Why Do Single Ukrainian Women Seek Their Love Abroad?

The question of why women in the Ukraine seek love and relationships with men abroad is a touchy one. There are accusations of finding foreign men for their passports or for their money, but these claims are fairly shallow and one dimensional (though there are occasions and scams where this has been true). 

However, in order to get a better, clearer look at why Ukrainian women find themselves seeking romance in the wider world, you have to take the culture they come from into account.

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Why it is difficult to meet worthy man in Ukraine?

The Ukraine is between a traditional society where women are under-educated and stay at home with children, and a more modern society where women have equal rights and can pursue education and career.

Many times women have opportunity to travel and study abroad, which exposes them to a wider range of culture and ideas in addition to a large pool of foreign men that they form friendships and relationships with.

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Additionally if a woman waits to marry and settle down, changes are likely that she will have difficulty finding a relationship in the Ukraine that isn’t below her. This naturally leads her to seek men out in other countries that are more on her level.

What do Ukrainian women want in deed?

You need to remember also that financial security is a part of any relationship, and keep in mind that fighting about money is one of the biggest contributors to divorce. And though the Ukraine has some opportunities for wealth and riches, there are a lot of circumstances in the country that keep both men and women poor.

And unless there is a chance that a man can provide and advance, it is not likely that a woman, especially one with an education and a career of her own, will tie herself to him. 

In many foreign countries the economy is friendlier and the opportunities are more plentiful, which leads Ukrainian women to feel safer and more secure in relationships that lead them to be happier and richer in both the financial and emotional sense.

In conclusion, Ukrainian women seek for love everywhere.

Many Ukranian women also prefer a more Western outlook where a woman is accorded respect, equal say and where all duties of the home and of rearing children aren’t just heaped onto her shoulders because those are things that women take care of. These are of course the risks of settling down in a more traditional Ukranian marriage that a woman may have to watch out for.

Additionally it could be argued that women in the Ukraine are expected to travel to the place that their husband (or future husband) lives, as it was done in the past when a girl from one village would travel to another village because that was where her husband lived.

By Tetiana Vorozhko

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