Video: How Russian & Ukraine Mail Order Bride Scam Works…

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  1. Floyd Miller says:

    The Scam is the site its self the girls are getting paid, you can look on VK and find the models and the different agency leaders with open job offers for girls, it is also very easy to see the photographers and make up artist the photo shoot galleries and modeling agencies that drive this market of broken souls and hearts. it is getting very expensive on the sites to simply chat the girls are forbidden to use free sites they are easily found and also easily tracked around the world on exclusive vacation travels many of them can be seen with current boy friends. As I have proven 2 times false motive women. It is sad that so many beautiful ladies could use the gift given by god as weapon to the souls of Man. many suicides caused from the broken heart and bank accounts. Sad the hurt they put out may come back since easy to track seasonal vacations to many areas I thought of making a dating scammers tv show tracking them to the vacation areas and win there hearts.on reality tv show.I hope you will simply match the dating site girls to VK and face book also look at the friends of the girls and pages suggested it will open the whole of all involved in this hustle of the heart it is a strip club without having to strip although the soul and heart broken is real. and look how beautiful these girls are made up.

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