The Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency (UFMA)’s Review

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Today I would like to introduce you a marriage and matchmaking agency based in Ukraine, namely: the Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency (UFMA). The UFMA exists since 2006 and is a small, family-based marriage and matchmaking agency with the offices in Kharkov and Kiev. But is the agency worthy to select it for finding a wife from Ukraine?

Find out in my Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency review below.

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What is Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency (UFMA)?

As said in my introduction already, the Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency is a matchmaking agency between Ukrainian women, Russian brides and Western men. If you’re a lonely man from the United States or Europe, then there is a Ukrainian lady waiting for you. We know it’s tough out there, so the Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency has got your back in this (complicated) marriage and dating game.

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The company is different from most other matchmaking companies in that they actively work to build great relationships with their clients as well as the happy marriages they have created. It offers the best opportunity for a foreign man to have a great relationship with a lovely Ukrainian woman. More importantly, this means that each foreign man will have a great choice in whom they decide to marry.

Who are the founders of the UFMA?

The founder of the company is Olga, who is also responsible for all operations. Her background academically is in Economics and Psychology. She is one of the top specialists in the industry of matching individuals with the right partners. Her expertise in this area has been developed over many years of placing good matches, and knows what to look for in a potential bride.

Sergey Sokolov, Olga’s son, is a co-founder of the agency and used to work many years as one and only translator and now he is a general manager and matchmaker.

The UFMA Team

The Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency is supported by a very robust group of individuals responsible for the company’s success. The company has 3 translators on staff to ensure that there are no communication barriers.

These language barriers can lead to some dangerous miscommunications between the Western man and the Ukrainian woman to be. The teams of individuals are able to support the organization as a whole and ensure that the best matches are made.

Kharkov and Kiev - two offices in two different cities

The marriage agency has two offices in two different cities. One office is located in Kharkov City, while the other other marriage agency office is located in Kiev. Each office is able to facilitate the needs of arriving foreign guests from outside the country. Kharkov City is known for having some of the most beautiful women in Ukraine.

About the Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency's Services

If you are interested in contacting a Ukrainian lady online, then the UFMA Agency has a modern platform for doing so. The first of which is the photo credit option, which allows you to exchange photos with a potential wife. Once the two of you see one another, then you will likely want an opportunity to e-mail her.

With e-mail contact, you can begin to build your relationship online. This is the point where things will begin to progress further.

Although the distance is huge, you’ll be able to traverse it electronically and see where things develop. Once things get more serious, you can then send her gifts to show your commitment to her. Jewelry, certificates, lingerie, roses, and candy are all items which you could send to your Ukrainian lady.

This can be followed up with by tours, which are the perfect opportunity for you to meet your new romantic interest in person.

How much does the matchmaking cost at the UFMA?

Traveling to Ukraine to meet a potential spouse isn’t that expensive as you might think and can be assured to also be an enjoyable experience for the price, as Ukraine is the cheapest country of Europe these days, because of the currency rate.

The first thing to mention is that a consultation by phone with the matchmaker, Sergey, is free. He will be able to understand what you are looking for in a potential wife, which was acquired over the course of 10 years of experience in the Ukrainian matchmaking business.

He can answer any questions that you might have: how to navigate the online dating space, meeting foreign women, and choosing the right woman to communicate with. Sergey’s 10 years means that he knows what a man is looking for in a Ukrainian wife.

Over 15 minutes, you can gather plenty of good information on a potential Ukrainian match from Sergey’s in-depth base of knowledge on Ukrainian potential matches.

Another great aspect of the Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency is that their fees are very individualized. For example, email credits are sold in packages of 1 for $7.49 and 20 for $124.99. These email contact packages allow you to get in direct contact with a potential Ukrainian sweetheart whom you are interested in.

If you’re looking for something a little more personal, as in a photo exchange, 5 photo credits start at $9.99 and 50 credits start at $59.99. A basic 3-day tour package starts at $527, which includes the use of 4 hours of an interpreter, accommodation, meetings with 4 ladies from the gallery. The best way to think of these prices is that they are the cost of admission to finding a new life with a new wife.

