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3 Responses

  1. Hello Helmar,

    Thanks for the constructive feedback, very useful to hear it from our clients and we will try to act upon it in order to improve the site.

    In terms of profile information, we agree with you that the men’s profile information is somewhat limited, but a letter, chat, phone call or video chat allows you to include as much information as you need. As for the ladies profile, it contains an interview, a list of favorite things, and lots more text as well as many photos. It is probably one of the most advanced profiles currently available on any dating site.

    Chat requests and Letters. Chat requests are not automated, but each request contains a standard text that the lady wrote themselves. The ladies are free to write whatever text they choose and yes, sometimes they are not appropriate or can come across as somewhat spammy. We are always working on ways to make the site as interactive and easy to use for both the male and female members, so we expect this aspect to b be improved soon. Introductory letters are sent to the clients by the ladies, and in fact, if the decides to answer the letter then the letter is free to open.

    The cost of the site is actually pretty good value given what we offer, which is a selection of some of the most beautiful single women in the world. We obviously provide our services to the ladies for free, to encourage them to sign up for the site, and so the gentleman members effectively pay for the service to the ladies, in terms of translations etc. Don’t forget that if a client makes a commitment to the service by buying credits in bulk, they get 50% of the price of the services. This is a real bonus for those who are active on the site in looking for a beautiful bride from Ukraine.

    Sometimes that lady is a little concerned about taking conversation away from the safety and comfort of Anastasia and onto a social network. Many of the ladies don’t have social networking profiles, and for many using a computer at their local marriage agency is their only access to the internet. By using the Call Me phone translation service it’s possible to get the home phone number of the lady (*if she consents to give it), and so all calls can be conducted directly with the lady. It’s really up to the guys and the ladies on the site how to manage their relationships, we really only act as an area where guys and ladies can meet each other in a safe environment. After they meet online, then the next step is to take it offline, and we offer Tours and a Date Me program that is designed to make sure that meetings go as planned.
    We don’t pay any of the ladies to chat, typically if a girl is chatting to you, and you think that nothing is ever going to happen in the relationship – either she is too young, or she doesn’t speak enough English or you consider that she is too naïve to really get involved in a relationship, then you should really move on to a different girl. There are over 20,000 ladies on Anastasia so you shouldn’t be railroaded into chatting exclusively with one lady.

    We hope that this answers some of the questions raised, please feel free to contact us at customer service for any further information.
    Best Wishes

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