Good and Bad Sides of Eastern European Women

Editor: Krystyna, founder of Ukrainian Dating Blog & Ukrainian Dating Stories and speaker at the iDate conference. On this blog she shares her knowledge and experiences with international dating and intercultural relationship.  Read more

Editor: Krystyna, passionate dating blogger, speaker and author  read more

Dear Krystyna,

I would just like to add this bit of information not that I have a complaint. I have used Anastasia Date, Natasha Club, and BeHappy2Day and met girls from all three agencies.

I have been successful in meeting nice girls and ones that actually were honest and met me when I was in both Kiev Odessa and St Petersburg. BUT I have never taken the trips set up buy the dating agencies. I have met guys in certain hotels in Odessa and St Petersburg that had taken the Agency trips but got nothing more than a lot of sex.

Meeting Ukrainian girls in person

I always met the girls on line through the agencies and went on vacation myself to meet these girls in person. Although I certainly could never meet the high number of girls like the agency claim you can meet I was never sure of how much they really told the truth.

But there is no doubt some of the girls on line are not who they say they are but I have always figured that out before I went over.

Sometimes I met a girl on line, wrote letters and exchanged photos but when I asked for their cell phone number or told them I will be traveling at a certain date to see if we can meet, they disappeared and they never wrote me again.

Dating Ukrainian women

Different experience with Ukrainian women

However I did, in 4 years of international dating bring two girls over on two separate times of course, to the USA on Fiance Visa’s. We first met on line, I made trips to meet them on short vacations and we both made arrangements to try the Fiance thing. None of the two girls worked out and agreed to go back to Ukraine.

After getting here in California they just could not seem to adjust to the cultural differences and some of the rules set out by US Immigration as it relates to work etc.

BUT I still stay touch with one after all these years and when I travel to Odessa or Kiev she always makes arrangements and time for us to spend as few days together. We are best of friends but just not good for a husband and wife.

Right now I still go to Odessa or Kiev every year once or twice, met some very nice girls and always expect to be scammed and cheated. I think most men do not realize the culture that exists in Eastern Europe.

I am currently engaged to a beautiful girl who I met through Anastasia Date. She lives in a small city outside of Odessa. I have traveled to Odessa twice since then and hope to go back this summer.

The dating agencies charge a lot for online communication

My only complaint, sort of, these agencies charge a lot to write a letter and open a letter and make it very difficult get the girls personal information like cell phone or personal email address.

And they do not allow her to ask for that information. AND you are not allowed to make a phone call using the agency to connect until you have exchanged 5 or so letters. Well when you consider each let to and from cost money you spend as lot of money before you can even talk to her.

The only other way is to go to Ukraine (for example ) and make a meet through the agencies translator and then you can meet but you wind up paying for a date for both girls. 


I have many great stories but I just wanted to send this to you after reading some of the complaints by some of the men. They don’t sound like they are the brightest to start with.

Take good care

Ukraine mail order bride

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  1. Robert says:

    I belonged to Anastasia for about two yeas & looked at it as a time passer as I work overseas in the desert. But also with some seriousness. I thought that E Harmony was the biggest scam on the net, but Anastasia is right up there with them…

    Rob H…

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