My Ukrainian Girl is a Pro-Dater & Scammer

Hello, dear Krystyna!

Hope you read my letter and give me some comments, what is your opinion, if this girl is a scammer or not.  If necessary (if publish) you can erase names in letter, if you think she not is a scammer.

I was member at Elenasmodels, and I had 4 long-term contacts (over 3-4 month), 3 of them where confirmed to be scammers by the agency, and important to note is that no one of them asked about money, before 4 months (translation $7/letter) and one wanted to arrange an apartment when I visit her (the apartment tricks). They wrote normal letters. One short-term contact was also a scammer.

This letter is about my longest contact (one-year), Olga, who I have visited twice, but now I think she cannot be anything else than a “pro-dater” or “gold-digger”. I have had a lot of help from Elena Petrovas book “anti scam guide”. If I had not read that book, I never ever had understood this girl maybe was not a real deal.

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I did not see all red flags.

The girl is Olga Yakovleva, ID: 6735438, at Elenasmodels, a “confirmed profile” so I was 100% sure Olga was no scammer. She lives in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine. Birth 1985, 7 August. Her email name is funny: Ольга Закон,   [email protected] and Skype name is “GoodLawGirl”.

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I am planning to report her to the police for fraud. We agreed, that if I pay for her passport, she promised to visit me and if cancelled, pay me back. She demanded only the fast delivery passport, of course, at the doubled price, $150. I promised to send her an aeroplane ticket at no cost for her, and pay for her stay here. 

Now she has cancellation of the visit, because she wanted $650 to her bank account, and demanded to arrange a travel herself, and refused a coordinated ticket from me. She also refused to give any details about the travel she wanted to arrange, and now she will not pay back money for passport, as we agreed. I have paper of the bank transfer and the reason for the money on the transfer, and she has written she now have passport, so if she not have it, it would be easy to proof for the police she is a fraud.

My gut feeling tell me here are too many circumstantial evidence to suggest she is a scammer, “Pro-dater or God digger”.

I think scammers today act very different from yesterday, “old days” scammers, is very easy to detect. They ask for money after short time. But there are also other ways to get money, and not ask for them (for example the taxi tricks). You are free to use any part of this letter in any way, to protect and warn other men.

Something must be wrong here: It is very, very difficult for me, as Social Worker, to think she is a scammer, but I think here are too many strange things, so I am confused and ask for your help to judge my contact.

Note: I have only meet her 7 times, a few hours day, at restaurants, and a guided tour, so I do NOT know her at all. We have written about 100 letters. I liked her very much, so I did not see all red flags.

Possible scenarios for her actions

Maybe she has psychiatric problems of some sort? Or she play to have, as a retreat path to not be revealed. (She told her father often stay at psychiatric clinic and also his mother was there, when she was alive, maybe to give a retreat path.)

She is a scammer. Maybe I acted wrong; when I, who was supposed to pay for everything, asked how long and where she will stay, when she visit me!! I have spoken to my friends, and they think she acts totally wrong, and not me. I always have written very friendly to her and also given her a lot of gifts, dinners etc.

Clever scammer

I have visited Olga 2 times, and now she wanted me to send $650 to her bank account, for a travel to me in Sweden. The tricky is she changed everything in a way, step by step, so it leads only to her bank account. Read this letter; about all circumstances I think all TOGETHER is a big RED FLAG!

Can a person be a scammer when you have their address, can see them at the social forum on (but now she has erased it). The time aspect also tells, she is not a scammer, so she is maybe a clever scammer. 

She told me she knows a lot how they work and she have given me information about how to date Slavic women! Maybe she makes the money request in a way the police would say this is only a gift, no scam? I think some works different, to not be recognized.

Here is the story:

First visit

When I arrived the first time to Simferopol, the first day we met, she come with a “private taxi”, (a private car with a driver) so I had no control of it. She told me, we go to a restaurant not so far away. So I think I had no choice. However, restaurant was 50 kilometres away! After we eat at the restaurant, she told me we are so close to the Swallow Nest, so why not go there?

