Got Scammed by a Ukrainian Woman

This is a copy of Nelly’s letter to me:

Do you remember your words to me?

Hello, my favorite happiness named Elbert!

Your favorite baby wrote to you!! The one that loves selflessly only you!!! Loyal, honest, beautiful))) Who knows how to cook, take care, create comfort and celebration. The one who knows how to do surprises and those crazy things that you love so much !!!!

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How it started

Day by day, step by step we get closer to each other. Very soon we will fall asleep and wake up together. And when you’re being lazy in the morning to get up for work, I just got wet from the shower will pull you off from our bed. And you will laugh and say that I’m the craziest woman and that I filled with light your life !!! I’ll send on your phone my naughty photos when you will be at work and you will look forward to returning to me.

We will make a wonderful, smart, beautiful children, and we will be proud of them !!! I miss you !! By every cell, every thought … and Im so badly want to make you happy !!! I know that you able to feel what I write to you now!!! In your dream you will see all that I wrote here and when you will wake up you will dream with all your heart to be with me now. We will always love each other) It will be always different love, but it will not leave us!!!

First signs of a romance scam

Then this is what Nelly writes me after 6 months of talking to meet her parents, and my return trip to her this Christmas for engagement to marry.

Then your shocking letter?

You are a native Ukrainian woman and will live your life in Odessa, as you are happier now than for 16 years of darkness in Nikolaev. You told me that you are not interested in living abroad and also not interested in romantic relationship with foreign man or native man. You are happy now!

Scam Romance

Then I find,,,,,,,,

Brand new photos taken in the summer time of you for CharmingDate site. Same time you were asking me to support you financially as you were in treatments. I sent you money, again, and you were already on a dating site.

I have no idea what prompted you to outright lie to me, and stab me directly in the back. But I will say, that is the worst thing, besides your direct insults to me that you can do to me,.

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So, you can see this lady, after I travelled to Ukraine, met her at the Odessa airport and stayed 2 weeks in Mykolaiv to be with her. She has taken me for bouqets of roses, gold pendants, food baskets while she was in the hospital, shopping for clothes in Kherson, perfumes, body lotions, and many many restaurants.

In addition, she asked me for financial support while she was ill in the hospital and also due to Physiotherapy Clinic, which was a 5 week away from work for Nelly. She had no salary and needed my support. I supported her emotionally all through her injury and in addition, I sent money as I had done many times before, and also gave her money while I was in Mykolaiv as she asked for money then as well.

I did everything she wanted

I did all I could do to romance her, treat her as a special woman, the one and only, as I was offered sex by other ladies such as the interpreter we used. But I did not take offer of sex with another woman, as my heart was with Nelly, and I would not betray her!

It is clear to me as we were talking about meeting her parents from February, when I was in Mykolaiv and til August 2015. This is a long time to plan my future with this lady as we already were in relationship for 1.5 years. We originally met on Anastasia Date. But since I was discussing romantic relationship and engagement trip, she then shut me down, ended our relationship saying she is not interested in living abroad or marrying foreign man.

Nelly said she is native Ukraine woman, and since moving to Odessa from Mykolaiv, she could not be happier with family and friends. But after this information from Nelly, I find she has brand new profile photos taken in summer 2015, which is the same time she was communicating with me, while in the hospital and Treatment Clinic. And asked me for financial support.

Ukrainian dating scammer

I just found her profile on CharmDate, in late November, as I have profile there since she ended our relationship and I am sincere and ready to marry Ukraine woman.

So this was a complete lie she told me, and she stabbed me in the back. She is playing games, receiving gifts and money, and she just says lies to end the relationship then finds another victom to prey on.

Scammer Ukrainian
  • The scammer: Anelia (Nelly) Sakalyuk
  • date of birth: March 16, 1978
  • birth city: Odessa, Ukraine
  • old employer March 2015: Roshen candy distributor in Mykolaiv, Ukraine
  • present employer November 2015: Odessa Commercial Sea Port Medical Department/outpatient
  • care/nurse
  • height: 5’5″
  • weight: 130 lb
  • hair: black
  • eye: hazel/green
  • phone: +380 666 77 03 83
  • email: [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]

I found her at all dating sites

Then shockingly, I find Nelly has registered a foreign dating profile ON:

  • CharmDate ID C188006
  • education; college
  • English: little
  • job; finance/accounting
  • religion; Orthodox
  • drinks; never
  • height; 5’5″
  • weight; 130lb
  • grey eyes
  • black hair ID 29956

  • education;
  • English; intermediate
  • job; accountant
  • religion;
  • height; 5’7″
  • weight; 119lb
  • grey eyes
  • brown hair ID 158745

  • education; University
  • English; fair
  • job; Doctor
  • religion; Christian (Orthodox)
  • height; 5’7″
  • weight; 119lb
  • grey eyes
  • black hair ID 110815

  • education; college
  • English; intermediate
  • job; Doctor
  • religion; Orthodox
  • height; 5’7″
  • weight; 119lb
  • grey eyes
  • black hair

I know for a fact Nelly is NOT 5’7″ tall, Nelly is 5’5″ tall, and she is definatly NOT 119lb, Nelly is 125-130 lbs.


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2 thoughts on “Got Scammed by a Ukrainian Woman”

  1. Some scam artists – , – she has a husband – and I hope she is proud of her “job” or they are together in this scam. Her name is Angelina Petrovna and her husband is Denis., another scam artist who “has not yet found her true love” inspite of real facts.
    And another scammer – Aleksandra Biriuchkova, operating with multiple profiles – such as and also read about her here –

    These people do not do this not only for money, but it seems to be pathological distortion that they can do something like that and get away with it. They probably do it to get high on this feeling of being invincible. I hope that their parents are proud of what values they have teached
    to them.
    But of course – what gentleman does not want to give their admired lady a lot of roses and expensive gifts?! Sure they deserve it. Also they deserve to be exposed and being held responsible of their actions.

  2. This woman is still actively scamming. Although she married again in 2015 and has a second son in 2017, she is on all ppl darting sites

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