Ukrainian Restaurant Scammer’s Playbook

Hi Krystyna,

Have you ever heard of marriage agency in Kiev?

I believe that they scammed me and that the girls are receiving a commission to meet men who travel to Ukraine. I was scammed by the girl that I met through them although they claim on their website to be scam-free. Also their manager never asked me for feedback about the dates that I had or what feedback the girls gave them.

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Getting scammed in restaurant dates

I was scammed in restaurant dates…not that the bills in each restaurant were expensive, on the contrary they were reasonable but I noticed that each time we went to the restaurant and right before the waiter comes to give the menu, the girl was excusing herself to go to the bathroom to check her make-up.

Nothing wrong with this but considering that she was taking rather too long to come back, so we can place our orders, I was a little suspicious that she was certainly making any deals behind my back in the kitchen with the restaurant manager.

Ukrainian dating matchmaking

On the 3rd date I told her that I will chose the restaurant myself. That time she did not do the usual scenario of disappearing to the ”bathroom” at all.

She was not happy about something and I could tell that she did not like that I chose the restaurant and that she won’t be getting this time her share of the deal.

Posh places for the first dates with Ukrainian girls

On the first date, the agency manager took me to the restaurant to wait for the girl to arrive for the date. The restaurant looked really posh. I told the manager that I hope that this place is not too expensive.

I asked her who selected the restaurant and she said she did herself for both me and the lady I was waiting for for the date because the restaurant is closer to where my apartment has been booked. The Ukrainian girl arrived for the date and we were introduced and then the manager left.

On the next day I told the girl that the food at the restaurant where we had our first date was really lovely. She replied she had chosen the restaurant herself for us because it is a good place. I told her that the manager told me that she was the one who had chosen the restaurant.

Final Thoughts

I asked what the card was and she said it is a discount card. On the last day because she was really looking very pale and tired with an irritated skin, she needed to buy some cream for her face at a beauty shop. We went there and she piked a French brand in regards to the facial cream.

To be a gentleman and because she was not well that day and that her skin was really irritated, I offered to buy the cream for her… about 30 Euros.

She opened her bag to look for a discount card and as she opened it, I noticed a bunch of about 50 cards in her bag. I asked her why she has so many cards and she said that they are discount cards that she collects. Very very strange.


TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian Restaurant Scammer’s Playbook”

  1. Hello, dear Krystyna, how are you? I hope you are very well, eventhough I have not suffered any scam because I’ve been very cautious, was very disappointed and disillusioned because it seems that both ladies and marriage agencies are scams and work together or separately. But I’m glad I found your page and you let me be honest. Nothing, absolutely nothing will stop me to find my future wife in Slavic lands.

    I am an ordinary man in search of the extraordinary. I enrolled in an alleged agency and the people of this fraudulent company what they did was to usurp my identity and sold my profile few disreputable agencies buy it. I understand that the countries of the former Soviet Union countries with different cultures are beautiful and very interesting constumbres very good people and good behavior, but do not forget that there are also bad people as in all countries; fortunately very few, but they can do great harm if it is not kept informed others.

    I have studied Slavic women and I have come to the conclusion that these women are the most perfect on earth to raise a family. I am very serious and my intention to seek a Slavic couple is serious. I am determined and nothing will stop me, I tell him dear Krystina I am a gentleman, romantic and faithful.

    I like to show what I say, are not empty words and I am also an entrepreneur, ambitious and family-oriented. Please help I promise you will not regret, I am that with your support I evitare many bad times. I sent him a strong and respectful hug and God bless her for her work.



  2. Hello,

    I want to tell you about a scam that never happened to me in Kiev because I think it might help readers on this site. Yes, fortunately for me, the scam never happened. I received an email from a woman living in Kiev who is very interested in meeting me after seeing my online profile.

    I told her that I was currently in Kiev and that we could easily meet in person if she wanted. So, we exchanged telephone numbers and soon we where on the phone talking. Her English was pretty good and after a few minutes she wants to meet me at a restaurant of her choice far away in the outskirts of the city.

    She then tells me that she has a driver that will pick her up and take her to my place and then we will both make the long trip to a restaurant that is located in the boonies. At that point I was really suspicious. When I asked for her name, she said her name was Irakiy!!!

    First of all, Irakiy is a man’s name and second of all it is a very rare name. In fact, the only time I ever heard this name was in the movie “Irony of Fate 2”, where the Irakiy character is the loser who does not get the girl in the end. Well, she probably thought that me being an American, there would be no way I would ever be able to know the significance of that name. At that point, I knew she was about to scam me. So, I suggested that we meet downtown at a restaurant of my choice.

    She absolutely refused without giving any reasons. She basically gave me an ultimatum that we either meet at the restaurant she wanted or the date was going to be called off. I told her that her restaurant was unacceptable and our conversation ended. I am pretty sure that I avoided a scam.

    If there is any advice I could give to someone meeting ladies in Ukraine, it is this: NEVER LET HER CHOOSE THE RESTAURANT IN UKRAINE!

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