Carl’s Investigation: Obsessed with getting to the truth

Hello Krystyna,

I did tell that Anna and I wrote about 6-8 emails through Anastasia, and that when I said I would not keep paying $8/letter, she said she would also leave the site. Well, I did get all my money refunded, but since my account with them was closed, I opened a new one with my 2nd email name, XXXXX. Very tricky, huh? 

I found she is still on there, and then she told me it is because if I want to call her, either now or when I go there, their translators can help since she cannot speak English.  Ok, I let that one go.

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Scamming with photos on dating sites

Other things are the fact that 3 months after we stopped emailing, she sent me her photo(or someone’s photo) in the mail with that writing I sent you on the back.  In my mind, it would be rare for a scammer to take the time to waste $15 to send me a photo unless I had indicated that I am wealthy, and therefore worth the investment.

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On the contrary, I have told her several times I am NOT a wealthy American, just a little above average.  Then she emailed me a few more photos including 2 of her daughter, who DOES resemble her, and the Anna pics are not studio photos, but I can tell it is the same girl as in the glamour shots on Anastasia, just a few years later, it appears.

Strange games with letters

In one, she even has no makeup on, and her hair pulled back… when you just wake up!  Other things IN her favor are that we have emailed 2-3 times each week since early June, and it appears it’s usually before or after work by the hours that the emails come.

Twice she supposedly went to the cyber cafe on her lunch break, and that seemed reasonable by the times too… 5 AM here, 1 PM there.  I cannot think of any lies I have caught her in, and I have saved all the emails with my reply to her in English and Russian that I translate 3 times back and forth on Google Translate to get rid of strange words and meanings.

Totally ignoring and playing with my heart

Below I have attached her email from this morning with her anger at me for doubting her, and “insulting” her by asking for a photo of her driver’s license, and/or a new photo holding a sign with my name.  Obviously she is not doing that, I am supposed to trust her from 8000 miles away!  I tell her I am the one taking 100% of the risk here, from the $3000 cost to the 16 days wasted if she is a fake.

Well, she ignores things like that, and other things like me telling her to read your web site which I included in my last letter….she never even mentioned it.  As for not asking about my life or family, she ignored that question too…..either she is not too intelligent and doesn’t “get it” or she ignores my questions because she CAN’T prove what I ask, and she really DOESN’T care about me or my life.  Am I confused by all this???? I sure am!

How I was a detective Colombo.

I wish there was a way to send someone to that Klaptsova St, #3 and find out!  I do have to disagree with you on that address, as I can find it on and the # 3 is actually posted on top of that building on the map….not actually on the bldg, but Google puts the 3 there.  It is a 9 story brick bldg, but I have also asked if that is her apartment, but no answer to that either. Could the Pbox 2762 just be her apt. number?

Dating Ukrainian women

As for her [email protected] , I can’t agree or disagree with it’s validity since she/he/it obviously does get the letters, and either she or they are REALLY shrewd and can con me, or it could be her email and could be a date from her past.  I know she got married in 1992, so maybe that date?  She was divorced like 5 years ago, and was all happy 3 weeks ago because of some court action that gave her back her maiden name, I guess.  I don’t know anything about that other than her being happy.

Life goes on!

I am obsessed with getting to the truth, and I even spent hours on a site that investigates and lists names, phone #’s, and photos of 1000’s of scammers.  Anna was not on there, but there were some other email addresses that were almost all numbers like her’s.  I also put a profile on the following site which seems fairly legitimate: 

Of course, I am getting these “winks” from 50 hot girls a day, and I changed my profile to say “please do not write me if you are under 40”.  Nothing changed of course!  I have actual personal letters from 30 ladies on there, a few seem very nice and interesting with letters that indicate as much fear of me being a scammer as I am of them.

Final thought

 Anyway, I am considering still going over there, and try to set up dates with 4 or 5 girls while I am there, all over 40 years old… that a good idea?  It seems almost none speak English, but claim to read and write it.  That would be no fun on dates!

Carl from the USA

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