My Shocking Dating Experience with a Western Man


I would like to tell you my story about one of my International dating experiments which is not a failure but is a little bit strange. And I am still in shock…

We met through and went into Skype almost immediately. The man first wanted to make sure that I was real (not scam or fake) through the web cam for a couple of minutes. After a while, I agreed because I also wanted to make sure that he is real.

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Planning the first meeting is so excited

Our communication via Skype was natural and normal. We just told each other that only online communication is not ok and we need to meet in person. Within a month, we exchanged messages in Skype discussing our first meeting in person. I live in St. Pete and wanted therefore to meet somewhere on neutral territory. Thus I proposed Helsinki as a territory for our first date and he agreed.

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Then we began looking for dates which would suit to us both. Then, we began looking for flights but all the possible flights did not suit and he asked to meet in another country. The man sent me a list of different countries in Europe and I thought that Stockholm could be a nice place for your meeting. So we booked two flights and made hotel reservation.

What happened in Sweden?

A week before the meeting… Because we were online seldom, we sent sms to each other. The man wrote me a sms every day! But I must say that the messages were nice and demonstrated his interest.

For 2 days prior to departure to Sweden, he stopped to send me messages. I believed that the man is very busy; thus he has no time to write me. On the last day before the flight, I started to worry and sent a message to him. I was wondering what happened.

The answer was silence. There was no reply a few hours later again. Silence… 🙁

Conclusion: Don't experiment on yourself

I immediately thought of return tickets and stay at home, and then decided to go to Sweden to visit a friend of mine. I cannot describe my emotions and feelings while I was at this hotel. I decided I wanted to go back to Russia immediately and bought a new ticket. So I flew on the same day back.

He has never written to me again. Moreover, I see him again on the online dating site as if nothing had happened. Honestly, I do not understand this man. Why? Maybe dating Russian women is only fun for him? 🙁

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3 thoughts on “My Shocking Dating Experience with a Western Man”

  1. I’m female and western, from the US, but well traveled. I wanted to reply. The only way a western guy will go on to one of these sites is because he is hoping for sex, ….in your case he may have got scared and didn’t want to scam you, but is still a creep as they are still on the hunt. The other reasons is they are emotionally broken. They are control freeks so they think the grass is greener,…far away. If this was a prince charming, they would find love at home. They are broken, afraid of commitment. Trust me. I know a few weird ones that went to find their “submissive bride” because they are scared of strong women. Honey, you don’t want that type of man. The other reason is they are too unattractive, and again broken and lost, so they try to buy a woman. It just won’t work. They will not make you happy. If Ukrainian men are too bad, then save you money and go to school in Great Britain or such and hope you meet a nice guy! You want to marry a best friend. If a man is pushy, impatient or in anyway way too nice, run!!

  2. @Krenee I really think you are over generalizing this particular situation. True, many men may have impure motives and be be emotionally broken, but some are interested in the real deal and feel that looking outside of their typical borders is a viable option. Many western women may not be suitable for western men for a variety of reasons, and if two people are solid in their intentions and emotional capacity then why is it a problem? It sounds, with all due respect, that you may have some issues with being judgmental and not understand each situation for what it is. Clearly the OP got a bad seed who was not ready for commitment and obviously playing a game, but please don’t assume all westerners looking for love overseas are emotionally broken and unable to deal with a strong woman.

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