Russian vs American Women: The Big Dating Battle

Russian and American women are as different as night and day. But they are still women, and therefore, unique. 

The differences between American and Russian ladies are mostly due to their cultural upbringing and the countries they were raised in. But a Russian lady who’s spent a lot of time in the U.S. or was raised there will be more “American” in certain aspects than a more traditional Russian lady who was born and raised in Russia. 

Thus, it’s not easy to differentiate Russian vs American women, and I don’t like to stereotype people. 

But I do want to give you some insight into American and Russian single ladies, so here’s the main differences you need to know about them.     

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Russian vs American Women: 5 Main Differences

No two ladies are the same, whether they hail from Russia or America. But it’s a fact that Russians and Americans have vastly different cultures, and here is how ladies from these countries aren’t the same:


America is a big melting pot of cultures. Anyone who’s a citizen of the U.S. or identifies as American is an American. In America, the people are of European, Asian, African, and Latin descent, and that’s not even mentioning those who are natively American. 

So, the gene pool is quite diverse in America, resulting in no one particular appearance and physical characteristic among the ladies. The women will have light to dark shades in skin color, blue to dark brown eyes, and hair in any color under the sun. They’ll also have a variety of bodies as most American women have adopted a body positivity mentally

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On the East Coast, the women tend to dress more uppity, while on the West Coast, they are more casual. Think SoCal (Southern California) vibes. 

On the other hand, Russia also has a diverse gene pool but not as diverse as in the U.S. In eastern Russia, the women look more Asian with dark hair and eyes, while in the west, they look more like their European counterparts with blue eyes and blonde hair. 

Russian women care more about what they look like, so they’ll be dressed to impress, whether they go on a date with you or go get some last minute shopping items. 

Character and Mentality

Russian ladies have a quiet strength about them, but there’s a fierceness there too that gets unleashed at times. These ladies are traditionally taught to respect authority and the rule of law, and smile and be polite. Women in Russia are raised to respect other people and their values. 

You may think that Russian women are cold; they won’t just smile at you for no reason and they’ll expect you to make the first move. A Russian lady fits in a traditional box of what women should be, look like, and behave. 

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American ladies are modern and very much consider themselves on par (if not sometimes above) to their male counterparts. It’s no secret that other cultures find Americans to be rude and loud and arrogant, but that’s just one side of the story – and a big stereotype. Americans are generally friendlier and more open than ladies from other countries.  

Family Values

Since Russian women are usually raised more traditionally in a very patriarchal society, they also have traditional family values where they see the man as the head of the household (aka the pants-wearer who makes decisions and needs to protect). 

These ladies are keen on having a family of their own, so once they meet Mr. Right, they’ll treat their partner with respect, care, and love. Russian ladies are also interested in having kids and being a mother.   

American ladies, on the other hand, have more modern outlooks on life. That’s not to say some women don’t see the man as the head of the family (and want to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen). But in general, these ladies won’t just jump at the chance to marry a man. And generally, they want a career or to be self-made more than being part of a family unit. 


Many American ladies are very career-oriented and focus on climbing the corporate ladder, being part of the rat race, and running their own companies. Having a family comes almost secondary to some since these ladies are in no hurry to get married. 

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Russian ladies can be professionally minded but they prioritize having a family and settling down with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids. 


Many people believe Russian women to be easy but they won’t just give it up because you’ve got a cute face. You need to be a gentleman, build rapport with them, and get to know the lady. After all, intimacy is more than sex. It’s shared experiences, a soul connection, and deep conversations (and more!). 

American women may see nothing wrong with having a one night stand and chances are high that the American beauty who stole your heart is sexually experienced. There’s also the third date rule – if the lady likes you after two dates, she’ll probably have sex with you on the third. But again, sex isn’t something you should assume will happen on the third date (or any date).   

The Perks of Dating American and Russian Ladies

Here are the perks of dating American ladies: 

And here are the benefits of dating Russian women: 

Reasons Not to Date Russian & American Ladies

Reasons to not date a Russian lady are: 

Reasons to not date American women are: 

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Final Thoughts: Who Should You Date?

So, who should you date and marry: an American lady or a Russian lady? 

Honestly? Only you can answer that. You know what you are looking for in a lady, and remember, beauty isn’t everything. You want a lady who is authentic and smart and has something more to offer you than just a pretty face to look at. 

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Online dating makes it possible to find your true love – whether she’s Russian and living in Russia or the U.S. or whether she’s an American gal in the U.S. or living someplace exotic. 

Don’t judge a book – culture and lady – by its cover. Be open-minded, be you, and put yourself out there. The lady of your dreams is waiting for you. 

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