Kiev is a city which is also friendly and very open to visitors. It's so charming that it's a magnet for women across the country. Students, people with ambition, and others are drawn to the town for its great traditions.
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Many Ukrainian and Russian women to choose from

There are many different options which you have for meeting new women through the marriage agency website. The UFMA has profiles which you can browse in their online gallery of ladies. Don’t be afraid to send one of them a message, or even request a photo. You can start sending free letters right after you register.

ufma profiles

They’re happy to hear from you, and are looking for a potential man to marry. You have so many different options for browsing profiles of the women whom are on the site. The following filters are available for you:

All the Russian brides’ profiles are confirmed and checked by the UFMA team. The data about the single Ukrainian ladies’ hobbies, working places and other aspects of their life are original and have been taken from the filled questionnaires. All the women joined the UFMA attend the company offices in Kiev and Kharkov in person and fill in the application.

This means you are able to easily look for the best match of your dreams with a little bit of careful searching. There is a lot to look for out in the huge playing field of possible matches you might be searching for.

Anti-Scam Policy - How the UFMA keeps scammers out

The Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency (UFMA) anti-scam policy is quite strict. It is a fact that there are plenty of unscrupulous dating and marriage scammers out in the market, so that is why the UFMA has such a strong anti-scam policy. They do all of the Ukrainian ladies’ photos in a portrait studio so you’ll know what you are getting before you decide on the right one.

The relationships are also very genuine, as a woman from Ukraine is not paid any money to enter a relationship with you. The only items which you are paying for is the UFMA tour services as well as the photo services on Letters are even delivered to the lady by actual paper, and not by e-mail. UFMA is a scam free agency.

A Ukrainian lady is also verified to be able to travel since documents are checked first. These anti-scam measures prevent you from entering a relationship which is not a real one. This will mean that she’s for real and less likely to unexpectedly leave you without any warning at all.

Conclusion: What We Like About The UFMA

After analyzing and checking, I can positively say that this is the marriage and matchmaking site to join if you are serious about finding a wife from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency (UFMA) provides a personal and dedicated service and you will most definitely meet reliable and honest Ukrainian ladies.

The UFMA gives you support from the very beginning of communication till the marriage or engagement. So not only is the UFMA much easier to use than other dating and marriage sites, but your chances of meeting an honest woman from Ukraine on here are also higher than on the other big dating sites.

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  1. Dear sir or madam
    I am Shoja . I am a painter at art and sketcher. Artist / painter . I live in Iran right now . I am single . I am working in art Center . My favourite: music and cinema / swim / foot ball and fine art …..
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  2. Everyone should beware of this dating site. It’s called UFMA. It’s absolutely Fake dating agency. All pretty pictures of girls from their website are fake, no real girls there. Don’t send any money to them. The site manager Sergei and his staff should be put in jail for their scamming and cheating service. I hope the U.S Ambassy in Ukraine notice this case and take actions to get rid of this scam business.

  3. Sagitarriat Jefferspin

    I am curious as to why, in late 2019, – all 7 – of the women pictured in the UFMA screenshot above, are still active and available on the UFMA site. Either they are extraordinarily bad at placing these beautiful looking women… or these women are hired by UFMA to become professional correspondents with lonely men. There would be a lot of money in doing that, as the prices charged for correspondence are pretty expensive.

  4. Explain this to me: It’s been 4 years since this article was written. But all 7 of the women shown in the UFMA photo above, are still available today as profiles on the UFMA site. Are they real? Are they really employees? Not one is unavailable today, 4 years later.

  5. I continue to ask: there are photos of 11 women above, who were on the UFMA site in 2016 (when this article was written). All 11 are still at UFMA in 2020. How can this be? (If you pull down my post again without answering, I’ll start posting this to every other site that I can find, referencing this site.)

  6. This UFMA is a complete fake site. I were the member of website and have bad experience. Most of the Women on this website are only talkative, never intended in marriage. Personally I have checked and found they are available in this website for many years. Don’t waste your money and time in this website.

  7. I have been using and paying money on UFMA. I talked to a girl for a couple months with letters and romantic chat. Sergey, the owner, assured me they are legit and the girl was interested. Now, I am starting to think either he or his translators are writing to me and using some woman’s old photos. Has anyone else had issues with this agency? Jon
    GV if you see this post from me….what was your experience like with them

  8. I actually had a video meeting with one gal, so she was real, That said she is still on the site after3-4 years as well as multiple other ladies. While I have been assured that the ladies do not participate in any of the email charges my experience is UFMA is an opportunity as a part time income for females. As far as emails one can only wonder who is actually writing the emails. Seems kinda odd also that many ladies are online ready to chat while the chat is not free for the guy. Another income opportunity for the ladies.

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