Well, it was about 60 kilometres. She had the taxi to wait all the time. So this taxi tour took about 10 hours and cost me 1800 UAH ($281). After I come home I asked the apartment company I rented my apartment from, and he told me I can hire a car with a driver for about 600 UAHf or a whole day. The driver in the car was a young boy in her age. I refused to use this taxi any more. She was irritated of it.

I know that an official taxi take 40 UHA from her city Simferopol to her home in Vodnoye (22 kilometres). She always arrived and left in a taxi, but it always cost me 100 UHA = 200 both ways, and sometimes she told me she had to go to her parents house to give the hens water, then each trip cost me 200 UHA = 400 only to meet her. (22 kilometre = 40 UAH, gives 200 UAH = 110 kilometres – so far is not Crimea any way from Simferopol!)

All her taxis were no official taxies, it seemed to be private cars, and the city was full of real official taxis. One day we went to the sea, and then the price was fixed to 900 UAH. It was maybe, a real taxi driver, but the car was not.

My total cost for taxi (not official taxis) at first meeting was 3700 UAH = $463. I visited her after 4 months writing. All prices where at least doubled or more, compared to real taxis, I have checked.

Bad sign

She refused to go by bus!!! Very bad sign! She told me buses where dirty, people can throw on you, she told me she never uses bus. If I want to go by bus, then I go myself, she will NOT follow me. She was angry. She told me, she is a high class girl and do not want to be near common people. It sounds not realistic; they are brought up in a communistic society, where all people are equal and no one better.

 Note: My Ukrainian trip advisor told me later that SHE would told me to use buses and NOT taxi, to save money.

I checked buses, they where OK for me, just like in Sweden. Normal people use them, not alcoholics or drunken persons. I asked my travel advisor, in Kiev, he told me it is not at all any problem using buses, there must be another explanation than she tells me.

Different stories

At my visit at summer, she told me a man from USA had visited her, and lied about he could not have children. At my second visit, she told me this man had not visited her, only written letters and told her he cannot have children. =different stories.

I visited her twice, but I have not been able to meet any of her friends, relatives or see her apartment. She told me it needed repairs and new wallpaper. I offered her to pay for wallpaper for one room and also to do the work to hang them for free!!!!!, a good way to see how we can work together, but she refused my generous offer.

So, I have never visited her home, or met any friends or relatives. However, in letters, she writes about all friends she have for dinner at home…

About family and work

She told me both her parents are medical doctors, and divorced. Her mother have meet a truck driver in Russia, and moved to Moscow. So I cannot meet her.

Her father is 60 year and retired. She say that he has been many times in psychiatric clinic for problems (also his mother). He has no friends and lives isolated in his house. Olga has no contact with him. So I can not meet him.

His brother now lives in her mother’s house, with a wife and a little child. Olga told me she has not so good contact with him, better with his wife.

Olga tells me she works not full-time at the local Vodka industry, as marketing manager. She is manager over 12 persons. She seems to have conflicts with her employer, once she had left her job, and returned after a week. She told me she and Kira (her room-mate) is evicted from the apartment,

Olga is in conflict with the owner who has raised the rent with 700 UAH /month. Therefore, I had to pay for her passport. They have to leave the apartment after the winter. I have no proof she is a manager, or that this is correct.

Scammer detective

She promised to come and take farewell when I was going to the airport and fly home after my second visit, but she did not come, and she did not answer the phone. My taxi did not arrive, so I had to get help from people from the street, to by bus go to the airport! If she liked me, she would care about me.

She did not wear the expensive wrist watch ($275) and silver arm ring ($80), I gave her at her Birthday (by post), when I visited her last time. Maybe she sold it? I did not ask, but it was hurting too see she not seem to value my gifts. The only thing she wears was the 7 diamond gold pendant ($157).

She was very interested to visit me, during my second visit in Simferopol, but it seemed to me, that this interest was higher than to meet me.

She wanted me to pay for her passport, the fast delivery, doubled price. She promised to visit me if I gave her money for passport. She had a paper about every part that cost money. I checked with a scammer detective. He made a background check on her and told me she seemed OK, and her information was OK, and recommended me to pay for it, which I did to her bank account, when I come home, with the bank transfer information “for passport as agreed”. 

