Physical intimacy in Thai dating culture

Thailand has evolved in terms of infrastructure and technology, but their dating culture remains. Interesting to know, foreigners who stay in Thailand for long find themselves embracing Thailand’s traditional dating cultures. Physical intimacy in Thailand’s dating culture is different from the modern dating culture. There is no going to bed during the first phase of dating, no hugging, just sitting close or simple touching is allowed.

Touching when sitting close to each other is regarded as a passionate expression though there is no touching of the legs, breasts, or private part. According to Thailand dating culture, the head is considered holy, so no man should touch a woman’s head or hair against her wishes.

To touch it, he must instill confidence in the lady that he isn’t flirting and is very serious about her. The Thai dating culture occurs in phases where it is almost the final phase; couples will be allowed to kiss gently on the cheeks though this will vary widely.

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What is dating like in Thailand?

Dating in Thailand is different from dating in other countries and cultures. Their dating experience is in different phases where during the first phase, there is no physical contact except sitting close to each other. However, this phase takes a short period and is followed by a phase where couples may be allowed to kiss gently but only on the cheeks.

This may continue for quite some time and the couples may be allowed to sleep together before they are married. However, this happens after a few dates where some relatives are involved during the dating meetings.

Thai dating culture

This phase occurs when couples are so close to marriage. On average, a typical dating period from the very first date to marriage takes nine months to one and a half years.

However, this is not constant and varies greatly depending on other factors. Here are some of the basics to know about dating in Thailand:

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Thailand dating tradition does not allow Buddhist monks to hold weddings. Spirituality is key to every couple that weds. They practice a Merit Gift tradition, a donation to monks in Buddhist temples to perform a ceremony and bless a wedding. Others give gifts to local Buddhist temples under the bride's name as an act of respect to the bride’s spiritual beliefs.

What do Thai men and Thai women want in a relationship?

What Thai men want is different from what Thai women want in a relationship. Let’s start with what Thai men want.

Most men in Thailand are gentlemen who like treating their dates with respect and courtesy. Thai culture is one that a man is the breadwinner and should take care of his woman, so Thai men want a woman they can take care of. Thai men are sweet, polite and sensitive towards western women as they take it as a duty to provide the best impression of their country so that these women report positively on the quality of Thai men.

In return, Thailand men want their partners to be sweet-natured, easy-going and kind-hearted. They don’t like having dates who get angry or lose their cool. You may wonder why a woman would get upset with a Thailand man with their sweet nature, but you should understand that not all are faithful.

The cultural tendency towards Thai men makes it okay for them to have several girlfriends simultaneously. Polygamy was outlawed in the 1930s though some parts still allow men to have multiple wives.

Getting to what Thai women want, several factors affect this. Their culture strongly demands that they look for good men, which means men who are not liars, who don’t cheat and are not involved in any criminal activity. A Thai woman will look for a man who is financially stable, clean and brave. Most women want a serious and not casual relationship so pay attention to her intentions before engaging with her. She wants to feel safe with a man, loved and valued. Even as you take care of her, respect her family and traditions as well.

The do’s and don’ts when dating a Thai girl



What Makes Thai Women so attractive?

Thai women are petite, beautiful, elegant and bubbly. They have gorgeous skin, long hair and a warm smile, which attracts men. Most of them boast of nice figures. Majority are slim and physically fit, adding to their nice features. They work hard and value family bonds. You would rarely find a Thai woman over the recommended BMI scale attributed to their lifestyle, diet and genes.

They have very smooth and shiny skin, which gives them a natural glow since their childhood. Thai women have unique characteristics that make them attractive. They know how to maintain their cool and rarely lose their temper in public. Most are mature, stable and well-grounded. 

Thai women dating

They never try to dominate in relationships and strictly adhere to their customs and duties. With a beautiful face, well-defined characters and a kind heart, why wouldn’t Thailand women be attractive?

Thai Attitude to physical intimacy while dating

There is a common stereotype that Thai women are shy, reserved and virgins until marriage. Though it may not be for all women, there is some truth in this stereotype. Thais value reputation, especially virgins, as they would do anything to protect themselves. Don’t be surprised if she brings a chaperone when you invite her to a date. 

Thais minimize physical contact in all aspects during the initial dating phase. Simple gestures like a touch on your hand are allowed, but kissing or stroking the leg is forbidden.

Women’s heads are considered sacred, so no man should touch the head or play with the hair without asking for permission. Even more, you should convince the woman that you are serious for her to let you touch her head. In Thailand, public shows of affection is rare and anyone seen doing it is viewed differently.

No sex before marriage – is it possible?

Thailand’s culture of no sex before marriage is popularized though there are different views towards the notion. Girls growing up will be taught everything about values and how they should preserve their virginities till marriage. As a result, women who remain conservative in religion and traditions wait to give their husbands their virginity.

However, not everyone follows this. Some have adopted modern dating and will have sex before marriage. Besides, it is not surprising to find a Thailand woman sleeping with men for money. However, western men argue that such women may not be experienced as most of them remain virgins until a certain age when they decide to explore the world.

Conclusion: Physical intimacy in Thai dating culture

If you are dating a Thailand woman for the first time, you will take time to adapt to her dating culture, especially if you are used to modern dating. Dating in Thailand is very different from modern dating. While you are used to holding hands in public, kissing and maybe getting intimate, physical intimacy in Thailand culture is not allowed until marriage.

You are not allowed to touch her body except her hand. No kissing in your first dating stage and even when you are allowed to kiss, it is only at the cheeks. Her head is sacred, so no touching it unless she lets you touch it. You can’t play with her hair or touch her privates. Until you make her your wife, you should minimize physical contact.

Last Updated on June 09, 2023

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