Five Lovely Letters by Romance Scammer

Message #1:

Hello my dear Mike!

I want to tell you that I am very happy to receive your letter and to be honest, I was waiting for him with big impatience! This is so unusual in touch with someone who is so far). Frankly speaking my intentions are very serious and I can tell you that you can trust me. I’ll be honest with you and will say what is in my soul. I thought for a long time how to start my letter, because i’ll never do it before and I was so eager to please you)))

I’ll tell you a little about myself. My full name is Elizaveta, if shortly Liza I am very kind and sympathetic person. I do not like to quarrel and I do not like conflict, and I always try to avoid it. I was grown up by my parents in love and peace 🙂. And I believe that life is too short to spend it on quarrels and insults. Therefore, I will always strive to ensure that my family has always been peace and blessings).

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Scam letters are always nice

I guess you thought about why I decided to find love through the interest? Maybe my answer will be obvious, but I have no luck, I still do not met the man of my dreams.

Scam Romance

My previous experience was not entirely successful. But please do not think that I need a super-Man or super hero, I just need a good man with a big heart, which is the same as I am tired of being alone and wants to create family. Maybe you and me two halves, which are found each other?

Remembering bad English and translator are the first sign of possible scam.

I wanted to tell you that my English is not very good; I studied it in school quite a bit, so I am writing you this letter from Internet cafe, and this letter translated via the online translator. I hope that this is not scare you, I want to believe on it ))). The must important to find love and be loved!

How do you think Mike?
I will be wait for your letter with great impatience …..

She was lonely and unhappy until meet you

Message #2:

Hello dear Mike,

I am very glad because of you replied me. You know, I like you very much and I am serious with you. It is very good and very important to me that your intentions are very serious because mine are also. You know I am a woman who still believes that each person has his second half.

Yes, I still believe that happiness exists and that it should not be waited for.  I had bad experience before, but I still believe in love!!! It is the reason that I am here.

I am tired from loneliness and ready to open my heart to that man who seriously needs it. Also I have a couple of thoughts concerning a man that I would like to be with. I think that inner beauty most important than external beauty! I am not looking for Prince!

Ukrainian dating scammer in action

I am looking for good man, with big heart and kind soul ! It seems you 🙂

Both people in a relationship must be able to always communicate openly and honestly with their spouse. I think it is hard to make a marriage last a lifetime, so both people must work at giving, listening, caring, respecting, and loving their spouse. I do wish to be with the man who sees life with his woman as a couple; it is like one life for two. I wish us to be together always, to be sad and to be happy, just to share everything with each other.

Ukrainian Mail Order Bride

I wish to be with the man who can be as open with me as I am ready to be open with him. I am totally sure that it is the base for success in loving relations. So if you think that my thoughts are ok for you and that you would like to try to build relations with such a woman like me, please, go on write me back and give me a chance to create a happy relationship with you….

Stories about everlasting love are suspicious

I merely wish to be happy and make my man happy… I am optimist but at the same time realist… Oh dear I am so happy that your parents live together so many years! This is wonderfully! I wish them much happiness. About my last date: it was about 1 year ago!

I respect the saying of W.Shakespeare “all the world a stage and all the men and women are merely players.” My motto is to go anywhere in order to find out true love and real man…

What man I prefer? I value at first character and inner beauty. Of course the beauty and attraction is important but I really wish my man is to be well-cared, well-performance, smart and intelligent. I think you are who I looked for… I have to confess that I liked you very much. I wait for your letter and more photos impatiently!

Your Liza

Plans for common future are scaring

Message #3:

Hello my dear Michael!

I am very happy to have our communication and it is a big pleasure for me to know you better with each passing day. I am waiting for your letters very much. I can say that I am very happy to have this special moment, I write to you as easily as if I was there…

Michael I am happy that we found each other too! I like you, I like what you was writing … you are so interesting person!!! Maybe you my destiny? Who know? 🙂  I think that our life unbelievable, a that seemed impossible yesterday, can be possible today 😉 How do you think?

