to say thanks to the men, who refers adequately to their defeats, draws conclusions and not bears malice and eventually finds his destiny here in Ukraine.
    I am sorry if there are some mistakes in my comment – I am still not very strong in written English ((
    People be kind and believe in the good !!!!

    1. Dear Nataly!!! Thank you for your vote of confidence in My Partner Forever and their site! And especially for your advice to us men to be REAL and true, to be Gentlemen and to be kind and to believe in the Good!

      I have one or two legitimate complaints against Alan and the owners of this website, as I spent a lot of time and money on this site over a 2 or more year period and I spent at least $8,000 or more on letters and on gifts, and I encountered at least 2 or 3 professional letter writers who only wrote to me because they must have been getting something from their agency to write to me! (And this is my main complaint which I can not prove). And one beautiful woman named Alla took me for $1000 which I sent to her vIA Western Union after she told me (in a private email) about her mother being in a terrible car accident and how she needed to go to Italy to see her mother in the Hospital!

      And within about 2 weeks after I sent this money to her, she disappeared from this website and stopped writing to me!!!! And I love and miss her even now that well over a year has gone by since I last recieved word from her!

      But, I DO NOT REGRET ONE THING, to include this money I sent to Alla! FOR THIS WEB SITE is NOT a bad website, and all the girls on this site are not fake!!! THEY ARE WOMEN!!! And they are made up of both good and bad traits just like us men and just like all of us! Only these women here on this site that so many men here are complaining about have been born into a country and into a point of time that is NOT SO NICE OR FAIR or favorable to them, or favorable to their happiness as women! And so you weak and sorry men who blame this website for your broken hearts, and or for maybe being taken advantage of by a women you met on this site NEED TO OPEN UP your minds and your hearts a little bit and try to understand what it is like to be a woman living in Ukraine! And SO I ASK you to be more like a wise and brave Knight, and a protector to women, and to try to have a little sympathy for these Ukrainian women, because this website has many fine women on it that are just trying to find a good mate and trying to survive and be happy, just like us men. And #2, I have met and dated several wonderful women who I have met on this site and which I have spent time with in Vinitysa, Kherson, And Nikolaive Ukraine, and I love Ukraine and I love my new Ukrainian friends who I have met there! AND YOU WILL LOVE UKRAINE and have many fine male and female friends there too if you try to be a little more understanding and just generally try to be your best self. Anyway! Thank you so much Nataly for your encouraging comments and I hope that my comment might help someone to not give up and to be their “Best Self” when they are writing to and dating women in Ukraine. May God bless Ukraine, and both the women their on their search for happiness, and us men on our search too! Sincerely, Monty

  10. Hello Krystyna,
    I do not agree with you, becauseI have a positive experience with their service.
    I just lost my wife … sad story…. and decided to give a chance to such on line dating…. I looked to these girls for comfort and got it. To be honest I am very grateful exactly for MyPartnerForever as I felt VIP client with them, I do not know how they manage to do this but they really work for people there, with everyone that contributes, and as I felt: they protect their clients from being robbed and heartbroken. Before I found mypartner site I used for a couple of months several others and was not happy with them. Most of the girls (about 20) initiate acquaintance – wrote by themselves and were too open about their wishes, wrote “i love you” from the 2d or 3d letter… all of them were too beautiful and too seductive to be real…. I even couldn’t imagine that one of them could be my mate… just of course sometimes I thought how it could be and how my all neighbours would dies the same as my friends seeing such Irina or Masha )))) but anyhow I knew – it is impossible…. it is just for dreams but not real life… my life, my occupation, surrounded reality, even my mortgage etc
    So Mypartnerforrever is very different comparing with others… I am very happy to find them in the Internet! Still haven’t met my soul mate but going to Uraine to have several meetings. I hope in few weeks I will stop on one of the ladies whom I chose….

  11. My dear friends. It is clear that these sites are all fraudulent. But I can assure you that among all my partner’s website forever is the best. I signed up for it for a few days just out of curiosity and guess. I started getting letters from beautiful women and the type models. And there’s more. they were not poor. I got letters from an attorney, a fitness instructor, a police inspector, a television hostess, a businesswoman, and even a doctor who wanted to marry me. (laughing out loud). But I realized that the letters appeared to be automatic and not to those women. So if you guys want to waste your time and money on these scam sites. One thing I say. If you have your own love do not give your hard-earned money to these people.

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