EastFlirts.com Review: Is the Site Legit Or Fake?

Hi! Nice to see you on our Ukrainian Dating Stories Blog! Our main mission is to give you a detailed review of different foreign dating sites. Do you use dating sites a lot? What is the main point of using them?

As you may know, there are different types of dating sites. Some are for serious relationships and even marriage, some are for making friends and communicating online, and of course there are sites for quick flirts and maybe a hook-up.

It is up to you to decide what you want to use. We can help you to know which sites are worth using and which ones can be a scam.

Today we are going to focus on EastFlirts.com. We will look at their services, how they operate, the site’s usability, pricing policy, profile quality, customer support and reviews from previous users.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

What is EastFlirts.com?

EastFlirts.com is a dating platform that aims to connect Eastern European women with men from all over the world for flirting and online communication.

eastflirts review

It is run by Grandview AppCommunity GmbH, based in Rüthi, Switzerland. A quick search reveals that this company owns at least two other similar dating sites with questionable reputations.

The description of the site on the main page is a bit confusing. They promise you easy access to communication, promise not to let any of your requests go unfulfilled, but they mention moderators and chat profiles, but not women or people. To me it looks like a red flag because it looks like fake profiles and chats. Let’s find out the truth.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of EastFlirts.com


How to Register at EastFlirts.com?

First we need to register on the site. Registration is free and very easy. You can register using your Facebook or Google account or by filling out a registration form. You will be asked for your name, email address, password, age and gender.

eastflitrts signup

After agreeing to the terms and conditions and clicking ‘Register’, you will be asked to confirm your email address in order to receive notifications for contact requests, exclusive special offers and 100 free Coins. I never verified my email and still received free Coins.

Once you have registered, you will be advised to complete your profile to increase your chances of finding a perfect match. You will also be offered to receive 50% Bonus Coins on your next Coin purchase and if you skip it, you will be promised to receive 100% Bonus Coins under the same conditions.

What Services are Offered at EastFlirts.com?

And now let’s see what services are available at EastFlirts.com. Since they have positioned themselves as a platform for flirting and chatting, I think they should pay close attention to the communication functions. Let’s see how they’ve done that.

Browsing profiles is free. You just have to go to the main page. Usually the Search function includes various filters for better matchmaking, but not here. There are only two filters: age range and gender. Not much, is it?

If you get bored, you can play Lucky Wheel. It is a game where you spin the Lucky Wheel and win prizes. As far as I am concerned, it is just a waste of time and Coins.

eastflirts game

To exchange messages, you can use the Chat function and check incoming messages in the Inbox tab.

There are a couple of features that can be used to track your activity, such as Visitors – to see who has visited your profile, Likes – those who have liked your profile, and Favourites – profiles you are interested in.

Costs and Pricing on EastFlirts.com

How much does it cost to use EastFlirts.com? What model do you use? Is there a paid membership? We will reveal all the details about the pricing policy.

There are no monthly subscription plans, but you will need to buy Coins to pay for fee-based features. There are several packages to choose from

  • Basic Package 200 Coins (+200 Bonus Coins) – 4.99 USD 
  • Standard Package 400 Coins (+400 Bonus Coins) – 9.99 USD
  • Bestseller package 1000 Coins (+1000 Bonus Coins) – 24.99 USD
  • Platinum package 2000 Coins (+2000 Bonus Coins) – 49.99 USD
  • Full Happiness package 4000 Coins (+4000 Bonus Coins) – 99.99 USD
eastflirts coins

Paid services:

  • Sending a message – 50 Coins
  • Send a virtual gift/GIF – from 60 Coins 
  • Lucky Wheel – 25 Coins per spin

I’m not really happy with the pricing policy because it’s not clear. I only found out that it costs 50 Coins to send a message once I have sent one. So I won’t be surprised if there are other hidden charges

What Payment Options do EastFlirts.com Accept?

You will ask, “What about payment options?”

And I say there are several choices:

  • Credit or debit cards: Quick and easy to pay by credit card.
  • Google Pay: Secure online payments with Google Pay.
  • PayPal: Safe and easy to pay with PayPal.

To buy Coins, just find the green ‘Top up Coins’ button, choose your package and payment method, and you’re done!

But don’t be in a hurry. I am suspicious of the site because I cannot find any prices for its services. The customer support was not very helpful and sent me to the FAQ, where the exact figures are completely missing.

EastFlirts.com Design and Usability in our Check

What about the design? Well, nothing special. The design is modest but functional. It is not overloaded with features and unnecessary tabs. Everything is in its place and makes a positive overall impression.

The site is easy to navigate and quite user-friendly. On the main page you will find user profiles and a handy menu with all the necessary tabs. At the top left is your account menu, where you can upload photos, complete your profile and check your Coins balance.

eastflirts usability

The left side of the page shows all activity on your profile. Here you can see who has visited your profile, who has liked it, and who has sent you a message. The top menu gives you access to all services and features of the site.

There is a modern, dedicated app with an attractive design and useful services and practical features.

Profile Quality: How Authentic are the Profiles?

Let’s look at the quality of the profiles. As far as the dating site is concerned, the profiles are poor and uninformative. I noticed a promising “Ask for more information” button, but when I clicked on it, I was redirected to the chat.

There are many beautiful women in the photos on the main page. They look perfectly made up and the photos are of high quality, which makes them seem less authentic. However, if you look closely, you will find profiles that resemble real women. Sometimes I think it would be better for them to have some improvements.

eastflirts profile

Directly from the profile, you can like, send a kiss, send a message, a GIF or a gift, and add the profile to your Favourites

External Reviews in our Test

The number of reviews available for EastFlirts.com is limited. The only user review found on Trustpilot warned that the site could be a rip-off and advised users to be wary of potential money traps.

Despite the fact that there is a dedicated app with over 1000 downloads, there is a surprising lack of reviews on Google Play. Unfortunately, this lack of external reviews gives us little additional insight into the user experience and credibility of the platform.

EastFlirts.com Customer Support Options

Curious about the effectiveness of Customer Support? Let’s delve into it. For help with the site’s functionality, the FAQ and Guidelines section is the first port of call. While informative, it lacks details on pricing – a notable drawback.

If the FAQs don’t provide the necessary information, users are advised to contact the customer support team through two channels: filling out the contact form or responding to the welcome message from customer support. I opted for the latter, and when I asked about prices, the reply offered no details but directed me to check the FAQ. What do you think is another red flag?

The customer support was not very helpful and sent me to the FAQ, where the exact figures are completely missing.
krystyna trushyna
Blogger at Ukrainain Dating Stories

Our EastFlirts.com Review Verdict: Forget It!

To sum up our investigation, I must admit that the first impression was promising. The site was straightforward about its purpose and did not promise anything more than online communication. But the prices surprised me. They are far too high for such a platform. And the second concern about the prices is that they are not clear, you can’t find them until you start using the services.

The profiles give so little information about the women that it is hard to believe they are real. Also, the names are so strange.

The lack of positive ratings and reviews adds to the negative impression of the site. And the last red flag to mention is the customer support, which seemed to be uninformative on such a simple question as prices.

So, our verdict – definitely NOT recommended! Don’t waste your time on EastFlirts.com, there is no chance of finding a real person for any kind of relationship.

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