Mail Order Bride Pricing for Those Who Need It

“You can’t buy love.” Now, while I agree with this saying, unfortunately, it doesn’t hold much weight in the dating world (especially online). The hard truth is that sometimes the more money you’re prepared to spend on quality high-end dating sites, the closer you’ll come to finding the real deal.

Let’s face it: online dating is the future, and many men are running toward this new and exciting way of dating with open arms. But I feel it’s also important that you understand just how much this journey could potentially cost you.

I want you to make an informed decision, so to prepare you, I’ve put together this detailed guide on typical “mail order bride” prices you can expect to pay when looking for your true love.

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International Dating Is Quite a Costly Adventure

While we are on the topic of international dating and before we get carried away with the money factor, I would just like to correct the use of the term “mail-order bride.” I am not comfortable with this term as it has a bad history attached to it and has been linked to human trafficking.

mail order bride pricing

The more accurate and acceptable term to use is foreign bride. So from here on out, that is what we will refer to these beautiful ladies as. They aren’t objects to be bought and sold. They are women who also have dreams and feelings of their own. Read my recent article: “13 Reasons Why Slavic Girls Make the Best Girlfriends”.

So, whether you’re focusing on online dating or physically traveling abroad to find true love, international dating is a costly adventure. Dating is costly as you want to impress your lady love, so that means pulling out all the stops.

Unlike local dating, when it comes to international dating, you’ll need to consider the exchange rate for one, which can be pretty heavy on the bank account once the conversions are done.

Top Tip: If your lady love is comfortable giving you her number, then using Whatsapp is also a cheaper option. You can call and video chat for free if you have Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Possible Expenses When in Love With Your Foreign Bride

Let’s take a closer look at some of the possible expenses you can expect when falling in love with your foreign bride:

Possible Cost Calculation

If you were under the impression that online dating was simply logging into a site, swiping through a few photographs, and selecting an attractive woman to be your bride, then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

But there are other costs involved, which you will need to factor into your budget.

Online Dating

Average online dating costs for a foreign bride: ±US500-1000 per month (based on the type of website you use as well as additional features)

Even though most dating sites offer free services and trial runs, these services are limited, and to get any attention, you’ll need to sign up for a paid membership. There’s very little point in being on a site where you can only browse profiles and not communicate with a potential love interest.

turkish dating app

You may have to buy credits to unlock certain features or send gifts on top of your membership.

Online dating relies on data or Wi-Fi availability, which can rack up costs quickly. You’ll also need time to chat with different women and put in the effort. Something else to think about is that spending too much time on dating sites could cause problems in your job.

Good to Know: Watch out for dating sites with recurring renewal fees. If you don’t cancel in time, your payment method will be debited. Set a reminder on your phone to cancel your subscription (if you aren’t happy with the service.)


Total matchmaking expenses: up to ±US$5,000 per month

Maybe online dating isn’t getting you the results you had hoped for, so you sign up to a matchmaking agency for some extra help. This is a personalized service that is very pricey and picky.

These agencies vet their clients and don’t work with just anyone. People spend as much as US$60,000 annually on matchmaking agencies (#Gulp). But, these agencies do provide one-on-one assistance and have higher success rates than jumping from one dating site to another.

Good to Know: Most matchmaking agencies, such as Kelleher International, want a 1-3 years commitment and payment upfront.

Travel Costs

Total travel costs to meet your foreign bride: US$200 up to US$1,000 per trip

Congrats! You’ve hit it off with your beautiful foreign bride, and you’ve decided to meet in person. Airline tickets (return trip included) will need to be booked, and accommodation will need to be arranged. Unfortunately, neither of these is cheap.

For example, a round trip from New York to Berlin will cost around US$286, depending on which class you prefer to fly in (economy or business).

You’ll also need to factor in transport for sightseeing and exploring, including taxi fare or Uber rates (don’t forget the tip). Your hotel will need to be at least a 4-star to make a good impression (couples spa day, anyone?).

For a standard 4-star hotel room, you’ll pay US$170 on average, which works out to just over US$1,000 for a 7-day trip.

