Dating Foreign Women: The Challenges and Best Places to Meet Foreign Brides

There is something inherently sexy about a foreign accent, am I right? 

Yeah, samesies. It’s like you suddenly go weak in the knees when you hear a beautiful woman speak in her native tongue.

But what if I told you there was a way to choose any foreign woman you pleased and that it was all right here at your fingertips? Intrigued? Great.

I have two words for you that are going to rock your world. Online dating! The world doesn’t have to be as inaccessible as it was in the past. Thanks to modern technology, you can find a beautiful foreign woman from almost any country you can imagine.

But we can agree that each country has challenges, such as navigating the turbulent waters of new cultures, foreign languages, and dating preferences.

That’s where I come in; I am here to guide you through these challenges and point you in the right direction by providing you with the best (and safest) places to meet lovely foreign women.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

Foreign Dating Is Becoming Popular

Foreign dating is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The idea of meeting new people, learning their culture, and experiencing life through a new lens is exciting and desirable. Back in the day, only seasoned travelers were able to meet foreign beauties, but now the world is your oyster.

Chinese and Japanese brides

Dating women locally can become predictable, especially if you’re from a small town where everyone knows everyone (not that this is always bad), but it can become boring. Foreign dating allows you to kinda reinvent yourself if you will (and who doesn’t want that?).

Challenges of Dating Foreign Women

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” This phrase couldn’t be more perfect, and although the idea of dating foreign women is sexy and exciting, there are some very real challenges involved, such as:

Intercultural differences

Probably the biggest challenge of dating a foreign woman is the realization that you are both quite different, especially when it comes to your culture, customs, and traditions. 

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Misunderstandings and unintentional insults frequently happen as you learn about one another’s customs and culture.

Language barriers

It can become frustrating when you can’t communicate properly with your lady love, and it can be alienating for her if you’re out with a group of friends. Language barriers, unfortunately, can make or break a relationship.

Russian brides

Be open with one another, agree to work on the language issue, and be patient.

Different views on religion

This can be a sensitive issue, as religion can play a big part in your relationship. Every culture practices its faith differently and it may go against your own beliefs. This is something you’re going to have to make peace with if you want a successful relationship with someone from a different religious background.

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Religious differences can affect your marriage (when you get married), how you raise the children, and dealing with unsupportive family members (if one of you decides to convert to another religion, or you don’t).

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

Losing your authenticity and identity

You’ve met the foreign woman of your dreams, so you climb into the relationship, willing to sacrifice your identity to keep her by your side. A lot of men who date foreign women suddenly don’t recognize themselves after a while.

They’ve immersed themselves so deeply into the foreign culture and way of life that they have completely changed. This is a real challenge and is not advised. It’s important to remember where you come from and hold onto your customs and traditions, while healthily compromising with your partner.

Our Tips for Dating Foreign Women

Here are some excellent tips for dating foreign women:

  1. Respect her culture, customs, traditions, and religion, even if it’s very different from your own.
  1. Do your homework. In other words, research your lady’s culture and read up about dating expectations and norms. This is guaranteed to impress her.
  1. Take the time to learn her language (even if you are really bad at it). She will appreciate your effort and time in making her feel more comfortable.
  1. Whatever you do, do not label her or use stereotypes. You can’t generalize every woman just because they’re from a particular country.
  1. Above all, be a gentleman. Women love to be treated well and made to feel special, whether they’re a foreigner or a local.

Best 3 Dating Sites to Find a Foreign Girlfriend

Take a look at the best 3 dating sites (selected by moi) to look into if you’re looking for a passionate romance with a foreign woman:

Behappy2day - Best for: Those looking for a match beyond borders

Established in 2004, Behappy2day lives up to its name and has helped many men meet the foreign beauty of their dreams. The dating platform boasts a diverse and vast variety of stunning foreign women to choose from.

Behappy2day Top Services
Costs of Behappy2day

You can sign up for Behappy2day for free, which allows you to create a profile and browse other profiles. The dating platform uses an email credit system, and you’ll need to purchase credits to communicate with another user.

The credit bundles are affordable at US$14.99 for 20 credits. This gives you access to the gifting features, and you’ll be able to send your foreign beauty some flowers and enjoy a 1-minute 2-way live video call with her.

Why We Like Behappy2day

ArabLounge - Best for: Those looking for a Muslim match

ArabLounge is a successful dating platform for meeting and dating Arab women from all over the world. The site has been in the online dating biz since 2002 and is also part of the World Singles Networks, which helps you connect with many foreign women.

ArabLounge Top Services
Costs of ArabLounge

ArabLounge only offers one type of membership, which is the Premium membership. However, these are offered in 3 different subscription durations, which are:

To send and receive messages from your foreign love interest, you’ll need to sign up for a premium membership. The paid membership will also give you access to detailed search filters, highlight your profile options, and see who is checking you out.

The free trial only allows you to create an account, browse other profiles, and send winks to members you find attractive.

Why We Like ArabLounge - Best for: Those looking for a serious matchmaking and dating service, also known as “A Foreign Affair” (#WinkWink), has been in the online dating game for over 3 decades and is going strong. This dating platform has years of experience and is very popular (and successful) at bringing couples together. Top Services
Costs of

Gain access to basic features such as profile creation, browsing profiles, and access to your inbox when you register for free.

A one-time fee of US$95 is applicable to activate the Platinum Membership. After that, a recurring renewal fee of US$29.95/month applies. Extra features such as a translated 3-way phone call will cost around US$3.99 per minute.

Why We Like Loveme

Psst, if you’d like a more detailed review of this dating site, check out my complete review.

Things to Remember

Now that you’re ready to pursue the foreign beauty of your dreams, keep these considerations in mind:

Final Words

No one ever said dating would be easy, and online dating certainly comes with its own set of challenges, but it’s so worth it. Thanks to online dating, you can be transported to a foreign country in a matter of seconds.

Ukrainian women

The world is literally in the palm of your hand, and you can find a gorgeous foreign lady to complete your life on various online dating sites. So there’s no need to stand in long queues at airports or find yourself alone in a foreign country trying to meet the woman of your dreams.

So go on, live a little.

You want to learn how to find a great foreign woman and experience exciting International dating adventure, but you have no clue of where to start. Not to worry, we are here to help! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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