She wanted to come as soon as possible, at Christmas time. I also told her I could do an invitation so she gets Visa at an easy way, and email an aeroplane ticket to her. She agreed on that. She understood that if I pay for passport, she has to visit me, or refund money; I will NOT support a passport for her to visit other men. She agreed.

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Second visit

At my second visit, she told me her was Internet not working right, she wanted me to pay for a new 3-G modem, or she cannot read my letters. So I had to pay 580 UAH at a shop. She not thanks me for it. I think it is red flag to beg for things, and say, if I not pay she cannot read my letters.

At my second visit, it was my Birthday; I wanted to spend it with her. She agreed, but demanded me to give her a new dress, if not, she would not come. She had nothing warm to wear, but the day before she was on a wedding!!!! So I had to give her the dress, it cost me $185. Not nice for me she acts that way, but I had no choice, as usual. If I not paid, she not will meet me any more! I paid with my credit card in the shop.

A while after I paid her passport, then she told me she not want to go alone, she want to take a friend with her, Kira, ( ID: 3763229 elenasmodels) and they have been to a travel agency there, and it would cost $800 for both, including Visa, insurance, hotel, flights and transfers. A tricky move, this way I not can give her the ticket, I have to give the money to her, or the local travel agency. Later I found out I still can give them both tickets from Sweden, keep on reading….

I gave her a friendly offer, I told her I can fly there and follow her to Sweden!!! And email her ticket.

Strange reaction

Then she became very, very angry and told me she has high moral values, and it would be inappropriate for a girl to travel alone or to be accompanied by me, because we are not married!!! How on earth can it be bad moral to sit with me in an aircraft!!! What do you think about this! It was I nice offer from me. Her reaction surprised me a lot.

I told her I couldn’t pay for two persons. THEN she told me Kira would pay for herself; why not at once tell me this!!!! (they live together in the apartment). Olga was very angry that I asked about it. So I had to accept that Kira was going to follow her to Sweden!!!

If Olga is a scammer, also Kira probably is a scammer, because if she were honest, she would protest against being dragged into Olga’s business, (I wrote to her that she was welcome here). First when Olga understood I not want to give her money in hand, Kira wrote “she has nothing with Olgas business to do”. I attach her letter in the end of the letter.  I cannot say they are scammers, read my letter and tell me what you think, and you are free to ask me. I also can send you some letters from Olga and me.

I also told her that the $400 is too low, only the tickets for me cost much more than $400. Then she was very angry, and told me that I only count money, but I told the price was too low, not too high, so her reaction was very strange. Maybe to take focus from the fact, price was not realistic.

Extremely surprised

From this point she founded an attitude to want to pick a quarrel, and I cannot see any honest reason for it. She acted so touchy I had to weigh every word on golden scales to be able to talk to her, very uncomfortable, I almost do not dare to ask something. Probably it’s  the purpose of her behaviour, I understand it,  now that I look back with hindsight.

How big is the probability that Kira has so much money (now raised to $650) that she want to spend it follow Olga to Sweden in winter time, only because Olga wants to meet me? I think is sound strange. Not so very realistic, but not impossible.

I wanted to meet Kira at Skype, to learn to know her a little before I meet her in person; they live in the same apartment, but NO. I wanted to meet Olga at Skype, NO, only when I paid for the passport it was possible. If a she likes me, why can’t we meet me at Skype???

Now time had gone to February, so why had I to pay for the fast delivery of the passport, so long time has gone, that she could have got 2-3 normal time passport during this time!!

Now she wrote and told me she been to the travel agency again, it is a trust worth company, they give a bill with a stamp and signature, so all is secure and official. The price was now raised to $650 for her part.

I told her it was OK, but more than what she told before, but that price was not realistic. I also told her that I am so curious about the information about the travel, -when she will come, -how long they stay, -where, -at which airport I would meet them. But she forgot to tell me, she only told me the price. And I wrote, I hope she tells me, because I am so curious.

