My Russian online dating story: American prince turned into a frog

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    The guy is a typical West Side L.A. creep. He is into money. He doesn’t care about women except as an accessory. If you like that sort of thing, keep going. If not, unplug. There are LOTS more fish in THAT sea.

  2. Lena says:

    The whole situation seems pretty weird. If he’s lying about things, it’s better you look for another guy instead, there are lots of real American guys who are really sweet and wouldn’t think twice about dating an exotic beauty like you.

    DO NOT sell your apartment, you could end up in a very nasty situation. I know you’re already sentimentally invested, but it’s better to leave this situation now before it’s too late. is a nice website to meet friends and who knows, maybe even the love of your life.

    I think it’s better to go for a save environment like that where you can be friends first and the move unto something else. Good luck!

  3. Jane says:

    Jana, wake up to reality!! He is Arab. Have you checked his home/work adress in the US? There are lots of websites which help you find all the information about American citizens online. Use this chance.

    Based on your story above I doubt much that he actually lives in America..A rich man having his property here and there all over the world wouldn’t ask his date to sell her only one apartment and buy him a house for that money..

    I don’t want to pigeonhole Arabs, but it’s been proven by a numerous number of Ukraninan and Russian women that Arabs are the greatest liars in the world. They only believe and cherish their only women (in most cases) and respect them for sharing the same religion. To where Christians aren’t even people to a lot of them. So they come over to Ukraine, Russia, make women fall in love with them by giving sweet compliments and treating them like women should be treated, then make a baby and leave for good. Or in another cases Slavic women discover that their beloved Arabs are married and have wives at home waiting for them. Or the 3rd variation. They get married and he brings her to his country where she has to give up being Christian and take Islam instead. All his family including himself treats her like a slave, like a worthless being abusing whenever it’s possible.

    I am sorry dear Arabs, no offense to you. There are very good people among you too. But talking about Arabic guys here in Ukraine, from 100 lovestories between local Ukranian girls and Arabic guys, 97 end up the way I’ve descrived above, and only 3 turn to be happy and genuine.

    So Jana please open your eyes, and don’t be an idiot!

  4. Ghilant says:

    Staying on dating sites was never safe for too naïf people. Girls just like guys should be very careful while dating someone from internet. The most important rule for everyone who is using dating sites never to send money for any means. I was staying already on numerous dating sites and so heard lots of stories from girls and guys begging for money, telling desperate stories of their life. And at some point I almost sent money but then my friends helped me to understand on time.

    • William says:

      Big mistake is falling in love with your eyes.

      I think it is a Russian saying, ” you fell in love with your eyes and now are suffering from your drunkenness.”

      No criticism, men are much worse… speak from my own experience.



  5. Lora says:

    Hey, marvelous russian beauty!

    Please be careful. Before you know it – you may get into a very disaterous situation. You don’t actually KNOW THIS GUY!

    Dreaming of a Prince Charming – has a ton of girls like you fooled.

    Do not go there. I’ve been married to a better guy , then got divorced in 10 years,
    after I realized he’s after the good wife & a lot of money he can safe for himself.

    I don’t know even 1 american who won’t think about $$$ 1-st & about you, cause of sex. THINK many times.

    You will be deprived, not knowing your rites, no citizenship, all UNDER HIM – fully dependent & having no voice.


    IF i WERE YOU i WOULD LOOK FOR THE GOOD RUSSIAN MAN ( if you get that )-
    living abroad, if you think your place isn’t good enough.

    Be smart – there’s no GREENER GRASS out HERE – you just DON’t KNOW ANY BETTER & everything is been CRAZILY MARKETED. DON’T BUY THIS


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