Don’t give up on Ukrainian women

Hi Krystyna

I often consult your blog and find it very useful and informative. I thought I might share a bit of advise for your readers. I have visited Ukraine several times and have decided to seek my love from there.

Having visited on my own (with the help of my Ukrainian friends) as well as going on tours to marriage tours to Ukraine I have discovered that Ukrainian women are worth the quest. However, using dating websites is very difficult to discover true love.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

Advice: how to avoid scam

Having utilized many of the most popular web sites I have discovered that they only exist for one reason only and that is to make money. I’m sure there are some honest and sincere women on these sites however, as long as the majority of women are misrepresented by the agency or are misrepresenting themselves it becomes a task similar to searching for a needle in a hay stack.

Dating Ukrainian women

My advise for your readers is to not give up on Ukrainian women because of a few dishonest agencies and women. In fact if one is using a web site to search for women I would suggest the following.

If you receive an email from a woman directly the first thing one should do is an Internet search of her email address. If she is a scammer you will easily find she has written the same letter to many others and typically they will have information about her scam.

Try to screen other sources

Also, if you are using a marriage agency web site do your self a favor and try to screen or vet her through other sources. I have a practice of using vontakte ( to get info on a particular lady before I spend money writing to her.

I have discovered many women that are advertised on some of the major sites (such as A Foreign Affair, Anastasiaweb and others) that are married or have a boyfriend or are in some sort of relationship already.

I do not necessarily blame the women for this because I’m sure that the agencies do not remove the profile of girls that attract a lot of money making correspondence. Even today I saw a profile on your blog that was sponsored by AFA and when I found the lady’s profile on it showed her as married.

In final Words

Anyway, I hope this bit of advise helps some others before they waste their tie and dollars and before they fall n love with a fantasy.

I hope you will publish this letter in the hopes that it will help some who seek true love.



TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

1 thought on “Don’t give up on Ukrainian women”

  1. Well I dont know how old he Jerry is but I have a feeling from the way he writes he is about 50.

    I often see the 50+ years old foreigners with 18-20 years old poor students who simply wants to go out and dream to come to the States but have no money and it’s shameful quite bit should be not of those poor women, but of those men.

    You should look for the women of your age, yes I understand its great to use young women anytime the opportunity just appear but in the end of the day it wont make happy not her and not you. Look for women of your age and everything will be fine.

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