Review: Is The Site Legit or Fake?

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Looking for a reliable dating site? Afraid of getting lost among thousands of websites? Do you want to find a special platform for dating Arab singles?

Today our attention is focused on, a platform designed for Arab dating. Our aim is to give you a comprehensive understanding of this dating site, covering aspects such as reputation, services, prices, profile quality and more. 

We’ll look at the functionality and usability of the features, and provide a detailed insight into customer support. We’ll also examine external reviews to give you a well-rounded perspective on Stick around and we promise you an informative and engaging experience!

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

What is

Examining the history of, which dates back to 1993, raises some interesting points. While a long history in the online dating world may suggest stability, trustworthiness depends on several factors, including the site’s reputation, user experience and corporate policies. positions itself as a leading platform covering a wide range of countries. However, it’s important to note that its parent company, The SOL Networks Limited, has been associated with other dating sites such as and, which have received mixed reviews and may raise concerns about the company’s overall reputation.

sol network sites

The platform aims to provide a direct and successful approach to meeting singles worldwide, covering about 40 countries. In order to gain a full understanding, we’ll be looking at the specific features and services available to users on Stay tuned!

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Review

How to Register at AmalDate?

The registration process on is easy and free. To register, you will need to provide basic information such as your gender and the gender and age range of the person you are looking for. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete your registration. Users also have the option to sign in using their Google account for added convenience.

For those who prefer mobile access, there’s the option to download the AmalDate app from the App Store or Google Play. This alternative login method provides flexibility for users who prefer mobile platforms.

What Services Are Offered at AmalDate

I’m going to give you an overview of the tools and functionalities available on the platform.

Here they are:

  • Profile completion: Completing your profile with information about yourself, adding photos and providing a description is emphasised for successful matching. This is easy to do and free of charge.
  • Browsing profiles: You can browse the database of profiles or use the Search function to narrow your search and see who has recently joined.
  • Communication tools: AmalDate offers various communication tools, including email, Live chat, Video chat and streams, allowing you to interact in real time.
  • Icebreaker Tools: To facilitate member engagement, the platform offers icebreaker tools such as Let’s Mingle and Boost. These features can help start conversations and interactions.
  • Gift delivery: The platform offers a gift delivery service, which adds a thoughtful element to the dating experience. However, it’s important to consider the costs involved and whether it’s something you want to do.
amaldate female profile
amaldate message

While these features are designed to enhance the user experience, it’s important to be aware of the potential costs associated with certain services.

Let’s explore other aspects of!

Costs and Pricing on

The pricing structure of is varied and based on credit packages, each offering different amounts of credits at different prices. Here’s an overview of their pricing:

Monthly membership plans:

  • 150 Credits – 59 USD
  • 600 Credits – 159 USD
  • 1500 Credits – 339 USD

Special First Month Offer:

  • 150 Credits at 50% off: 29 USD
amaldate upgrade

Additional credit packages:

  • 20 Credits – 15.99 USD
  • 40 Credits – 30.00 USD
  • 80 Credits – 56.00 USD
  • 160 Credits – 96.00 USD
  • 200 Credits – 119.00 USD
  • 300 Credits – 179.00 USD
  • 400 Credits – 219.00 USD
  • 500 Credits – 249.00 USD
  • 600 Credits – 299.00 USD
  • 700 Credits – 315.00 USD

Costs associated with different services:

  • Live Chat: 1 credit per minute
  • One-way video chat: 4 credits per minute
  • Two-way video chat: 6 credits per minute
  • Offline messaging: 1 credit per message (160 characters limit)
  • Mobile App message sending: 1 credit per message (160 characters limit)
  • Email: 10 credits per message
  • Sending/viewing media: 15 credits each
  • Sending/listening to voice messages: 10 credits each
  • Send stickers: 5 credits each
  • Send animated smile: 1 credit each
  • Send live video gifts: Varies from 5 to 5000 credits each
  • Send personal message in live video: 1 credit each
  • Viewing video in profile: 10 credits each
  • Let’s Mingle: 5 credits per use
amaldate costs

What Payment Options Do AmalDate Accept?

Now let’s look at the payment options offered by The platform offers a somewhat limited range of payment methods. 

You can pay with a credit or debit card on the website. If you prefer the mobile version, payments can be made through your Google Play account.

AmalDate Design and Usability in Our Check

Let’s take a look at the design and usability of The platform has a modern and visually appealing design, free from excessive elements such as annoying promotions or ads. The overall layout is well organised and aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to navigation, offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface. The menu tabs are logically arranged and provide easy access to the main features of the platform.

The matchmaking mechanism is based on users’ interests and the criteria they choose. Real-time chat and video chat features enhance the interaction, creating a closer and more intimate experience, giving users a better chance to get to know each other. Ice breakers are also available, giving users additional ways to initiate communication effortlessly.

Profile Quality: How Authentic Are the Profiles?

To get to the heart of our review, let’s look at the quality of the profiles on Despite positioning itself as an Arab dating site, most of the women on the site are from Ukraine and Colombia. The site features women who are generally good-looking and well-groomed, and often appear to be professionally photographed. However, there’s a noticeable tendency to over-edit these photos.

amaldate profiles

Profiles on lack in-depth information, providing only basic details about physical appearance, occupation, education and hobbies. Self-descriptive essays appear professionally written. Some profiles include private videos and photos that are only available to premium members. Users can show interest by liking, sending virtual gifts and even ordering flowers or gifts to be delivered.

In my experience as a dating blogger, these profiles raise doubts about their authenticity. They exhibit characteristics commonly associated with fake profiles.

External Reviews in Our Test

To give our review a more objective perspective, I looked for feedback from reputable platforms and found limited information. To supplement this, I explored the dedicated app on Google Play, where I discovered a high overall rating with more than seven thousand reviewers. However, user satisfaction with the app appears to be low.

Users have raised concerns about AmalDate, alleging the presence of numerous fake profiles and the use of bots to generate messages. There is also dissatisfaction with the platform’s pricing policy, hidden charges and automatic renewals. In addition, users have reported difficulties in cancelling paid memberships, further highlighting potential issues with the platform.

AmalDate Customer Support Options

And now let’s see how things are going with customer support. It seems that AmalDate offers a couple of channels for contacting their customer support team: via email at [email protected] and via live support. 

However, despite the promise in their terms and conditions to respond to enquiries within 72 hours, former users have raised complaints suggesting that the support team does not effectively address concerns or respond to queries, making their assistance seem ineffective and unreliable.

Our AmalDate Review Verdict: Negative!

In light of the details uncovered during our extensive review, we do not recommend using 

The pricing structure on AmalDate is complicated and may lead to uncertainty. The profiles, particularly the photos, appear to be professionally edited and may be fake. While the site claims that female members are validated by the support team, the existence of numerous fake profiles casts doubt on the reliability of this validation process. And external reviews highlight user dissatisfaction with AmalDate.

In conclusion, AmalDate lacks the necessary elements to be considered a reliable dating platform. Transparent pricing, robust security measures and authenticity of profiles are crucial aspects that AmalDate seems to fall short of. We strongly recommend considering alternative platforms with a more positive reputation and user feedback for a safer and more genuine online dating experience.

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