Why such an ideal girl is alone?

What about your questions I am Christian, Ii go to the church every week! I like to speak with God! I believe that he can hear me )  About my English :  it is so bad, I know some words and phrases. My letter I write from internet cafe with the help of online translator! I hope this is not scare you?

My favorite color is blue and green! I like the color of nature! I like nature very much!!!

Oh dear to tell you the truth I was imagine our firs meet already) It will be wonderful: I leave the aircraft. I’m in an elegant gown of light silk. You stay with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I am hesitatingly come to you … and we silent long time, look at each other’s eyes … Then you give me a bouquet of flowers and hug me tightly and kiss. Emotions overwhelm us. Your kiss so sweet … the kiss will last forever … We do not want to let go of each other….

But we must go. You take my hand and we go to your room in the hotel. We had a long talk, laugh, remember our correspondence, and all that we had to go … but we are together…. We had dinner, drank some red wine and went to look at a beautiful sunset ) so romantic ) how you imagine our meeting? I want to see you very much on real life…!!!

Nice, polite, ideal and almost virgin - can it be true?

But dear I am happy that we have a chance to have our correspondence to know each other better before our meeting. I want to know you better before this. You know I am very passionate and when I will have family and beloved man I will be devoted to him! I will love him with all of my heart. You know I don’t understand how woman or man can cheat…

How it possible to love 2 person? And to make love with 2 person? For me this is unbelievable… What about you Michael? I have been disappointed in this world! You know why? Because in 1920 there were 129 divorces in the world!!! But in 2007 there were over 4000 divorces!! This upsets me because I can see people are giving up SO easy and SO fast on their marriage!!

This is really terribly… So sad statistic… You know I don’t understand why two loving hearts so easily throw each other. I think that for love it is necessary to struggle and it is necessary to work over relations. Certainly there is no all smoothly but it is impossible to lower hands in difficult situations.

Do you agree with me? Michael, I think that if I get married I never get a divorce too ) You know my parents live together 35 year!!!! Can you imagine?!

Totally lying in every word

For all this time they became single whole and till now they love each other. I dream about such strong family!!! I am happy that you love and believe in God too! This is important! It is mean that God always with you and  God sets you on the right path…

International Scam

Dear I have some questions for you: 

  • When was your last date?
  • Do you have woman friends?
  • What makes you the most happy?

What about me: I am happy when I see happy smile on my parents, when they have good health, now this is most important for me! But the happiest I will be with my beloved man!!! Now I must finish my letter… and with big impatience I will be waiting for new letter from you!!!!!
Kiss you… Liza

When the fish pecked on the hook

Message #4:

Hello my angel, my Mike,
Thank you for your letter my honey!!!

My sugar, I am incredibly happy to know you agree to help me!! You are real man, you are my prince and I look like the happiest woman over the world! You made me happy! You made me fly!! I am happy that you can understand my difficult situation and as real MAN you support me on this situation!!!! Mike, I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I want out of it. I want you in my life. I want to create something more than friendship with you!

I want to meet you as soon as possible, I want to look at your eyes and hold your hand. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realized it goes hand in hand. This relationship is my future, it’s what I want out of life.

The final

Honey this is all information, what you need to send me your help …

Country – Ukraine, city – Luhansk,
My full name Elizaveta Terehova.
My home address: block Vatytina 24/45

I can get your help, using such kind of money transfer systems as MoneyGram, or Western Union with MY passport. Dear Mike I can’t ask you about the certain sum, I will be glad to any your help… My angel I will be waiting for your letter with big impatience…

I will not be able to fall asleep tonight, thinking of you.
I have a hope in my soul and it is my salvation.
I am sending to you my sweet kisses and hugs.
Your forever Liza.

When something went wrong...

Message #5:

Hello my sweetheart Mike!!!
Honey how are you? why you was keeping silence?
as you promised me I am waiting for your help …
I need you !!!
your girl Liza

Krystyna comments:

I think it’s just obvious that you have communicated with scammers and fake women.
I can explain why I think so.

