Interview with Reggie Oglesby: Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater

Reggie Oglesby is an International online dating expert and author of the book Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater: The Search for a Ukraine Bride (available on Amazon). Reggie has a huge experience with dating Ukrainian and Russian women and Internet romance scam.

Here at, we had the unique chance to interview Reggie on today’s online dating world, dishonest marriage agencies and scam. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Reggie Oglesby is an International online dating expert

Author of the book Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater: The Search for a Ukraine Bride (available on Amazon). 



Reggie, tell us about your vast Internet dating experience? How have you look for a foreign wife? By using paid online dating services, marriage agencies or by yourself?

Reggy Oglesby


Thanks Krystyna for the opportunity to share my story. Well, I have over 17 years total online dating experience (including 6 years married to a Belarusian woman) and I can say I have experienced every possible dating scenario than mos tmen in the entire world. I certainly have seen every possible scam used.

Like many here, I have sought the help of agencies in hopes to find a bride. In beginning, I trusted the agencies to be legitimate and after countless disappointments came to the realization that NEAR ALL are only online to take your money and nothing more. It also caused me to seek out more reliable agencies, as rare as that is nowadays. I know a handful of thousands online and many of those which men mistakenly turst and make millions for.

For the most part I use the online dating world as it exposes you to the numbers of women out there. Sadly and even coldly, online dating ends up being a numbers game in reality. YOU have to go through so many women in hopes just to find one.

In my case, I can say about 1 out of a hundred women who contact me perhaps will show worth attentions and in most cases rarely prove mcuh more than being an acquaintance. I have traveled to Ukraine 4 times and 5 other countries wiht NO success. Made a few special friendships, but never a woman met from online who proved to be what she claimed.



What inspired you to write Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater: The Search for a Ukraine Bride?

Reggy Oglesby


Over the years I started to shar emy experience with men who would contact me and heard of my adventures online. Early on I had a web presence as the SCAMHUNTER and that is where I gained notariety of exposing women scammers and began collecting evidence and a database of the now 1100 plus women exposed.

If any woman writes me as proves a scam I report her. It may save a fellow man from being decieved as well. I welcome men to just take a look at just one reputable scam reporting site, and just see the numbers of women reported.

Since I married a Belarusian and did the paperwork on my own, I also helped men file their own K-1 fiance visa wihtout help of any attorney’s and wiht 100% success rate.

I even have a proven process that helps speed up the approval process if men will do just a few simple things when they visit a woman and ask for marriage. My book is a culmination of all those experiences and a chance to share advice which I hope can be helpful to men seeking a foreign bride.

I am currently working wiht a major YV production company on a project series involving men like me seeking international love and a movie script for Hollywood based on my book and adventure online.



What do you think about modern International (in particularly, Russian and Ukrainian) marriage industry? How do modern dating and matchmaking agencies work (in comparison to 10 years ago)?

Reggy Oglesby


Krystyna, the difference is night and day from what it was 10-15 years ago. As I mentioned, online dating and the majority of marriage agencies posting online today are absolutely corrupt!

Women are paid to answer letters, stolen photos of models and celebrities are used to trick men to sign up and spend money to contact them. Agencies get complaints and do very little, if anything to curb the misuses of dishonest women online and most, just are guilty themselves to promote deceit.

Online dating is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. There are several sites online I can go to and can spot numerous scammers posted.

Agencies simply do not care to keep it clean because there are always naïve and desperate men who will believe anything who are going to come and spend their money. They deal in volume, not quality. I saw a disgusting video of a recent romance tour and social hosted by A Foreign Affair, a major player in the industry. It was more like a sex promotion tour than one of genuine men seeking marriage.

Men boasting of how many women were all over them and most, without a clue as to why! Men can pay upwards to $5000 for stupid tours like this where socials are often attended by paid models and open invitation of women about to come and have a good time.

I saw my 2010 professional dater in the video, reported it to A FOREIGN AFFAIR with all the evidence and they did NOTHING! She was even wearing the dress I had bought for her! What a laugh!

Yes, there may be a few marriage seeking women involved with sincerity to find a husband. I can ASSURE you the vast number of women who attend socials do not have marriage on their mind. I have heard many had boyfriends, even married and just come for the free food, fun and drinks.

I have talked to many men over the years who came back disappointed from romance tours with no results. Just that their money was gone! I blame these romance tours and marriage agencies for promoting fraud and misleading men.



How difficult is to find an honest and reliable woman from Ukraine in today’s dating world?

Reggy Oglesby


Online, it is quite difficult but certainly possible and there is hope. You have to research or seek men like me out to help share legitimate information to assist in your search.

Stay away from websites which you pay ridiculous sums to communicate with a woman, especially those that have the auto pop-up chat requests of women wanting to talk to you.

That is a scam in itself to generate extra revenue and it could be a man on th eother end chatting with you. LOL! One key flag is to ask a person to show themself on camera, if they never will do it, it’s a scam! Ihave had women offer a phone number (too quickly it seemed) but you never know who it is really, other than a woman.

Remember, many agencies pay women to talk to you by offering a commission for every letter, chat or phone call you make to them.



What is your opinion on the best and most effective technique to find your dream Ukrainian or Russian woman?

Reggy Oglesby


The best way to meet an honest and reliable, marriage seeking woman is to eductae yourself to WHAT SITES not to use, as the aforementioned I shared.

There are few of us out there who are trying to make a difference and help inform and educate men to be better equipped in their online search of a bride.

Most men are just clueless to the industry and how it works, at least until it is too late. Men dream to have a sexy, beautiful woman on their arm and when one says „I want you“ they are quick triggered to respond, thinking such a fantasy can prove true for them. Most times it does not.

Men can help themselves to find online forums where men post of experiences. Google an Agency and see what scam reports may be said against them and verify the statements. Online dating is so cutthroat that many agencies will just say bad things against a competitor for the sake of it. Always check the refund, anti-scam policy of a site, discover the reputation of the agency if possible.

KNOW what you are getting into and make sure you have the resources (online dating costs thousands, and then thousands nore to bring a bride home).

Prepare yourself to know what is necessary in immigration rules and document preparation. Be open an dhonest with htose you talk to. Ukraine is not a backward country absent of Internet Cafes, computers, Skype or Viber.

Utilize all the reources you can just to make sure your woman is who she says she is. Always make sure „everything makes sense“ and if it does not, do not be shy to question it or just walk away.

I know of a few good websites I affiliate with and would put my name as being as reputable as could be (understand no site is 100% scam proof and is only as good as the agency who removes them).

I also am creating my own website, which I am striving to offer only qualified marriage seeking women and allowing only men that are interviewed to profile on to insure everyone is seeking the same thing.

If you are a sex-tourist type looking for a good time, get off the marriage sites and use the adult sites for the sake of us guys trying to find love and marriage. Like scammers do for women, you give us a BAD name!

You want to learn how to find a great foreign woman and experience exciting International dating adventure, but you have no clue of where to start. Not to worry, we are here to help! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including  ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’.
As the leading dating blogger Krystyna is a consultant for many dating services and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching and romance scam.
With decades of experience, Krystyna is the authority on the international dating scene, and it’s her passion to help people sustain relationships that bridge cultures and countries.


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