Then her answer made me extremely surprised, she wrote very angry letters to me, that if I think the travel is too expensive she will cancel the travel. (Maybe she played angry to take the focus from the fact she not given any detail at all about the travel and so I not will DARE to ask anything more, she told her nerves can not bear much more, how can it be, I was very kind in the letter).

Later when we chatted at Skype, she refused to use the camera and sound, she told me she was angry because I write superior, and that my gifts to her was because I wanted her to WORSHIP me!!!!! The reason for her feeling was I did ask about my Christmas gifts to her some weeks ago. My reason was of course I was worried she not got them.

(She never tells me if she likes a gift or not, and often not say even “thank you”. At Christmas I gave her a silver jewellery, hand made here in north Sweden, a symbol of the midnight sun, and a USB-memory with the movie from our meeting, and a sweater.

At New Year I gave her flowers, chocolate and a bottle of Champagne from UA-flowers). A real person I think would not say such rude things to me, when she got quite nice gifts. It took also a lot of time and effort to send it to her by post. Her comments made me really sad. So she think I gave her gifts for I want her to WORSHIP me, so totally crazy, I cannot understand how anyone can think so.

A bouquet of beautiful flowers is a really MUST-HAVE at the first meeting with Ukrainian and Russian ladies. A medium bouquet costs about 100-150 hryvna (about $10-15), and I think that it is an economical sign of attention for a beautiful girl.
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Travel problems

After a while she calm down, but she still did NOT tell me anything about the travel. She told me she have so low salary, the travel agency told her she has to go via Poland to Sweden, it was the only way. (This is not necessary, I already told her I can do an invitation for her, I have spoken to the staff at the Swedish embassy, so I know exactly how to do this invitation for her. It is a friendly offer, but she was angry again).

She told me it is better to use the local travel agency, because they give her the Visa, coordinate the trip and she not need to go to Kiev for an interview and save time and money.

However, I know the Swedish regulations, and Swedish embassy have a VISA office in her town, Simferopol, and in normal case, no interview is needed. Therefore, she does not at all need to go 800 kilometres to Kiev, the Swedish VISA office is also in her city!!!! If I do an invitation, they check my economy, because then I have to sign a paper I will support her living cost in Sweden, and pay her ticket.

There will not be any problem at all for her to get VISA with an invitation from me. She not needs to go via Poland at all, if I do the invitation for her, and I told her I can do that for her, before I paid for the passport, at our meeting at my Birthday in Simferopol.

If she only took my money (meant for her passport I gave her, $150), so she not have any passport, it is a smart idea to tell me she use the agency and go via Poland, because then it is the Polish embassy that would give her the Visa, and then I cannot just call them and ask if Olga has done the apply for to get Visa, as I easy could do to the Swedish embassy. A smart move??

So on this way she has CLOSED all ways for me to see if she done any VISA application or not.

She tells me Poland do not denies Visa in the passport, (maybe true???) because then she thinks the passport will be useless. I have not found that this is correct. I think this is USA regulation she speaks about. In Sweden a person can apply once again, if the VISA is denied, the passport is not then invalid, if the circumstances changed so she meets the requirements, it will not be any problem.

Olga tells me, the agency say, it will not be any problem to get Visa via Poland. However, I know, that Visa has to be in the country you stay most time in. So in such case, she has to stay in Poland longer time than in Sweden.

I promised a ticket to Sweden, not to go to Poland, and for every day in Sweden, she still need to have a proof from her bank account that she have 40 Euros for each days stay in Sweden? And a list of all hotels bookings they will stay at in Sweden, and so on…. it is still the same.

I wrote to her friend KIRA from Elenasmodels, and told her she is welcome to Sweden, and I am happy she follows Olga on her first trip abroad. Kira did read my letter, but did not answer me.  Kira does not speak / read English, so I wrote it in Russian. Kira has NOT protested and told me this is not correct, if she is not involved in these scam, she would protested, or if they are honest persons, they maybe was planning to come here, who knows???

34. She tells me I have to pay that specific week, because they already have an agreement and also a contract with the Travel Agency, and if I not pay this week, the price will rise with 30 Euros each week delay!!!

