The story of Ukrainian and Russian escort models


The story of these Ukrainian and Russian escort models are genuine, because most of them are real scammers and getting commission from their local agencies, just provoke foreigners to open their too attractive letters with specific cost and the commission will be reflect in their hand, this is very old business going on for these Slavic models.

Not only but we can found in most of the site. Foreigners must need to be more conscious about these Slavic escort models (most of them are found in ( and many such escort sites.

All the time they didn’t get the clients but money is necessary, so they find out the way to earn some cash and the local agencies are their true helpers.

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This is all about money

They need money using these models (as products) and nothing more than that. Who cares about true marriage, the money is the modern God so better worship, this is their prime motto.

Am using not less than 89 such dating site and find out countless real dedicated scammers, they joined the dating site only for scam and nothing more than that. The Natasha Club ( and it’s all sisters sites is now became the genuine scammers paradise for these Slavic escort models.

Because they can hide and nobody know who is writing to men either the local agency or the site staff. Because if you asked the same model through vkontakte site most of them will say they didn’t using the site but their photos are being used, it means they sold their photos and the local agencies using them to pull out the money.

Authentic liars and true fraud

Foreigners must be careful that these all are escort model, authentic liar and true fraud, just have to think about their level, they all coming from the society’s very lower level for poverty. Because after apart from the main land Ukrainian (formerly known as central Russia) and many CIS countries facing poverty.

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How this works...

It is very hard to maintain the family with normal work, so the best way to earn money with prostitution and porn model.

But for that it is very hard to find a simple man inside their own country after the porn ends, so the dating sites born and they find out new opportunity to earn again with pleasure.

The local agencies gave lots of training how to make foreigners fool and scam, they are registering in dating site and using with pleasure, it’s very easy, just sit before the PC or using the mobile through some attractive words and wait who is eating the bait, if once any foreigner fallen in the trap then slowly they broke their neck.

Not all Slavic brides are scammers

But all of them not really scammers, every young models are not the same scammers, many of them authentic true life partner finder. Basically there are 4 types of candidates found in dating sites.

1) Dedicated serious extremely good endless letter writers.

2) Serious devoted skillful real gamer.

3) Extremely genuine completely devoted scammers.

4) True life partner finders.

But unfortunately the last one found very few in numbers. Maybe 1/25000. I’m researching from longtime about it, more than 10 years and have lots of uncountable good and bad experiences. So foreigners be conscious about to be scam, check the anti-scam sites, if you found anything suspicious then silently leave the communication.

Try new one, just learn to change the clothes, because do not forget you are doing everything through internet not in real. I think it is not possible to fall in love with anyone through internet except real meeting.


Better check these models through Vkontakte site, most of them are available for modeling and you can also book them to use. So be careful and understand the matter, what you are doing.

I can also say few men are just registered for the fun and virtual sex. Better change your behavior and do not make anything so that these models can point their fingers on male. Because you are trying to do something better not the worse.

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  1. I have suspicions about which I have used for a while but cannot make up my mind as to how legitimate or not they are.I cannot find any reference to them here. Do you have a review on them? C-MB

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