The Hard Way to Find a Good Ukrainian Dating Site

Fellow Gentlemen,

Want real? Then request to exchange email and Skype information within the first one or two conversations with any site you meet a girl. The real girls want to email and Skype because it’s safe, free and easy to use. If they make an excuse, “no internet” or no working camera or mic, they are fake.

Real girls want to meet real guys and they know very well email and Skype are safe, reliable ways to meet a man.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

Experince with dating sites

Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way there are some good sites to meet Russian and Ukrainian women, and some VERY bad sites. I can recommend a very good one, and I agree 100% that Anastasia is NOT a reliable, trustworthy, or likely legitimate site to find love.

They are a huge, money making system designed and modified constantly to get as much money as possible from you while leading you on that you just found some great girls, young and beautiful, that want you no matter what you look like.

Ukraine girls for dating

Come on! Do you think they are stupid?? They are not. The real girls want a man within 12-15 years or less of their age, and they want a fairly good looking, stable, good hearted man, just like any other woman of the world.

Anastasia date: experience

Having myself been divorced two years now, a single part-time father of a 10 year old son, I am a 48 year old man ready to find new love with someone special. I’m burned out on the “gold diggers” of America, so I have been looking overseas for this idea of humble, grateful women that have few local options themselves in their cities to find a good man. Are they out there? YES!

Myself, I am pretty young looking, and in great shape, successful, and people say I’m quite handsome. My point is, if anyone has a chance to meet a lovely young woman based on honesty and truth, I would be one of them, not to brag, just being real. Now I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Anastasia in hopes that I will find an honest, sweet girl that is looking for an honest man to start a life with.

On Anastasia, long before I read any of the above comments, I discovered everything to my disappointment is true that has been mentioned here. The young women who will spend time with you chatting will cost you hundreds of dollars with no real intention of actually having a relationship with you. They will appear interested and sound wonderful, but in the end you will be frustrated and lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Elena's Models: experience

This is a very good site to find and meet real Russian and Ukrainian women, as well as decent, honest real women all over Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is not a free site, but it is much less expensive than Anastasia, and the chatting and emails after the first one credit are all free. This site has real, honest women as I have found.

The best part is the profiles of the girls are real, and there is no “pie in the sky” 18 year-old-fake that wants to keep you paying and paying and paying without ever really wanting to know you. This site does not operate that way. In fact, on Elena’s Models, as soon as you have started to communicate with a girl, there is no more charge to communicate with her.

That is the way it should be. The girls generally will be real and honest right up front. Elena’s Models also verifies the girls on the site are real and no scams are allowed whatsoever. I have met three very lovely women on the site, two in person.

They are real, but our personalities did not end up a good match. In two weeks I am meeting a lovely woman in London that I met on Elena’s Models. We have been chatting face to face on Skype for free for about one month, after meeting on Elena’s Models.


Look, I’m a normal guy in Nevada, and I have no motive or incentive to recommend Elena’s Models, other than sympathy for my fellow men that are getting screwed on Anastasia, and not in a good way. LOL.

Best of luck to you,

Tim Hartman

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

4 thoughts on “The Hard Way to Find a Good Ukrainian Dating Site”

  1. I disagree with your review of Elena’s Models. I have been on the website for over 2 months and EVERY woman I have met and talked with so far was running a scam of some type. I have had extensive conversations with 7 women now and all ended the same. Some were translator scams, others were women that wanted me to send them money to come to the U.S.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all of the women cant be trusted, but I haven’t met one yet that can. Maybe at one point it was a good place to find an honest, loving wife… but now the word is out on the street and the scammers are filling the profiles with lies and waiting for someone to take the bait.

    I will never be a victim of these scams because my rule is never, for any reason, send money to someone you have not spent time with in person – under any circumstances.

  2. TOTALLY AGREE: Surprising without know, I too am from Nevada and have been kinda doing this same thing for a number of years. YES, many girls in Russia and Ukraine will scam you. WHY. simple cuz it is easy. Yes, there are those that are real but hard to find.

    PROBLEM: Simple, it is called economics (MONEY) The real scammers are the agency’s who pay models for their pictures, make up a profile and hire men and woman as translators to do the correspondence. Sometimes, you might and I say just might be corresponding with the actual lady in the photo, but she is doing this for one reason……MONEY. This is an easy way for them to supplement their earnings as they get paid FROM THE AGENCY a percentage of the written letters you paid to send.

    TEST; Next time your on one of these so called dating sites and all you get is instant messages for chat and you notice, gee why is the 20 year old wanting to chat with me, heck i’m over twice her age. UH HUH, she is getting paid DUMMY……

    Next, if you think some of these sites posting beautiful women are really there. Go to the WEB SITES for ESCORTS. UH HUH PAID PROSTITUTES. LEGAL IN UKRAINE…..THAT LOVELY LADY YOU THINK YOU WERE TALKING TO. BE MINDFUL, YOU WILL FIND HER ADVERTISED AS AN ESCORT.

    Yes, I have visited Ukraine several times, now when I go. It isn’t for one of these scammin ageny’s. Why waste your money. Save all the money you have been spending, take your trip and get on the computer ……..ESCORT WEB SITES. Gurantee, you will have the best time of your life and YES, you will NOT GET SCAMMED. YOU WILL GET LAID AND I MAY ADD, the best lovemaking you will ever experience. BEST COURSE, YOU HAVE SAVED HUNDRED’S OF DOLLARS, SCHEDULE ONE OF THESE BEAUTIFUL ESCORTS FOR TWO OR THREE DAYS. SHE WILL STAY WITH YOU THE ENTIRE TIME, SHOW YOU AROUND HER CITY, ENJOY LOVELY MEALS, WALKS IN THE PARK AND YOU GOT IT DUDE. MAKE SENSUOUS LOVE LIKE NO OTHER……ALL NIGHT…….


    Enjoy your trip to one of these European country’s mostly Ukraine and you will find out exactly what is spelled above.


  3. Im looking to speak with someone who has been taken or scammed, or is chatting or met a lady in simferopol. I recently met her and would like to know if im wasting my time

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