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Today, we will conduct a thorough review of, trying out its services, exploring its features, and providing you with details about the site’s usability. We will delve into the pricing policy, costs, and guide you through the registration process. Additionally, we’ll assess profiles, customer support options, and look into external reviews from former users.

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What is describes its aim as to help connect Russian and Ukrainian women seeking serious relationships with Western men. Despite positioning itself as a leading International dating site in this field, the lack of detailed information about it on the internet may raise doubts about its claim.

Founded in 2013, the site is owned by Algorithm Interactive Kft, which is registered in Hungary. However, there appear to be some issues with the functionality of their design, especially when accessed in languages other than English. Review offers free membership and correspondence, with charges starting at 50 cents per incoming letter. Interestingly, sending messages and smiles is free for users, with only reading specific messages being charged for. This payment model is not very popular among dating sites and seems questionable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of


How to Register at Gold-Brides?

The registration process on appears to be straightforward. Users are required to fill in a form with basic details such as gender, date of birth, country, city, nickname, email and password. Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and processing of personal data is also part of the registration process.

The registration process on

It’s worth noting that registration is free and no email confirmation is required to start using the site. However, users should be aware that registering on may automatically grant access to several other sites owned by the same company. Once registered, users can proceed to complete their profiles and begin their search for potential matches.

What Services Are Offered at Gold-Brides? provides a number of services for browsing and matchmaking. The main page offers random profiles, but for a more targeted search, you can use the search tools. Filters are available on the left hand side of the page in the Bride Quick Search menu, allowing you to refine their search based on criteria such as age, location, language spoken, woman’s status or recent activity.

Search results include brief descriptions of the women, along with their basic details and trust level. You can take actions such as liking, messaging, adding to the hotlist or blocking a woman. The advanced search option allows you to narrow the search using various criteria.

gold-brides Bride Quick Search

The Communicator service is designed to communicate and organise various activities. It includes features such as requested private photo access, friends list, hot list, blocked members and viewed members. 

You can also send smiles and check your own activities and those related to your profile. The Communicator allows to create new messages and manage incoming and outgoing messages.

Fake Or Not? Assessing Profile Authenticity on

We’ve now reached the crucial part of the review where we look at the profiles. At first glance, they appear to be attractive and well-detailed.

The profiles provide detailed information about each woman, including personal details, education, languages spoken, location, as well as self-describing essays and the qualities she is looking for in a partner. profiles

Many profiles feature additional photos, and some are marked as private, accessible only upon approval of your request. In addition, some profiles include paid-for videos.

In terms of quality, most photos appear to be professionally taken and somewhat over-edited, raising concerns about their authenticity. It’s important that photos reflect a natural and genuine look to ensure that users can get a true understanding of the people they may be interested in.

Pricing and Fees on How Expensive is The Site?

Want to know about the pricing and costs associated with Understanding the pricing structure is crucial for users to make informed decisions about using the platform. So let’s break down the details! works on a credit system. Users pay to read the messages they are interested in, while sending messages and smiles is free. The cost of incoming letters starts at 50 cents per letter and depends on the trust level of the woman. The higher the level, the higher the price. 

Here are the prices for packages of credits:

  • 12 credits – 20 USD
  • 60 credits – 60 USD
  • 105 credits – 100 USD
  • 320 credits – 300 USD
  • 550 credits – 500 USD

Here are some prices for services:

  • Reading a message – from 5 credits
  • Phone call with an interpreter – 1.8 credits per minute
  • Video chat with interpreter – 2.5 credits per minute (minimum 10 minutes)
  • Watching a profile video – 1 credit
  • Gift and flower delivery – from 50 credits
  • Send contact info request – 50 USD or you must open 15 (fifteen) paid messages from her.

What Payment Options Do Gold-Brides Accept?

When exploring the prices and costs on, it’s crucial to examine the payment options available. Gold-Brides accepts various credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others, for purchasing credits. Payment can be made in two currencies, US Dollars and Euros.

In addition, the platform offers the option to pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, offering users a 10 percent bonus for using these payment methods.

Evaluating the Design and Usability of

Do you want to know if I like the design? Can I say that Gold-Brides is a user friendly and easy to navigate platform?

From my personal experience, I find the design of to be outdated and unattractive. The structure of the site is not user friendly and the changing menu on the right-hand side can be confusing, making it unclear which page you are on.
krystyna trushyna
Blogger at Ukrainain Dating Stories

Despite spending some time on the site, it was difficult to identify a clear system in the organisation, making navigation awkward and less logical.

External Reviews in Our Test

We usually rely on reviews from former users on reputable platforms such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber to get a full understanding of a dating site. However, in the case of, there is only one strange review on Trustpilot, praising a girl from the support team. Surprisingly, there is no information about on Sitejabber.

In my search on the internet, I found several negative reviews from former users. Many express suspicion about the authenticity of the profiles, suggesting that the women on the platform may not be genuinely interested in communicating outside the site. 

There’s a rule that allows users to request contact details for direct communication after reading 15 paid messages, but users have reported that the woman in question often disappears after this point, raising concerns about potential scams.

Another red flag highlighted by users is fake chats. Some users have experienced incoherent responses from women that don’t match the questions asked. In addition, users reported receiving consecutive letters from the same woman within a short period of time, urging them to open and read each message.

This could potentially encourage users to spend more credits to access the messages, further fueling suspicions of dubious practices on the platform.
krystyna trushyna
Blogger at Ukrainain Dating Stories

Gold-Brides Customer Support Options

It’s important to know how to contact the customer support team, and offers several options. Let’s explore the contact methods available:

  • Phone Support: You can call the support team 24/7 at the following numbers:

➡️ USA Toll Free: 1-866-Y-SINGLE (1-866-974-6453)

➡️ UK: +44 (0) 2071935504

➡️ Other countries: US +1 (312) 252-0005

  • Online Chat: The platform offers a live chat option for users to connect with support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Email: Users can also reach out via email by sending messages to [email protected].

Our Gold-Brides Review Verdict: Not Recommended!

Our verdict on is a clear recommendation against using the platform.

Here’s a summary of the reasons for this decision:

  • Outdated and inconvenient design: The design of the platform is outdated and not user friendly, making navigation difficult with an unclear menu structure.
  • Suspicious profiles: The profiles, especially the women, seem too good to be true, raising concerns about their authenticity.
  • Fake chats: Users report receiving numerous letters from women encouraging them to spend more credits, and some suspect that these interactions may be automated or manipulated.
  • Unclear pricing: The price for reading incoming messages varies and depends on the trust level of the woman, contributing to an unclear and potentially misleading pricing structure.

Considering these factors, it’s advisable to explore alternative dating platforms with a more transparent and reliable reputation for a safer and more genuine online dating experience.

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