Ukrainian Women of Faith Make Great Wives

In today’s society, it’s hard to find attractive women of great marriage potential. For men who are serious about setting down with that special woman with great values and strong faith, the dating pool is very narrow than ever before which can be very frustrating sometimes especially for Western men.

Sure, it’s easy to find an attractive woman which comes a dime a dozen. But many of them have shown not to possess strong faith and good qualities relative to being a wonderful wife.

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However, there are now some spectacular options available out there for Western men of similar desire. Recent news have shown how there is a great selection of Ukrainian women with strong Samaritan faith and other attractive qualities.

The news displayed some Samaritan men who have been in the same situation where they were serious, yet frustrated due to the challenges of them finding that special woman for them. It was until they found that special Ukrainian woman that they became happy in love. 

(The Samaritans are an ethnoreligious group of the Levant originating from the Israelites (or Hebrews) of the Ancient Near East.
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The following include different testimonials from those men in that news report:

Rafi Danfi’s story:

Rafi Danfi was ready to marry at the age of 33. With a great job, a car, and a house, he was just missing one important aspect in his life- his bride.

He met and fail in love to an Ukrainian woman online who is a 21 year old music student. He didn’t reveal his girlfriend’s name, but he and his girlfriend has displayed their love for each other several times through texting, being online with each other, and his family adores her.

He uses Google Translator for their back and forth texting along with tons of heart and love emojis. He is now planning on moving his girlfriend to his home.

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Wadah Cohen’s story:

Alexandra Krasuk, an Ukrainian woman, moved her and her three children to their grandma’s house away from a small village she was in and in which she was very unhappy.

Cohen became single again at the age of 40. Shortly after this harsh realization, he started to look for love. He shortly met Krasuk. And then Cohen and Krasuk fail in love and married each other. As a result, they are all a big happy family. He describes the Samaritan culture is like a big happy family.

Azzam Altif’s story:

At age 52, Altif, who has a career as a driver, went to the Ukraine with a dating and marriage agency to search for love. Over a course of a month, he met 17 women before meeting the love of his life, Alla Evdokimova, who is a friend of his translator helping him with the language. Evdokimova is also a 23-year-old bartender.

When they fail in love, Altif showed Evdokimova a note that he wrote for his potential wife. In the note, he vouched for the life she chose and explained the religion. A week afterwards, they wed and then returned to Kiryat Luza on the mountain.

They are now raising two children, he is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, and his wife is running a waxing and nail salon in a nearby city of Palestine, Nablus.

The Great Opportunity in Finding Real Love

There is great opportunity for Western men to find that special woman of strong faith and other high values in the Ukraine. These Ukrainian women are devoted, first of all, due their faith.

Also, because of the different situations they had to endure, they don’t take for granted the opportunity of great love and a great life. Many of these women had husbands who didn’t support them in life and financially.

Nevertheless, they turned their husbands around due to their faith and devotion to God and them. Also and unfortunately, Ukraine women outnumbered the men there.

The Samaritan Faith

Having and upholding the Samaritan faith, they are known to be the only sect left of the deeply devoted Jewish religion as expressed in the bible. These Samaritans are best known for the parable in the New Testament about the Good Samaritan.

Also, the Samaritans are known to be ancient Israelites’ remnants in which they abide by a religion similar to Judaism. And with that faith, they are truly devoted to God, in the role of a wife and virtuous woman, and in family.


When these recent news came about, the Samaritans celebrated during that week by marking Sukkot, which is the Feast of the Tabernacles. This event illustrates the end of the agricultural year as well as the Israelites wandering in the desert. And the Samaritans would hang colorful, fresh fruit canopies over their living rooms for celebration.

There is hope for Western men of similar caliber as those men, and many times it requires looking abroad in the name of love. And it’s worth it to obtain that great life of happiness.

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