Do not use the big Slavic dating agencies!

Whoa there buddy the Germans already did this with the Russians. I been to Ukraine many times, yes you had scammers. You will meet them on any dating site especially the big ones like Anastasia date or A Foreign Affair.

True Ukraine ladies are not scammers at all. I been to Ukraine many times, I have many friends there, you must look to marriage agencies! Not things like They are dating agencies.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

 Forget the Ukrainian supermodels - They are not real

Talk to ladies, call them, if they do not give personal information about themselves they are fake. You may write to ladies for months, do not go there and expect a lady to jump into your arms, they are modest wonderful ladies. Do not chase ladies with a 20 year age difference it is not going to work!

Ukraine girls for dating

You need to make contacts and be on the ground and meet many. Forget the supermodels, they are not real on any of the big dating agencies, yes they will date you and that is all. Also if you know their first name, and age search them on in city that they live with birth date. You will be ahead of many things to know about them with this.

Are only brides scammers?

So burn Ukraine? No, we all have bad experiences but keep them as experience! It did not kill you did it? I had bad experiences with that was fake, I do not hate the fraud lady, I actually feel sorry for her! Her loss!

Scammers, and everything else bad with ladies? What about the psycho men that the good ladies deal with? You use marriage agencies only, make brief contact before you go to meet “some” ladies. Do not use the big dating agencies like Anastasia or foreign affair and the ones associated with them. Also a lot of local dating agencies work with these big scam companies.

These local agents get paid to recruit profiles and they also get kickbacks to chat. Example, you are chatting online, yes video with big dating site supermodel. She is smiling all the time and seems to type while you are not receiving anything? Why because she is chatting on multiple screens via the local agent at home, “making money” the local agents get paid lets say.

Do not waste your time with the big dating sites

12 cents per minute, the lady gets lets say .04 to .06 cents per minute. She chats with ten men and ladies; yes ladies are looking to meet other ladies on them to! So she is getting while chatting 60 cents per minute that is $36.00 per hour! Very good money!

Now convert this to UAH it is 291.36 per hour! They are making a killing! How do I know this, been there talked to locals on the ground while in country, they call it dirty work! Also if you are curious, cruise the webcam nude sites and search for your lady! You might find her there! 

In Final Words

You have to go to the country and be there with her for much time to find each other! Find local marriage agencies that verify are real, there are many and some are very anti Anastasiadate or A Foreign Affair. Check out he once worked for both of these dating agencies and will show you how they are not real!


TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

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