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I am from Chicago and work and live in Kiev at the moment. I’ve been back and forth in Kiev for about 7 years now and have dated many women. Women here DO want a man to support them. However, I do not see anything wrong with this.

It is no different than woman in the US only US women are much more subtle. Every woman no matter where they are from wants to know there husband will be able to support and provide for them.

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Some starting thoughts re Ukrainian dating

Take for example, your beloved picks up, leaves everything she knows and loves, family, friends, job and moves to America to be with her man, you better believe she would want to know you can support her when she gets there.

I believe this is the main reason why the man’s financial situation is addressed quicker than our US women. They need to know and there isn’t a lot of time for formalities especially if the man is only visiting.

The women here in Kiev that bleed men dry are few and far between. I see it like this, if you go out to one of the popular clubs, Sky etc. and you see a beautiful woman, maybe a lot of plastic where you can’t tell if she’s “working” of just looking for a man, then you must approach her knowing full well what she is after.

If you can afford to support such a woman, then more power to you both. If not, then steer clear of these types of women.

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Will you find beautiful women in Ukraine?

Trust me, there are tons of beautiful women here in Ukraine that are just as beautiful, only the club women are made up for the night.

I think our natural instinct when western men come to Kiev or Ukraine for the first time and head straight for the clubs to find someone beautiful, and that is fine but you should know what you are getting , the same type of women that go to large clubs. It is better to spend time in Kiev or Ukraine, spend time at Cafes and smaller dance clubs, there are plenty.

International Dating Sites are good and bad

In my experience, dating sites are good and bad. It is up to you to do your due diligence. I would recommend not even thinking about talking to any woman unless you are financially ready to visit in person several times a year, at least four. I made 6 figures and could afford to travel. Dating sites can be a good start, I did it for years but… 

The parent American based company has local offices around the world, Asia date, Colombia date etc. They claim that they tell their managers of those local branches not to solicit men by this means but it brings in the company money so there are no repercussions for violations.

Ukrainian dating scammers exist on all sites

Rosebrides and other smaller site I have found to be less filled with scammers, but again, scammers exist on all sites. Instead sign up for VK and start networking there. Basically Russia and Slavic’s Facebook, although in recent months access has been sporadically restricted by Russia to Ukraine because of the conflict in Luhansk and Donesk. But when it is available it’s the safest way to start communicating. Save your membership fees.

If you’re wondering how I know all this it’s because I had an international dating site, I bought profiles, I didn’t care if they were real of fake just as long as had plenty women to attract men to my site and start paying. But now I am happily married to a beautiful Russian woman and had to give up the site. We live in Kiev until we will move back to the US.

My Ukrainian Dating Advice


1.) Save your money, use social media,

2.) Do not rule her out if she ask for money,

3.) Do not give any money until you actually meet ( she may be genuine and need help, your decision)

4.) Don’t even start looking for love anywhere overseas unless you can afford constant visits

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Dating Ukrainian women: What to keep in mind?

Finally the biggest misconception I noticed while I had my dating site, fellas, if you are looking for a subservient woman, Slavic women are not for you… maybe Philippines or Thailand. Ukraine and Russian love to take care of the home, they LOVE it, but this in no way means they take crap from any man… Please, these women are smart as they are beautiful but definitely not a submissive.

I had hundreds of men that had the idea that all women outside the US could be controlled. It is 2017, I don’t think you will find anyone that will suite your needs, if this is you. If you’re a control freak, well first you should shoot yourself but other than that I guess you can go to Asia or something but definitely not any of the Slavic countries are for you.

My two cents,

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

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