Why Russian Women Want To Marry A Foreigner (Guest Post)

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According to the google request analysis, one of the most popular questions among western men involved in online dating is “why Slavic girls want to marry a foreigner”. Ukrainian and Russian girls are famous all over the world with their femininity and beauty so we decided to figure out what makes then wanting to leave their native places.

The reasons may be absolutely different, including some personal and subjective ones but here we will look through the most common and spread ones.

Here in this article provided by GoDateNow.com we will talk about five main reasons that push the ladies off their cozy places and make them ready to travel overseas in hope to find and achieve their true happiness.

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A reason to start with would be, probably, the sharpest one:

#1: Financial side

It is clear for everybody that average income in US and Europe is way higher than in Russia and Ukraine and that is a valid reason for an immigration aspiration and not only for women. We all want a better life so there’s nothing to dig about here. Though, as we have a specific topic, we’ll concentrate on females reasons primarily.

You see, gaining a particular level of prosperity has a particular meaning for women. It is traditional that females are concentrated on self-determination via family, so it is her liability – to find proper conditions to build and develop the family.

So of course they are looking for a man who can provide them with such conditions have perspectives and serious intentions for a family.

#2: Attitude towards Russian men and Western ones

There is a believe that most of Russian men like to fire a slug. In general, as Russian women have their species, so do Russian men. There is a specific general portrait some females are running from. Of course, on the contrast, western well-fixed and non-drinking men, who, mostly, intent to build a family and are quite reasonable about it (here we talk about online dating site users), seem like whole kind of Prince Charming.

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#3: Economical state in the country

It isn’t a secret for anybody that Russia and Ukraine’s financial state leaves a lot to be desired. Building a family in such conditions, so as leaving with hope for a better future is quite challenging, so those women who believe they deserve more and were born to live their lifes in more comfortable state, grab their chances and looking for their happiness in face of a promising husband.

#4: American dream

Since the very time Russia and Ukraine in form of USSR were separated from the whole other world, most of their citizens were dreaming about freedoms and progress the other countries (especially USA) had. For a while, America had been and remains a dream place for lots of post-soviet residents.

#5: Desire to get out of the mentality matrix

And the last but not the least is an obvious cultural specifics. Russian people are so very different. They do look like most of men in the world, have pretty same basic requires, but if we’re taking about mentality – the longings of these people do actually differ, so as the life attitude, self attitude and general culture.

Slaves are quite emotional, fatal and maximalist. Of course there are some cosmopolite individuals who are born in Ukraine or Russia but clearly feel themselves out of the genus and search for more suitable places for themselves.

Whatever is the reason a girl has to take part in this online dating thing, we’re happy she has one, as it give us an opportunity to get acquainted with her.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

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