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After sending a free virtual kiss to a young and beautiful and beautiful Moldave woman called from USSR-STAR, she wrote me two messages. But instead, I started a conversation with Ukrainian woman. But feeling fake myself, I decided to close my account. Before than, I decided to spend my last credit and finally read the Moldavian girl’s message.

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USSR-STAR Review: Is USSR-STAR legit?

Months later, don’t ask me why, I re-activated my account. The Moldave girl wrote me again twice. As she had some new very pretty photos.

I bought a minimum credits, looked at her videos and got convinced to write her. She kindly replied me, commenting enthusiastically my message. Then, to recall what she wrote me in the messages she had sent me months ago, I read everything once more. And I found this:

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-Moldavian girl, message No.1, Febuary 13:
“…I also love pets very much but I never had one…”
-Moldavian girl, message No.4, May 25:
“…I have a cat…”
-Me, message No.2, May 27:
“How long do you have this cat?”
-Moldavian girl, message No.5, May 27:
“… dog… love for pets… I have a cat, I have him for two years already…”

Well, I didn’t feel angry, more fascinated by the incident. I wasn’t very honest with myself anyway. I politely wrote her about what I found out and even thanked her for ending my search of love on the web.

She replied me quickly, but I couldn’t read it, being out of credits; good timing. I copied the dialogue to the staff without saying more and I closed my account.


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In general, I think women are exploited just as much as men by those kind sites. Or even more. I don’t think they need to hire fake girls, it would be too much troubles and would cut the profit. I’m curious to find out what publicities they make to collect female members over there.


Considering that Ukraine is at civil war, has 45 000 000 people and average annual salary 8000$.

That Moldova has average salary 3 000$ per year. It must not take much. Those women might just as well be running for it exactly like the the men here. Falling for the illusion.

Now imagine if they offer theme free agency service with professional photos and translation. Since they are persuaded that man will be nicer if they come from as fare as possible… Or maybe they also have to pay?

Funny thing, a friend married a Russian girl (not from the web) but she can’t succeed to enter Canada, even if they have a kid…

What was that Moldave girl business or intention? I’ll never know!

Hope it helps.

PS: Before to contact a lady, make a google image search of her photos. How: You go to Google image and click on the little camera icon on the right side of the search bar. Then you slide in the photos one by one from your desktop inside the box. It will show you other sites with the same photo or similar ones.

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1 thought on “ Review: Avoid This Site”

  1. I would like to say that I do the whole follow-up to check them out if I find them interesting and if I like what they say in their initial letter. Most are just wanting to make money out of the system. I have found a few that are still married and have children that they deny on the site. Some are imposters and use photos of girls just to make money.

    I really think that the overall dishonesty of the sites will eventually lead to their demise. When you cannot trust what is there and also those that have been verified, the credibility of the site goes out the window. Yup, so, my search continues, but now I look to find those that will communicate with me over email and not on the site. You just don’t really find them, they all seem to be there for money only.

    I went even to China to meet a girl, but, she was not available when I got there, so yes, I wasted a lot of time and money on these illusive scammers, and, the credibility of these sites is at best questionable. I know these are some stories of success, but they are very few compared with the amount of people being conned by these sites.

    So ladies, make sure you are visible on the social networks if you really want a long term relationship, and also be prepared to chat via email or on the social site directly, if not, you are nothing more than a scammer.

    I live in hope to meet that special lady

    God bless


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