1) the first message sounds good but I ask myself why the woman who writes her first message to the man she is interested in that she is a real woman.

“I want to say you that i am real ,i know that in the internet many fake people,but please,believe me,i am real!!!”

If she is real why is she just shouting about it?

2) the photos….

The photos are beautiful. I would say too beautiful and too sexual revealing. Do you think such a beautiful woman who looks like a top-model has problems in Ukraine to find a man for life? I do not believe in that.

My advice is not to believe such pictures. Did you get “normal” photos, not such a “made in the photo studio” photo?

A “normal”, genuine Ukrainian woman with serious intentions looks like Victoria.

This girl Victoria made an extra photo session for her online dating profile. But she has a normal dress (no dessous, no revealing clothes).

I would say that this girl has serious intentions to find a man abroad, not these erotic stars.


3) too literary language in the messages

The woman does not know you in person but calls you “my sugar” and “honey“. If the genuine Ukrainian woman has serious intentions to find a man, she develops the communication very slowly. She needs tons of time before she calls you “my sugar”.

Red Flag #3: falling in love – too fast, too furious

The next sign I should have seen is “falling in love” by the third letter. I am sure you know this story: two people from two different countries write back – forth for a few days before the man gets a message that the Ukrainian lady is falling hard for him, that she is in love and she wants to move to his home country to spend her life with him. Happy end of this online dating story? I do not think so! You do?

We all are adult people and may not believe such messages that the woman/man falls in love after a short online mail communication without meeting in person and at least hearing the voice of the woman or man.

Red Flag #4: you are my Mr. Right

In the same spirit, another red flag is if the Ukrainian man just knows that you are the man for her. You know that patience is one of the most important keys to a successful & happy Western-Ukrainian relationship.

Thus when you try to slow things down and see that the woman tells you she has this feeling that you are destined to be together, you must view this woman with a big caution. You may not believe if the woman from Ukraine tells you she just knows that you are going to grow old together.

Red Flag #4: exaggerated literary picture of your future together

Painting an attractive picture of where the future will lead is another common red flag. It is not usual if the Ukrainian woman for marriage say you things like “we can grow old on the porch together” and “we’ll travel the world. I will show you all the sites” in her third message.

Red Flag #5: nude or revealing photos

Furthermore, throwing in the attractive pictures of the Ukrainian woman with every message is not a normal behavior in the Ukrainian dating field. Of particular concern are nude or very revealing photos. Genuine women with serious intentions do not do something like this.

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About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including  ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’.
As the leading dating blogger Krystyna is a consultant for many dating services and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching and romance scam.
With decades of experience, Krystyna is the authority on the international dating scene, and it’s her passion to help people sustain relationships that bridge cultures and countries.

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1 thought on “Five Lovely Letters by Romance Scammer”

  1. I fully agree. I have met my lovely wife in the Ukraine, while traveling there, and I know that Ukrainian women are justly proud and self confident. They would never sell out like this.
    Please do not fall for such obvious scamming. No true Ukrainian (or any) woman would demean herself like this.

    There are many women looking for a brighter future but they justly want to be treated with respect and would never ask for money or send pictures like this.
    Finding a partner is possible, not everything is a scam, there just are many fake agencies pretending to represent women- they are not.

    If you really want to find a partner, learn Russian, study and experience the culture and travel there – it’s a wonderful country.
    Ukrainian women in my experience are very feminine and want to be treated as such, to be complimented – but with respect and appreciation.
    Do so, and you may find your partner – like I did.

    If you cannot go there and travel, find a truthful agency and communicate. if you mind the excellent tips Krystyna gave you should be able to find the honest ones.
    I am thinking of setting up my own agency, just to provide decent people a true possibility to meet, but even so my biggest advise would be to study Russian and just go there, It is not hard to meet with women.

    Be respectful and gallant – she is not a trophy, she is a partner – and you will be appreciated!

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