Doing the Ukrainian dating thing right is hard!

Dear Krystyna.

First of all thank you for what seems to be a wonderful and educational blog. I just began to explore this “new world” of dating in Ukraine.

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Cultural differences

I went to Odessa in March 2014 and I going again soon, actually on the 12th of June (will stay 4 days). I met a girl and we have very good communication. What is my challenge are the cultural differences. As you mention in your video nr 5, man has to pay for everything.

Now I have a very hard time believing that Ukraine men have the money to pay for the things and restaurant visits I in some way feel obligated to pay for also she has a habit of bring one of her friends I don’t find it fair and respectful to do this without asking.

It seems that the women of Ukraine (I had 2 dates and still seeing the second, that is why I am going to Odessa) have a lot of expectations and we men have to adjust …….

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To be fair to her she actually negotiates with the taxi driver on my behalf so I sometimes save up to 30-60 uah… this always make me smile hihi. I actually like that, I don’t care about this money but I like her way of thinking.

Then again she one day asked me if I wanted to go with her she needed new shoes … and naive me said of course… during the visit at one high class shoes shop it became obvious that I was paying???? I did, but after saying no to the matching purse 🙂

Ukraine women are more family oriented

My point is that a relation with a Ukraine woman is “only” 50% Ukraine I am Danish and therefore we … she and I have to find compromises… I have been married before so i know this word and the meaning very very good!!!!

Maybe this is the time to tell that in am 47 and she is 25… and also I am not in Ukraine dating because I can’t get a date in Denmark, I am here because I have the feeling that Ukraine women are more family oriented and trustful ….and I hope this way to find a peaceful relation!

In Final Words

We had some days in Odessa together when I was there in March and when going home, I after some time wrote her a letter telling her I would be back. And also that as we developed our relation both in Odessa and when at home… we speak or write every day on Skype, I found it natural that all other dating was set on standby as long as we are “involved” she found this restricting….

I just said she was free to do dating just without me in her life.

So my point is I find it very hard to do the whole “dating thing” right.

Actually I don’t expect you to reply just thought that I would contribute with my view and experience.


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