Can they have a contract and not paid for the travel? Not possible in Sweden. Higher price each week? Sounds as to try putting me on pressure, to hurry up and not think. Sounds more and more red flag on her story.

Note the important question here: She still has not told me any information at all at all about the travel, only arrival date 25 march. Not how long they stay or where. I want to prepare a lot, and want to know how much time we will have together. When I ask polite, she answer very angry.

I told her to go to the Agency and ask them to send me a payment link (email) on Internet for her travel, and I will pay with my credit card, then they get the money at once, and she gets the receipt. She can SMS me when she goes there and then I send the money at once. To pay to the agency would not be any problem, what I can see. She told me it is a trustworthy company. To transfer money to her bank account takes 5-7 days. Pay with VISA is faster and better.

Then she is very angry, and tells me the travel agency will steal my money if I do it this way. She wants the money on her bank account, so she can deliver them in person. It is the only safe way to pay, she tells me!

I told her it is OK, I can pay direct to her, she only first would tell me some details about the travel, and I hope she send me a scanned copy of the contract she told me she have, and she also before promised to send me.

And I wanted her to promise to refund me the money if the travel is cancelled by any reason, because it is influenza time, and when 2 persons travel together, the risk one of them are sick is doubled. She only has to refund the sum she gets from the Agency, they always keep maybe 20% of the sum, and this is OK for me.

I cannot see this is rude in any way? Sure, I want to have some basic information about the travel before I pay, how long time she staying here, for example.

She tells me she know the law because her brother is a lawyer and she will not promise anything, because then I can ask her for the money even if she come here!!!!

Crazy things:

New offer

She told me Kira is angry, they are all busy people, both Kira and Olga have already made an agreement on vacation with their employer, and she now feels like a fool.

She tells me, if she not pays that week, the arrival day will not be 25 March; it can be a week later. Well, can they come at any time, can they change the vacation so easy, when there are 2 different employers, not so high probability. So not even the arrival day I did know!

I also gave her this new offer, if Kira can loan her the $650 for Olga’s part of travel, I will repay it to Kira when they arrive here, and Kira gets $300 extra on tip of it, for the 6 weeks loan, then her part of the travel only cost 350 dollar. They never even answered this propose.

I also gave a new offer number 2: I make an invitation for Olga, and I pay BOTH Olga’s and Kira’s aeroplane ticket and coordinate them, and send them by email. When they arrive in Sweden, Kira refund me her travel cost. This way the price will be much lower, so it is much better for Kira.

I also promised to give Olga a lot of Swedish “pocket money”, and offer them free living in a “whole house for themselves” (I have 2 houses) and free food, and I had done a long, long list with different activities we could do, as for example, ice-breaker safari (a real ship for tourists, cost a lot), adventure bath, well it was about 20 different exclusive things they could choose from.

Olga was only even more angry, and tell me she can not close her eyes for our problems….  =  I just wonder, what problems, some weeks before she wrote she miss me and are eager to come, maybe the problem is she understood she will get the travel, but not the money in her hand… then she withdraw and tell me, she will not come, because of me. My behaviour have done she will not look for foreign man any more, only local!!!

Strange letter from Kira

I wrote again to Kira, (from Elenasmodels) in Russian, and told her that I have not cancelled the travel, and I am very worried about Olga, she seem to act as a totally different person than before, and I want Kira to speak to her, and look after her. And I tell Kira they still are welcome here, but I recommend they wait until summer, and then Olga maybe feel better. Kira now answered in a strange way, Kira wrote 2 letter in some minutes between them:

You do not think that this is none of my business?
You should solve all you problems yourself. I am never intruding in relationships

Because Valentines Day is where two people unite,
I thought I’d send a poem and a hug that would squeeze you tight.
Many prayers are sent and that’s what I’ll share with you…
Because I so much miss you!!!

I really not understand Kira’s letter, I have never met her and I think it is strange written.

What do you think, why did she not tell me anything about this travel, of course I want to know how long time she stay in my town. Do you not think it is strange? Did I act wrong when asking how long she stays here? What do you think?

