Matteo tells his Russian love story with Elya

Elena, my name is Matteo, and my wife and I would like to thank you for enabling us to meet on the pages of your site.

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My Russian love story: how it started

I was frustrated with the other online sites I had been using for dating and decided to use I was looking for a Russian lady that I could share my dreams and life with and found my beautiful wife on your site. I received numerous letters before I even sent any out. This let me know how many people rely on your pages to help them meet others.

I was intrigued when I received a letter from Elya. Elya was a law student that was working in the aviation industry. As luck would have it, we were online at the same time and began using the instant message feature to begin talking. We were both intrigued by each other and began skyping on a regular basis. 

Dating with Russian woman

Elya was initially shy about using this feature, but she quickly became excited when she saw that we could communicate face to face over the internet. I was also ecstatic the first time I saw her smile.

The first meeting is always exciting

Elya traveled all the way to New York to meet me. We spent two wondrous weeks getting to know each other better. Soon after her visit to New York, I decided to travel to Moscow to spend some time with her. I met her family in Moscow, and I took Elya to an elegant restaurant, called the Sky Bar, where I proposed to her on her birthday.

We began to fall in love and spent much of our time chatting on the Internet and using Skype to talk whenever we could. On April, 17, 2019, we were married in Niagara Falls and took our honeymoon there. After our wedding, I spent a month with Elya and her family in Moscow. We decided to secure a visa for Elya so she could move with me to my home country of Canada.


Elena, I am fortunate to have found your site, and my wife and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Joining your site was the best decision I have made in my life. I now live happily with my wife, and this would never have happened if I had not taken the time to browse the pages of your site.

Getting to know someone over the Internet provides the time that is needed for a relationship to develop and enabled me and Elya to find our soul mates.

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TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

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