Charmerly Dating Site Review: Legit Or Fake?

An online dating site should have some amount of charm, right? Charm to lure you in so you sign up, create a profile, browse and whet your appetite for the beautiful ladies, and spend some (or a lot of) money, of course. 

Sadly, not every dating site that has the power to lure you in is legit – unless you maybe don’t know what a reputable dating site should look like. Unfortunately, some scam and unreputable dating sites are like sheep in wolves’ clothing – they look pretty and charming, but once you’re caught – hook, line, and sinker, it’s too late. 

Is Charmerly charming? Should you sign up here and look for love? 

Honestly and spoiler alert, no. Stay away. Charmerly is run by the same company as other dating platforms I’ve blacklisted. But if you are curious to learn more, here’s my comprehensive review. 

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

What Is is an international online dating site. Most of the women registered on the platform are Russian brides looking for a foreign date, boyfriend, or husband. 

However, looking at the site’s homepage, I wouldn’t really guess that you’d meet mostly Russian beauties. Charmely describes itself as an “online service for communication” if you are interested in making new connections. review

That could be the description of Facebook or another popular social media platform. And in fact, an online dating site is a social media service – just for dating and to help you find love. But still, you’d expect a dating site to be upfront about who you can meet on the site and be more specific when it comes to what their service is about. 

The website also reminded me of a few I’ve seen before:,, and

Turns out, the same operator that runs Charmerly also runs these sites. They also operate, but that website doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter of the others. 

The company behind Charmerly is based in Cyprus. has no mobile app, so you need to use the website to connect and find love. (But please don’t. Stay clear.) 


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

How Do I Set Up an Account on

It’s easy to set up an account on Charmerly. On the homepage, the first thing you see – besides the lady with glasses (who is probably signing up too) – is a sign up form. 

Underneath “It’s free to join,” you need to fill in: 

charmerly registration

Next, tick the box to:

Did you though? Have you read through all the legal jargon so you know what you are letting yourself in for? 

Spoiler Alert! In Charmerly’s Terms of Use, under Icebreakers, the company essentially admits that they try to lure you in to spend money. 

The section there reads that they allow “trusted members” (aka ladies on the site) to send mass icebreakers or the same messages to various other members so these people – aka you – can feel like you are worthy of attention and being chatted to. 

Nice, right? 

Yeah, it’s a no thank you from me and a huge red flag. 

How Does Work? works by letting you sign up, create a profile, and then search and browse so you can find your love match through the various search parameters. 

You can also use their Tinder-like feature where you “like” or “skip” profiles. 

In essence, Charmerly is a social platform where you connect with other singles, post photos and statuses in your newsfeed, and posts from others pop up in your newsfeed, just like on Facebook. 

Usability: Is the Site Easy to Use?

The site is easy to use. You’ll be able to find your way around Charmerly, and this is part of the online dating site’s so-called charm – make it super easy for you to find what you need so you can spend money and make a nameless person (because who knows who the real company and people behind Charmerly’s creation really are) rich. 

How Can I Get a Free Trial on

There’s no free trial on Charmerly, but then again, free trials are a bit different in the online dating world. 

A free trial in online dating is when you can access certain features of a dating site for free so you can try before you buy – so to speak. 

On Charmerly, the “free trial” consists of: 

Costs & Pricing: Is Expensive or Cheap?

Charmerly is expensive since you need to to buy credits to communicate with the person you fancy. 

You get 20 credits for free when you sign up, but these won’t take you far (especially when you see what the services on Charmerly costs). 

Once you’ve spent the 20 free credits (which will be in a flash), you need to buy more credits. 

20 credits cost you US$9.99. 

If you enjoy clicking you’ll have to keep on buying bundles of 20 credits. 

Anyhow, here’s how much Charmerly’s services cost: 

Is Full of Fake Profiles?

The profile photos on Charmerly seem way too charming and perfect for real ladies who are genuinely looking for love to be on the other end. 

charmerly profiles

I’ve learned that if something looks too good to be true, it is. So there’s only one conclusion – Charmerly has loads of fake profiles, which means you will spend loads of money with no chances of finding your one true love. 

How to Contact Customer Service at

There is only one way you can contact the customer service team at You need to send an email to support [at] 

Charmerly Customer Reviews on and

It’s essential to look at reviews of online dating services on third party platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

While you shouldn’t take all the reviews at face value and should make up your own mind, reviews can be helpful when deciding whether the dating site is safe and reputable and whether you’ll find your woman.

So let’s look at the Trustpilot and Sitejabber reviews for Charmerly. 

There are 30 reviews for Charmerly on Sitejabber, and the online dating platform has a star rating of 1.43. Here’s a breakdown of how reviewers scored the site: 

charmerly sitejabber

There are 30 reviews for Charmerly on Sitejabber, and the online dating platform has a star rating of 1.43. Here’s a breakdown of how reviewers scored the site: 

A summary of the reviews: 

On Trustpilot, Charmerly doesn’t fare better. 

Here, has 11 reviews with a 2.3 star rating, which indicates “poor.” The votes are split with: 

charmerly trustpilot

The reviews mention the same pain points: 

Our Review Verdict: It’s a Definite No

All in all, there’s no way I can – in good conscience – recommend as the international dating site where you should sign up and find your true love. 

After all my testing and reviewing, I blacklist Charmerly because: 

You won’t find a date here, and you are better off looking for your true love on a legit and reputable dating site. 

Check out my guide on the 4 best Ukrainian dating sites or top 3 Russian dating sites if you have your sights set on dating a Slavic single. 

Good luck!

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