What had you recommend me to do? Should I paid her the $650 and see if she comes or not? Then I had not had this problem, to not know if she was going to scam me or not. However, you tell me, If this is an honest person, why do she then act like this?

It can be so they both have a system to fool men, to give them gifts and money, in a way they not even understand they have been scammed, in such case they are very clever girls. If Kira not is involved in this, I think she at once would protest and written to me that she does not have anything to do with these plans! But FIRST WHEN OLGA cancelled she write that,  to go free from suspicion?

I am sure you also see red flags in her behavior. She always wrote very small letters, formal, not sweet. She did not answering more than maximum one question each letter. Not letters that only can be sent to me = bad quality of the contact, but I wrote long letters only for her.

What to do?

She wanted me to hold her hand, in her city. When meeting her, at restaurant she was very happy and sympathetic, so she acts like two totally different persons. The body language did NOT tell she was a liar. But it not told me she liked me either. But she is clever and knows a lot and can of course pretend, as diplomats can. We started write 20 February last year, so it is so long time before she asks for money. I know she has spoken about move to her mother in Russia, maybe she plan to go there with this money?

When we were at the Yalta conference palace, she told me each time she visit the place (entrance cost 80 UHA) different rooms are open. I had the feeling, she does this often, that maybe she often guides men this way, with “false” taxi. I think there is a risk many men not understand they been scammed by her. I have read Elenas book, if not, I had not any idea at all about it.

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Once again, what had you recommend me to do, pay to her and not know anything (and maybe loose both her, and the money, if she is a scammer), or not pay and loose her if she is not a scammer?

Gold digger no doubt

Today I think there cannot be any doubt she is a Gold digger. All actions together are far too much. I would refused to go in to the taxi already the first minute I meet her, then I have saved at least 25000 UAH = $3150, on travels, dinners, gifts, taxi, and also all time and effort, about 600 hours letter writing to her (I wrote long letters, and it goes slowly).

This is a very remarkable story, also how we both found each other, it was very romantic (for me), and a reason for not to see all red flags. I found her, and began to write to her, when I got a letter from her, before I sent my letter…. So started the story.  For a gold digger it was a good start, because I was so very happy then.

Hope you can tell me if you think she is a gold-digger, what should I have done, dumped her at once or given her money for the travel. Why was she not happy for to get a free aeroplane ticket by email, coordinated with her friend (or I followed her from Crimea), why she refused an invitation so she get VISA easy, why she want to go via Poland, and stay there longer time than in Sweden…. And so on…. If not everything only was a fake to get gifts and the $150 for the passport and the $650 intended for the trip?

You tell me that no Ukrainian men do not have to pay 1800 GVN at the first date….

Well, I just want to add, that it was even worse, the 1800 was only for the “private taxi”, of course I also paid for lunch, dinner, flowers…. and entrance to the Palace  = 2860 GVN at the first date! Maybe OK for me for one day, but she demanded to continue every other day in the same style, with these “private drivers” whole days, and for the 8 remaining days it would have cost me about the same: 2860 each day x 9 days = 25740:-

This taxi tricks I think is common, but unknown for men, my advise is to NEVER EVER go in to lady’s taxi (it can also be dangerous – the driver and lady can drive you to the forest and rob you), ONLY use taxi yourself have ordered and the same with all service, as interpreter, apartments etc. It should be warned for it on all sites dealing with dating advice, only use services you have ordered, especially taxi!!!!!

I refused to go in this “taxi” and asked her to use different taxi and not have them to wait for us all time (and also use buses). She refused that, so I then did only meet her in city and she did not want to show me anything there, but it still cost between 200 to 400 GVN each day to meet her, because she come with private cars, and the same driver!!!

A funny comment is that she did eat like a starving horse, much more different dishes and more exclusive then me (her weight 48 kg, 1,58 m, me= 1,80 m, 60 kg), she just walked in to a fine restaurant and ordered a lot, food and drinks, never asking me and never thank me, maybe that is normal there, or not? In Sweden a women would not do so.

Helnas models support also told me she is a gold digger; despite she was a confirmed profile. All my 5 contacts there were scammers (according to Elenas models support) !

