How Do Russian Girls Spend Their Leisure Time? (Guest Post)

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Entertainment in Russia doesn’t differ much from that in Western countries. Movies, theatres, night clubs, shopping malls, gyms – there are a lot of different places where a Russian girl can spend her free time. This article is prepared by Dating Agency However, city dwellers and those Russians who live in small towns or villages have different leisure time opportunities.

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What do Russian girls do on their free time?

A lack of entertainments in the country and in small towns makes people look for the pastimes that are possible in their area. As a rule, rural dwellers work hard on their mini-farms and don’t have much leisure time. Young people usually get together at the local discos that usually take place on the weekend.

Among the leisure activities popular with Russian ladies who live in the rural areas are reading, watching films, embroidery, knitting, and so on. Thanks to the availability of the Internet in most Russian villages, people can always find something interesting online. However, life in the country is generally boring that is why young guys and girls try to move to the towns and cities.

City people have more opportunities, especially those who live in the big cities. Here, any kind of person will find something to their taste. All Russian girls are different and their personalities, characters, and temperaments determine the ways they spend their leisure time.


According to a number of surveys, about 15% of Russians choose to spend their free time reading. Incidentally, the percentage is even higher among women, in particular. Russian women move with the times and e-books are getting increasingly popular among them.

You can see a lot of girls in the subway with a book in their hands these days. It proves once again why Russia is among the most reading nations.

Spending quality time with family.

In this busy contemporary world, we often don’t have time for our family. Since family is very important to Russian girls, they try to spend their leisure time visiting their parents and relatives.

Watching TV.

Although computers and the Internet have almost replaced television, many Russian women still enjoy watching different TV shows, programs, and films. However, 20-somethings rarely watch telly because they think it is the thing of the past and it only turns people into zombies. They prefer surfing the Internet instead.

Using social media.

Nowadays, the best way to kill time is to communicate with your friends and browse through their updates in social media. Russian women have their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, as well as on the Russian social network Vkontakte. By using these websites Russian women kill two birds with one stone: they get in touch with their friends and at the same time read what is popular in the network.

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Shopping in the malls.

Like many other women, Russian women can spend the whole day window-shopping with their friends. For most of them, it’s a great way to relieve stress and unwind. Moreover, there are not only stores in modern shopping centers. Girls can also have a nice chat with their friends in a coffee shop there or even spend an hour roller-skating or ice-skating in the entertainment zone.

Going to a night club.

Many Russian girls like going to the night clubs. They see it as an opportunity to hang out with their friends, dance, and meet new people. Usually, Russian women go out on weekends. Also, they choose those clubs where they can sing karaoke.

Going out of town.

Russian women love nature. In spring, when it gets warmer, they go on picnics with their best friends or families. The best places for their getaways are the river banks and the woods.

Going to the beach.

In summer, most of the Russian ladies like to spend time at the beach. They either go to the local rivers or travel to the seashore.

Working out at a gym.

There is a tendency towards a healthy way of life and keeping fit and many Russian ladies follow it. By the number of gyms that open every year, you can guess that more and more women want to be healthy and slim. When they have a couple of leisure hours, they spend them at a gym.

Trying something new.

Russian girls never stop learning and never lose curiosity. Many of them decide to dedicate their free time to trying their hand at a new activity be it a new hobby or another university degree.

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