Dating a Curvy Woman: Our Top Tips & Hacks

It’s not easy being a curvy woman in the dating world – whether that’s dating local guys or finding love online. It feels like men only ever want to score and find love with thin beauties who have model-perfect figures.

But it shouldn’t matter what body shape or size a woman has – she is still a unique person.

Since curvaceous beauties don’t always have an easy time finding a date, here’s some tips for you when considering a date with a curvaceous lady.

Spoiler alert! Some curvy women have body issues, so it’s always a good idea to be sensitive, not to judge, and see the lady for who she really is – a human being just like you.

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Curvy Women Are Real Beauties

Society has created unrealistic standards of what makes a woman beautiful. And best of all, these beauty standards change over time. For example, in Greece during 500 BC to 300 BC, women with light skin and full bodies were beautiful.

During the Italian Renaissance (1,400 to 1,700), the ideal beauty standard for women was to have an ample bosom, full hips, rounded tummy, and fair skin. Even in the Golden Age of Hollywood (1930s to 1950s), the ideal women had an hourglass figure (aka curves) and large breasts.

The 1980s, the so-called Supermodel Era, also wanted ladies to have curves, but be more athletically built. Today’s beauty standards, however, are pretty toxic. Society wants women to be skinny and have what critics consider to be model-worthy and toned bodies.

There are various influencers like Selena Gomez who are advocating for women’s beauty standards to change. After all, style has no size, and curvy IS beautiful.

Why Do Men Find Curvy Women Attractive?

There are various reasons why men are attracted to women who have curves:

1. Biological Instinct

Men are wired to find curvy women attractive no matter what society says.

Subconsciously and on a biological level, men associate curvaceousness – wide hips and large breasts – with fertility. And it’s said that curvy ladies are good for child bearing.

Even if you don’t want kids (maybe later), the fact that the woman has curves makes you want her.

2. Classic Beauty

Yes, what’s considered beautiful has changed over the years. But in classical or traditional terms, women with larger thighs, chubby arms, and a tummy were considered beautiful. That’s why all those classic paintings and statues are of curvaceous women.

Plus, in the olden days, having some meat on your bones meant that you were well fed, which was a sign of wealth. So men are attracted to curviness because they associate it with wealth and health.

3. More Womanly

A skinny or very athletic woman can appear child-like, which men may associate with immaturity. Such a woman can also look too boyish, which to a heterosexual male, may just be plain awkward.

There are men who prefer their women to look like stick figures, but in general, men from Greece and Italy (and other countries!) prefer their ladies to be healthy and curvy.

4. More Likely to Accept Your “Curves”

A woman who’s got curves is much more likely to accept that you – her partner – doesn’t look like a Greek god – all chiseled and perfect. Your ideal lady should want you to be healthy but she won’t judge you for putting on a few pounds because you’ve been stressed or been away on holiday.

5. Personality, Mister!

Because curvy ladies don’t always feel beautiful (#ThanksFatShamers), they feel like they have to make up for something. So 9 times out of 10, a curvy woman is the one who has lotsa personality. And chances are, she’s got a sense of humor, so you’ll be laughing and smiling a lot.

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6. Great Cuddlers (and More!)

It’s no secret that cuddling, hugging, and even making love with a stick figure is kinda weird and can be painful with all those bones poking you – and in all the wrong places. But if you hold a curvy figure close to you, it just feels comfortable.

Even science agrees that curvy ladies are better at sex because they are more open-minded – sexually.  

7. Bigger Boobs

The curvier the lady, the bigger her boobs. This isn’t always true, but it generally is. There are many men who are “boob guys” – they find these twin globes highly attractive, and I guess, the bigger, the better?

8. Not Just Celery Sticks

I can’t stereotype here, but it’s very likely that a curvy lady won’t just want to pick on a celery stick or some kale leaves at a fancy restaurant. Sure, some curvaceous women are health conscious, but you can take her out for a nice meal or a beer at least. 

Rules for Dating Curvy Women: Things to Remember

These rules don’t just apply when you date a curvy woman – in fact, they are applicable when you date all women.

Never judge and always be kind – you can’t ever know someone’s complete life story and all they’ve been through.

Here’s some pointers when dating any curvy lady to see if she’s your soulmate:

1. Be a Good Listener

When you are dating someone you are interested in, don’t just think of your replies or the next convo topic when she speaks to you. Pause, and actually listen to what she’s saying. That’s how you really get to know someone.

When you listen attentively, you make the other person feel seen and understood. This is a good building block for your relationship. And remember, the curvy lady needs to be a good listener when you tell her about your day or challenges you are facing too.

2. Make Her Feel Special

This tip is definitely always applicable – no matter the body shape of the lady you are dating.

But because of society’s toxic expectations for what women should look like, it’s only natural if your curvy lady has some body issues and insecurities. So you want to make her feel special – but the trick here is that it needs to be sincere.

Insincere compliments and comments will only hurt her, and she’ll be able to spot these a couple of miles away.

And don’t make everything about her body. A woman isn’t what she looks like. So adore her completely and love her unconditionally.

3. Show Your Imperfections

Don’t think you need to be perfect and hide all your flaws. Every person is made perfectly imperfect, and your lady love would love to see the authentic side of you where you showcase your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Be Caring

If you love someone (and even if you really like them – for now), you’ll want to be caring.

Pay attention to the small details about your lady, pick up on hints (“I love that scarf, but not in that color” #bdayprezzie), and be protective. But know that she can protect herself too – she doesn’t need a knight in shining armor, just a man who loves and cares about her.

5. Surprise Her

No authentic woman really cares about money. Sure, it’s always preferable if the guy is financially stable and has the means to support himself. But not everything is about money, and even if you aren’t wealthy, you can pleasantly surprise your girl.

Spoil her with love and attention. Make a Netflix movie night special. Or pack her lunch for work (and include a little love note and a treat).

How to Find Curvy Women Online

Finding a curvy woman to date online all starts with knowing where to look.

But in general, keep these considerations in mind when it comes to online dating sites. The dating site should:

There are several niche sites for dating curvy ladies, but chances are, if you enter the right search criteria, you can find your full-figured lady on other dating sites too.   

Consider these curvy women online dating sites (also called big beautiful women (BBW) dating sites):

Questions about dating curvy women? Read our FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions in dating curvy ladies. 

A curvy woman is someone who has rounded hips and larger breasts. She isn’t super thin and stick-figure looking. A lady with curves also won’t have the traditional body shape (narrow hips, flat tummy, and kinda flat-chested) as you’d see on the runway. Instead, she has rounded hips, an ample bosom, and a fuller figure.

You should never judge a woman based on her looks. The lady’s appearance is something that you first see, but you should get to know her and find out whether you really like her for who she is. So date any woman you find attractive – whether she is thin, curvy, or has an athletic body.

It’s best to date a woman you are really into. Both skinny and curvy ladies have their appeal, and it depends on what you find attractive. Some men are really into ladies with curves, while others prefer those who are skinny. But don’t say no if a curvy lady asks you out – give her a chance and get to know her. Who knows? She might be the lady of your dreams. 

How a person looks is dependent on their genes, what they eat, how they live, and how they work out. So some people are naturally predisposed to having a curvier body than others. In essence, there’s nothing wrong with having a curvy body, as long as you are happy with your body and you are healthy.   

There are many curvaceous ladies – if you start paying attention. Find the curvy love of your dreams on online dating sites, at courses and training, fitness clubs, your local grocer, festivals, mass events, sports matches, and anywhere you like to hang out.

Check out my complete guide on how to find a woman online if you want to learn more! 

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