So I do not know where all the honest women are? All dating industry seems to be a scam. From Anastasia it is impossible to get the woman’s email or Skype, even if they agree to write on mail after phone them at the agency, which cost a lot, they not change to mail. I think they get money to write to men.

So I think it is best to give up this project, it is sad, but it seems to me that 99% of the women on dating sites seems to only hunting for money…

Best regards

Krystyna answers:

Hello Sture,

First I would like to say you thank you for your message and sharing your experience with a Ukrainian woman.
I read your review totally and I have to say that Olga is dishonest and professional gold digger.
Do not pay any cent anymore! Preparing for a first date with a Ukrainian lady can be quite nerve-wracking, even for the most mature of individuals. So I am sure that my advice may be very helpful for you. I get many mails from my readers who share their experience about their dating in Ukraine.

Some of them had to spend more than $300 on the first date because Ukrainian ladies led them to the most expensive restaurants and wanted to go on a private taxi home. So the question is this is normal or not? Do Ukrainian men do the same or not? My answer is NO, this is not normal. No, Ukrainian men do not spend usually $300 at the first date.

Olga can be a real person (according to the passport) but this does not mean that she has serious intentions to get known you better. In your words, I found no signs of her interest in your personality, only you have to pay, pay, pay, pay…..

Normal women do not have such a behavior like Olga. This is really disgusting….

Professional pro-daters and gold diggers

Olga is a dishonest woman and you should forget her. Ukrainian men do not pay 1800GVN at the first date, why Western men should do this?
I do not believe that Olga would show a real interest to develop your communication if she will come to Sweden. In my opinion, it is better to save your money and feelings now than after her visit in your home country.

If the woman obviously shows you that she is displeased by your choice of the restaurant and after dinner she can no longer go home by public transport and can imagine going home only on a private taxi which costs 4 times more expensive than the official one. Well, in my opinion, this is more than evident that this kind of woman you are dating is more interested in your wallet than in you.

Developing a communication and relationship with this woman makes no sense (or do you guess that I am wrong?). I am sure that these professional pro-daters and gold diggers in Ukraine and Russia will use your wallet until you become suspicious and stop spending your money for her needs.


Believe me Ukrainian and Russian gold diggers know better than to ask you to fund their expensive tastes, at least in the beginning; they’ll tap into your desire to help them afford the things they need (food, accommodation, transportation). If you want to pay about $200-300 per date with the Ukrainian woman in the hope that she would later change her desires and will understand your financial opportunities, you are really foolish enough if you think so (in my hard opinion).

So do not waste your time and money and look only for normal women in Ukraine! Believe me you will find them!

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7 thoughts on “My Ukrainian Girl is a Pro-Dater & Scammer”

  1. A few things popped out to me from your story. But first I have to say WOW!!!

    “Can a person be a scammer when you have their address, can see them at the social forum on”

    If you’re asking the question, more than likely. .

    “When I arrived the first time to Simferopol, the first day we met, she come with a “private taxi”, (a private car with a driver)”

    A private car with a driver, who charges twice the going to rate as real taxis??? First off, this is probably her boyfriend or her husband…

    “At my visit at summer, she told me a man from USA had visited her, and lied about he could not have children. At my second visit, she told me this man had not visited her, only written letters and told her he cannot have children. =different stories.”

    Obviously she can’t keep her lies straight…

    “She wanted me to pay for her passport, the fast delivery, doubled price. She promised to visit me if I gave her money for passport. She had a paper about every part that cost money. I checked with a scammer detective. He made a background check on her and told me she seemed OK, and her information was OK, and recommended me to pay for it, which I did to her bank account, ”

    So not only has she bilked you of money for expensive long private taxi rides chauffeured by her boyfriend, gotten expensive gifts, dinners, and god knows what else you purchased for her… But you’ve been scammed into sending her money directly to her bank account.

    Not only would she not let you go to her apartment, probably because her real life there is not at all like the one she led you on to believe. I can probably guarantee her “taxi driver” lives there with her..

    Then, she didn’t even say goodbye to you when you left the country?

    I’ll say it again, WOW!!!

