The Plight Of The Ukrainian Woman

According to Georg Nurakhmetov, a Ukrainian businessman living in Holland, it is a sign of the times and that the turbulence within the Ukraine is causing it, but the behavior and attitude of the modern Ukrainian women is on a downward spiral that is spinning out of control.

The dominating stereotype of these women causes an arrogance that centers around “what can you give me, buy it for me and I want it.”

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Man's point of view: Ukrainian women are not saint and innocent.

The Ukraine does have some of the most beautiful women in the world but their self-centered personalities is shocking and appalling potential suitors which causes them to run, in the opposite direction! In the author’s opinion, for some reason, these women believe that carrying designer bags such as “Louis Vuitton” and driving new cars make them uncontrollably attractive.

Plight of Ukrainian woman

Georg Nurakhmetov points out that the modern Ukraine women seems to spend more time reading fashion magazines that what they do poetry or literature. With outlandish hair styles, excessive make-up and clothing that barely covers their bodies; they only prove to men that they are no “saint” and being “innocent” is not on their agenda.

The only thing that can be even more disturbing than their outward appearance is their lack of common courtesy, table manners and vocabulary.

Why princess will never become a queen?

If these modern women could only understand what a man really appreciates and wants, they would have no problem finding the man of their dreams. If they are looking for a future spouse, they are going about it the wrong way. Instead of always asking what can be done for them and what a man will buy them, taking interest in the man’s wants and needs would show that she would make a good wife.

In the man’s opinion, these self-proclaimed “princesses” will never be able to become a “queen” by being arrogant, playing games and focusing on material needs. A true princess shows concern and compassion for the people around her, not just how much attention she can get from others. As their outside beauty develops, so does their inner beauty.

Final opinion

As long as they continue to be self-absorbed and demanding, they will never make it to “queen” status. A real queen does not have to ask for anything, a man will happily give her everything her heart desires because she treats him like a king.

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4 thoughts on “The Plight Of The Ukrainian Woman”

  1. The behaviour of modern Ukrainian women? Honestly I’ve never been to Ukraine or any Slavic country, I’m from Southern Europe. But I’ve met plenty of beautiful Ukrainian girls, and they were lovely, very nice and as polite as anyone else.

    I know that there are a lot of girls like these, but come on, there’s girls like these in every country, there’s no way, the average modern Ukrainian woman is this shallow. I’ve also talked to some online, and they were not uneducated, at all, in fact I’ve ALWAYS had the impression that they were very studious, polite and modest (…r-right? ).

    Isn’t all this a bit stereotypical? I sense that the only reason these girls are deemed as shallow is because they are beautiful and worry about their looks more than women from western cultures like mine, so if they care about their hair and nails and pretty clothes they won’t have time for poetry… Honestly, I’m giggling.

    On the other hand, maybe I’m wrong what do I know, I’ve never been there…

  2. I had three girlfriends from Ukraine in the past 9 years. Two of them perfectly matched the descriptions above by Krystyna.

    1. Hi Daniil,

      thank you for your comment on my blog. It would be great if you could share your experience about your stay in Ukraine. Do you like the country?

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