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Seeking a serious relationship or casual encounters? Looking for a perfect dating (mail order) site? Want to know whether AmourLee is a good choice?  (read also: Do Mail Order Brides Really Exist? – Yes and No)

I’m here to help you with answers. I provide a concise and informative overview of AmourLee, giving you a glimpse into its features, functionality, and overall user experience. 

I will describe the registration process and discover the range of services available. Be sure we will definitely discover the quality of female profiles and get to know if they are real or fake.  

To make the full picture I will examine the site’s security measures, privacy policies, user support, and if they really ensure a safe and reliable dating environment.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

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What is

On the homepage of AmourLee you can find such a description: “an online social network for users above 18 years of age which helps its users to build social connections worldwide”. They also promise that their service will help you to meet new people daily and communicate safely. 

Let’s have a closer look at the company (Recommended reading: Russian & Ukrainian Dating Site Reviews)

AmourLee review

AmourLee belongs to Devurum limited, a company registered in Cyprus, Limassol, and was registered about four years ago. 

From the first glance the platform seems to be legit and trustworthy. On the homepage, along with the registration form and beautiful women photos, you can find several happy stories of couples who met on the platform. The Regulations section is detailed and informative which also makes a positive impression.

There is an interesting thing I found in the Risk Notice. They warn you about the risk of incentivized communication and impersonation. 

In other words, you may be communicating with someone who is either directly or indirectly interested in encouraging you to spend more on the website, or with someone who is different from the person depicted in the profile, and potentially of a different gender.

I, as a blogger and coach, would advise you to think twice before registering. 


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

Registration Process at

There are two types of registration. You can sign in with your Google account or register with an email. You need to enter your name, email, password, date of birth and gender.

Then you receive a welcome note that offers you to take a short quiz in order to understand your preferences and find the best match. 

Quiz will ask you to choose what kind of relationships you are looking for: 

Then you may choose date’s age and body type if it is to be

The following questions refer to yourself. They want to know your: 

Please note that you can skip all the questions. You have the option not to upload your photo, but they strongly recommend it because profiles with photos attract three times more attention from other users, according to statistics. 

Finally, you are asked to activate your account by confirming your email. However, I think it is not obligatory.

Women Profile Quality at

You definitely want to know what we found out about female profiles, right? Here we go!

The profiles divided by their status:

It is a good sign that all female profiles are fully filled out. They consist of a 10-item questionnaire common for dating sites (such as appearance, marital status, occupation and so on), along with a brief description of the female’s character and a type of companion she is looking for. The majority of profiles contain professional photos of well-kept beautiful women. 

In some profiles, you can find private photos that you can only see after a woman answers your message.

To unlock private videos in profiles, it will cost you 30 Credits. Additionally you can find some free videos there. The “Watch live” button allows you to join the live stream, but it has no sound and charges 4 Credits per minute. 

As an expert, I think that a lot of female profiles on are fake. They are all too good to be true. 

Costs at Expensive or Not?

I discovered that there is no option of paid membership with unlimited access to the services on Read also: Mail Order Bride Pricing for Those Who Need It 

After registration, you get 20 credits to get started with your communications, and afterwards, you can refill the balance to access all the site benefits.

Credits are the internal currency used for paid services on the site. The bundle of 20 credits will cost you 2.99 USD, indicating a 50% discount.  

Here is a list of charges:


Please note that you will be charged immediately after clicking on a photo or a video.


Can I Try for Free?

Signing up for Amourlee is free of charge. You can freely browse and explore female profiles, consume media content, and leave likes without any cost. However, interacting with other members and accessing additional services is charged. 

Does Have a Mobile App?

The site doesn’t appear to be progressive and has no mobile app. 

Safety and Security at

In the matter of safety and security gives an impression of being not a reliable one. I thoroughly investigated the site and reviews on various platforms and found out that in spite of secure technical parts and detailed regulations, the Price policy and Privacy Policy are quite fishy. 

I consider that it is suspicious that retains the sole authority to determine the pricing, exchangeability, and availability of Credits. They reserve the right to modify these aspects at their discretion, without any prior notice.

Please be aware that considers any material or information, including Personal Data (such as your full name, postal address, telephone number, etc.), provided by you to be non-confidential and non-proprietary in nature.

Customer Support at

There are not many options to reach customer support. You can find mailing address: Devurum Limited, HE 368090, 8 Amathountos ave, off 201, 4531, Limassol, Cyprus. And also you can contact them by email: [email protected]

While there are positive reviews praising the customer service of, it’s important to note that there are also complaints from users who had difficulty reaching customer support. 

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the support team members from AmourLee actively respond to and comment on every review posted on Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

Reviews on & is rated 4.1 on From 27 reviews there are only 15% of one- and two-star reviews, but they are the most relevant. 

AmourLee trustpilot review

On the Amourlee boasts a 4.69-star rating based on 53 reviews, suggesting a high level of customer satisfaction with their purchases. 

AmourLee sitejabber reviews

The most commonly mentioned positive aspects by reviewers include the helpfulness of the support team, user-friendly interface, and boosted self-confidence. In terms of popularity, Amourlee holds the 33rd position among (International) dating sites.

After analyzing negative feedback, it is evident that the customers consider that female profiles are fake, which is a significant and decisive drawback.

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Our Review Verdict: No Amour here!

Can you guess the verdict?

No Amour here!

My first impression of this platform was positive: nice design, user-friendly app, stories of happy customers and positive reviews on trustworthy sites. But deeper investigation led me to the opinion that the platform is a scam.  

While my profile was not activated, I didn’t verify my email, I was able to use free services of Even though my profile was almost empty I received lots of mails and messages inviting me to start communication and most of them had several random questions which are not connected with each other. 

Another crucial feature that makes me think the platform is not trustworthy is the fact that you will not be able to receive woman contact information unless you spend about 450 US dollars (3,000 credits) on her. 

Compared to other dating sites, the charges on the platform are relatively low and clearly outlined. However, it is important to note that the regulations regarding these charges can be modified without prior notice.

The female profiles on the site raise suspicions as they lack genuine, everyday-life photos and instead feature well-curated images. The information provided in the profiles also may not appear authentic.

Taking into account that you cannot be sure whether you communicating a real woman or a “different from the person shown on the profile, and possibly of a different gender from that person” (quote from a Risk Notice on a, I think it is not worth investing your attention, money and time in this platform. 

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