Communication is important in International dating

I’ve had a profile on for a couple of years now, and I’ve met with three women so far (actually four, since the first woman’s interpreter happens to have a profile on the site as well).

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

How my dating stories started

Since I travel to Moldova and Ukraine by myself – by motorbike – we set up the meeting ourselves. First time was not a success, and we also had the issue with a relatively expensive dinner (around 100 USD or so).
This was only once, though.

Last summer I intended to meet with some of those I had corresponded with, but didn’t succeed in setting up a meeting in time, and thus, continued my trip to Bulgaria.

Communication with Ukrainian woman

A few days ago I met with another woman, whom I’ve corresponded with for a long time now. She seemed very genuine from the beginning, and we even exchanged personal contact information so that we have other options as well now.

Different worlds: Ukraine and Western Europe

I have no problem accepting that the women are often busy. The girl I met had to travel 50 minutes each way by bus just to meet me; this means she spent almost 5 hours per day, two days in a row, to meet me.
All she got from me during this time, was ½ pizza and a glass of juice.

Some women in Ukraine need to work more than one place or even help their grand parents with a lot of things. We simply cannot compare the situation in Ukraine with those in the US or Western Europe. The story goes a long way back, there’s a reason for everything, and we should also remember that Ukraine was among those hit hardest by World War II. Even so, it was primarily the Soviet Union who defeated the Nazis, with the cost of millions of lives and most of their cities and industry ruined.

Ukrainian women are polite and communicative

During my visits in Ukraine, 99% of the people I’ve met here – women and men – have been very polite, hospitable, helpful and communicative. I always feel welcome while I’m in Ukraine, and I wish to thank Ukraine and the Ukrainian people for this, as well as for what they did for all of us during those dark years 41-45.

Anyway, this is off the track, I know. c”.)

There’s always fraud and deception in any place in the world. However, if I met someone 10 years older than myself from my home country, there’s no guarantee that would last, either – or, that she were genuine, for that matter.

As of today, I’ve met a kind, gentle, beautiful and sincere Ukrainian woman through Anastasiadate, and I believe in her so much that I’ve decided to take this relationship one step further and give her the opportunity to visit me in my home country, Denmark, some time soon.

My final advice is not to spend a lot of money

My advice is not to spend a lot of money on your dates; that’s always a bad sign. A simple dinner or a cup of coffee is okay, but it shouldn’t be the ability to pay expensive dinners or gifts that should be the leading factor. If she’s genuine, then she’ll be so, also if she’s not even offered a cup of coffee at your cost.

I also think it’s important to communicate a lot and get to know about each other’s backgrounds, culture, history and so on. Many events shaped many parts of the world in completely different ways, and we need to keep this in mind.

Bruno from Denmark

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

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