What to do after being scammed in Russian / Ukrainan online dating?

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    Do not hire PI-detective. PI profession is unrecognized within Ukrainian justice system. PI’s don’t want to meet client in person or on video camera (just chat on Skype). PI’s want to be paid only via Western Union and not via an official bank where they could be traced. Yes, PI’s can help to identify and locate scammer.

    But, then what? What to do with furnished information? One cannot take the lady’s address (provided by PI) and show-up at her door without a formal police complaint. Most likely you would be beaten by her gang members and accomplices. Cost of hiring a PI is 500USD to be paid in advance.

    If you must hire legal help then hire an attorney. Most likely cost would be 1000USD + X% of money recovered from her. My attorney has signed a contract stating he would be paid ONLY after case is resolved (no retainer and no advance deposit is required).

    Attorney has provided photocopies of his passport and his ID REGISTRATION (after showing me his original docs). 6-months process.

    Wish me luck.

  2. barobihar says:

    I have experienced scam at paid websites. Now, I am much wiser. I have made a policy. I don’t believe in fake Photoshop photos. Hence, Skype is 100% requirement for Internet-based dating. Guys don’t worry. Skype can translate written text automatically in case lady is unable to speak English (Skype translation is a big help during preliminary introductory phase of knowing her). Additionally, I don’t mind emailing photocopy of my passport. And, in return, I require photocopy of lady’s passport. I am happy to report that I had found many well educated ladies on free websites (for example: Fdating.com).

    I have contacted about 190 ladies over 90 days without paying any fee, whatsoever. I have also received photocopy of passport from all ladies with whom I have shared photocopy of my passport. In two cases, I have even received photocopy of academic diploma and transcript from ladies. In general, Russian / Ukrainian degrees are not accepted in Western countries. Why to bring a foreign lady lacking academic skills to complete a degree program. It is best to get lady’s diploma evaluated by western universities.

    Moreover, it is not inappropriate to request CV from ladies. CV would tell employment history, past employers and complete mailing address. I wish I was this wiser before experiencing Internet scam.

  3. daniel says:

    Sad Sad sad.

  4. John Taylor says:


    I met this woman earlier this year on a dating site and dated her four four months. All she wants is your money. She wants expensive gifts and says she needs money for hospital. When I wouldn’t pay her hospital bills she didn’t contact me again.
    She is on the Ukrainedate.com website.

    [email protected]
    Vera Khokhlova

  5. Andreas says:


    I met this woman Vera last month. Yes she is a scammer. thanks for the update.

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