    Learn to keep your money in your wallet. I don’t care what anyone says, no woman in ANY culture (if she is genuinely interested in man) will expect him to buy her gifts, expensive dinners all the time, and pay for taxi service everywhere.

    However, if she’s just looking for some extra spending money, nice gifts, nights out on the town, she’ll gladly EXPECT all those things. And get mad when she doesn’t receive them.

    Good luck!

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  3. Well, surprise surprise. The guy who couldn’t have children from USA? That was me. I too went through the rounds with her. Private taxi I assumed was her boyfriend. Many restaurants. I bought her a nice yellow dress. Perhaps she wore it for you? Yeah, i saw her in April 2012. Seaside visits in Sevastopol. Yalta. Kira, either her trainer or trainee, strange girl, heavy and not very attractive came along a few occasions. Acted as a child on occasion. I met a woman who she claimed to be her mother. Olga had nice photos in a red dress on elenasmodels where yes in fact she was a supposed verified client. Many more details I could provide, but you get the idea. She is a scammer as I suspected in my 10 days visit to her.

    1. Hello, thanks for your interesting story. Many years have passed, but I saw your story finally now. At least something she told was true, you exist, and it would be interesting to hear more about your story. Olga sended me photos in April 2012, when she was fishing from a boat in Sevastopol. Now I’m sure you took those photos and paid the trip! Maybe many girls in Crimea are golddiggers. I liked the nature in Crimea. And I meet another girl there, who not asked for anything first year, but later she told, she expected a man to pay 3000 dollars per month, from first week!!! And her x boy friend, was a Russian man, grow up in LA, and now lived in Zurich. He worked as manager for an American bank. She visited him there, on a working visa. I wonder how much he was scammed before he understood, if he ever did. Those scammer use the tricks, they began act so bad that the man ends the relationship, so he understands not it was her plan. Send more about your story, if possible.

  4. Fishy McFilet

    I have a similar story to tell which happened to a close friend of mine. I have changed the names and some minor details to protect the victim, but I am happy to share the scammers name. if you want to read the story, please send an email, I will send you a pdf of the story.

  5. Miss Dream Singles 2018 is Olga, 34, Kiev Ukraine Met at dating site Dream Singles.
    I will try to make a very long detailed story short.
    I met Olga who says she is a womans clothing designer in Kiev around August of 2017.
    During this time she said she loved me many times and also said she wanted to get married to me by the end of 2018.
    She told me anything she thought I wanted to hear and deceived lied and misled me during this time.

    She wrote to me over a year and deceived me into continuing to pay the dating site to communicate with her and also use there chat services.
    She asked me to visit and I agreed and went to spend time with her and had planned to propose during the time she said we would spend together having romantic dates spending a few days at the sea and she would introduce me to her mother and children to welcome me into the family.
    She did not arrange any of the plans we had talked about before I came. I gave her 2 month’s notice before I arrived.
    During my 13 day visit she would not see me the 1st week. We met only 3 times for about 2 hours each, and all the meetings were only during lunchtime and all with a translator that I believe was her girlfriend. I tried to explain I was upset because we did not do the things she said and only spent a few hours with me and her reply was that I’m a big boy and was being negative. I was shocked at her attitude about everything.
    After having lunch each time we ended up at a shopping mall where I was manipulated into buying many gifts for her and her children which she gladly exploited.
    I spent about $7500 on her which included the cost of the trip logging and gifts.
    She treated me like a stranger not the man she had said she wanted to marry and loved for almost a year.
    The translator told me that the only way to show I was serious was to buy her gifts which I reluctantly went along with because I was in love and planned to propose.
    Before I left I asked her many times I wanted to plan a night date which went ignored and before I left she made up excuses to end our relationship which she never intended to have to begin with. She broke my heart.
    The bottom line is she lied deceived me and played with my emotions to manipulate me into paying the dating site to communicate with her and also into visiting so she could have me buy her food and gifts.
    She is a cold hearted evil person that has no respect for others or herself and will stop at nothing to get what she wants regardless of who she hurts along the way.
    If you see her run or you will be left with an empty wallet and a broken heart.

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