Some things occurred while finding a Ukrainian wife


just wanted to drop you a line and let you know about to scam websites where the girls are fake and only want your money.

What sites you need to avoid

1 is Veronica love: sometimes the person you are talking to is not who you think you are talking to and sometimes the girls are not single.

2 is Dream marriage: sometimes the girls are not single and just want you to waste time and money.

Things occurred when finding a Ukrainian wife

Here are some of the things I experienced while trying to find a Ukrainian wife. Sometimes the person you are talking with on the dating site not who you think you are talking with. Sometimes they have other people writing the letters and always do a web search on the girl you are talking to and see if she is on any other dating sites also.

Sometimes the ladies will not allow you to hold there hand or hold then close when you are out in public and if they always want to go shopping and sometimes when they say they cannot speak English or cannot speak it well it is just to get you to spend more money on a translator who maybe a friend of theirs.

Final advice

But do not let these few bad people stop you from trying to find your love!


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