Brides on the dating sites are paid – An Insider’s Perspective

About a decade ago I found myself in South America (Cali, Colombia) as a semi-retired guy occasionally teaching English as well as occasionally translating for North American and European men who were visiting dating/marriage agencies in search of women (I am bilingual – English and Spanish).

Although about 2% of the people find some type of healthy relationship through these means, it is set up as a rigged game where unscrupulous men and women mostly take advantage of naive or foolish men and women.  There are a fair percentage of men and women who wind up in relationships that they think are healthy, but usually one of the parties in the relationship is disingenuous (lying) and/or ill intentioned (only in it for short term/occasional money or sex or other scams).

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

Ukrainian Dating Adventure - How it started

Now I am preparing to travel to (western) Ukraine for the first time to teach English.  I do not know the local language nor do I have any contacts outside a single contact at the language institute, so I have been interested in meeting some people over there.  

Ukraine girls for dating

Through the advances in information technology and a little bit of smarts I have been able to meet dozens of university aged English speakers in my destination city via the internet over the period of a month – and I have gotten to know about 10 of them pretty well. Being a single guy I thought I would also try to meet some single women that were closer to my age and not university age for friendship, or possible dating if a serious relationship might result.

Discovering Ukrainian dating sites

I quickly found myself on as it presents an attractive and easy to use platform (IMHO).  Also, I noted the advances in information technology over the last 10 years provided the men much more interesting incentives to get involved in online interaction via this site (and I assume other sites like it).

Anastasia Date Review online

However, the comparison of the blockages to open and normal communication and the excessive charges for services – as compared to what I had easily accomplished on my own with normal Ukrainians via internet social media platforms was like comparing night and day. 

Furthermore, the advances in technology that allow men and women to instantaneously chat or share video online have been totally abused by

Ladies on the dating sites are paid

The vast majority of women who are online for chat or video are most definitely unscrupulous – and I do not doubt (what I read elsewhere on this site) that they were getting a cut (getting paid) a portion of whatever excessive charges was charging for this distraction of a service.

It is possible that there may be a fair number of decent women available for exchange of letters (as long as they are not the lurking online vampires), however, that game starts pre-rigged as does not provide complete information regarding the man to the woman (lack of photos for instance).

Ukrainian dating sites: unacceptable waste of time

Although I would like to better know about a dozen single women in the area I will visit, and possibly get to know one or two of them well before I arrive, my guess is that the cost to me could be at least $2,000 or higher, as well as untold frustration, and unacceptable wastes of time.  

As it is, I spent less than $100 to confirm my suspicions that online dating has become all the more treacherous as technology has advanced during the last decade. 


Finally, I have one last insight for your readers from the United States regarding dating sites and the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005.  The net result is this law provides minimal protection for the ladies, and that dating agencies have simply used it to create excuses to entrap men and women in their degenerative business models.  

Lacking a law to protect the men from the unscrupulous behavior of the dating agencies and many of the most attractive women found at these agencies, it is up to the guys to be wise, and to only trust the people and women found in the dating agencies as far as you can throw them.

Teo B.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

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