Money Saver: When planning your trip, try to book airline tickets out of season and look for amazing deals that come up now and then. You may even come across an excellent flight + hotel package (#Goals).


Total gift costs: Between US$50 to US$100 per gift

To be clear, giving your lady love a gift is totally voluntary on your part. It isn’t a requirement when you fall in love with a foreign bride. However, giving her a gift will make her feel special (and score you extra brownie points).

Depending on the type of gift you buy, the average cost of gifts costs around US$50 to US$100. Jewelry will be much more expensive than a box of chocolates, so it’s essential to keep that in mind.

Visa Costs

Total visa costs: up to US$1,000 (per trip)

Meeting your foreign bride in person means you’ll need to apply for a visa, and if she decides to visit you, you’ll also need to apply (and pay) for her visa. This process can be time-consuming and expensive.

A DS-160 (temporary travel visa for non-immigrants to the USA) visa application will have to be completed with supporting documents. Then visa interview appointments need to be set up for both of you. The K-1 visa (non-immigrant visa for a foreign citizen) costs around US$265 (excluding filing fees and medical examinations.)

E-Visas are done online, saving time and money if everything is submitted correctly. E-Visas cost around US$205. Using travel agency services to arrange the visa does incur additional costs.

Dates in-Person

Total dates in-person costs: Approximately US$100 to $200 per date

Part of wooing your gorgeous foreign bride is taking her out on real dates (face-to-face) and spoiling her. A date isn’t just a dinner at a fancy restaurant, as it can include entertainment, good food, and gifts (such as a bunch of roses).

These thoughtful additions add up and can be heavy on the pocket. As a gentleman, it’s good manners that you foot the bill.

Top Tip:

Why not show off your cooking skills at home, and introduce your lady love to some home-cooked good food?

Things to Remember When Dating a Foreign Woman

Keep these considerations in mind when dating a foreign woman:

Costs Depending on the Dating Site

When signing up for dating sites, you typically have two types of membership plans. Either sign up for a paid membership such as BE2’s platinum membership for around US$173.85 for a 3-month subscription.


You can sign up for dating platforms such as, which works on a credit system. Purchase credits to unlock chatting and dating features for around US$379 for 1,000 credits.

behappy2day chat

Good to Know: Some dating sites charge a monthly subscription fee and use credits to unlock certain features, such as sending gifts or doing video chat calls. Learn how to chat with foreign brides: Chat with Russian Women: Our Guide 2023

Location of the Lady

Depending on the country where your foreign bride is from, you’ll need to accept and embrace your cultural differences. She may speak a different language than you, which means you’ll either need to learn her language or invest in translation services or a translator (which can cost around US$150 per day).

Dating slavic women

The transport system might be different if you are traveling to her country. You may have to catch trains or shuttles (around US$77 for a round trip) to get around. This also adds up as you go sightseeing and visit restaurants, etc.

You’ll also need to change your currency accordingly. Depending on where you are going, the dollar may be stronger or weaker, and you need to factor in conversion and commission fees.

Top Tip:

Try to avoid exchanging your money at the airport. Their rates are typically very high, and they usually add an admin fee. Instead, use banks or credit unions as they have reasonable exchange rates and lower fees.

If You Use Marriage Agency or Organize by Yourself

If you have the budget, using marriage agencies can save time. These agencies assist you with all the documentation for bringing your foreign bride to your country. This includes applying for her K-1 visa and marriage-based green card, which costs no less than US$2,000.

Whether you do the paperwork yourself or use an agency, both will be pretty costly.

Final Words

Where love or passion is involved, it’s easy for our hearts to run away with us and fall down the rabbit hole of spending money to impress a woman. Even though online dating is super accessible (and successful), it can become costly if you don’t keep tabs on your costs.

Brides online

Remember that you’ll eventually want to travel overseas to meet the woman of your dreams, which will also cost quite a sum of money. All-in-all, you’re looking at around a minimum cost of US$10,000 to find the foreign bride of your dreams.

If you’re prepared for the financial commitment and set financial boundaries for yourself, you can relax and enjoy your journey to love.

You want to learn how to find a great foreign woman and experience exciting International dating adventure, but you have no clue of where to start. Not to worry, we are here to help! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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