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Single Baltic Lady ( is a mail order bride website that has proven to be one of the best places to find the perfect bride. Their entire site specializes in women in the Baltic region, mainly Estonia, Lativia, Lithuania as well as Russia and Ukraine.

Single Baltic Lady: Company Definition

SingleBalticLady Company Description

Single Baltic Lady is a team with vast experience in this delicate and personal business going back to 1997.  Of course, over the years Single Baltic Lady have added a bunch of young, energetic, and talented managers. Single Baltic Lady says “We meet in person with almost all of the women who post their profiles on our site, and we also check their passports.  That’s just step one of many we take to ensure that what you see is what you get.

Single Baltic Lady Experience: Company Description

Single Baltic Lady has thousands of women with ratable profiles that can be browsed through, and a system that allows you to interact with women who you find of interest. Users can order flowers through a partner site, as well as send smiles to women that they like. Users can also receive free address after they have sent and received 15 messages through the site.

One of the things that makes Single Baltic Lady stand out amongst other mail order bride websites is that it has 24-7 customer support. You can contact support through their online panel at your convenience.

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You can sign up for a basic membership which is 100% free. But If you are unsure about joining Single Baltic Lady all together, they allow you to send out your very first message for free. After the first message, you will have to purchase credits. These credits will allow you to send 15 messages, which will eventually give you access to her personal contact information. You can also pay an expedited price that can get that information to you even sooner.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the site, you can arrange background checks on any woman you might have interest in. You can also make arrangements to meet a Baltic lady in their own home town if you become ready to take things to another level.

One of the things that can be appreciated about Single Baltic Lady is that they have the ability to offer a personalized service that can be used right from their website. This personalized service can help you meet, as well as greet a lady wherever her location might be. Easy negotiations can be done through customer support, making the entire system flexible.

Website's platform review

Many users appreciate the website’s platform. The design is fairly simple and most of the features and information can easily be found, due to it’s intuitive layout. Profiles are set up with a simple idea in mind,letting you interact with the ladies problem free.

Finding a mail order bride on Single Baltic Lady is fairly easy, as well as comfortable.
It is by far one of the best match making services online.

Single Baltic Lady services:

Single Baltic Lady users review

Review #1: single-baltic-ladies scam (by Hoofhearted)

Hello everyone,new to this site,my friend and i joined single baltic ladies. WE decided to choose some ladies and both of us sent them some nice letters. We got replies from all of them at between 15$ and 20$ a pop. Lo and behold what did we find!!! They were all to a letter identical!!…omg!!
the ladies:

An example of the crap you get sent this one was by Brilliant(scammer)_Anastasia:

Hi darling Stephen)))
Your letter intrigued me!!!!

I wish to meet you in this year. I really want to be happy and have real love. I am very serious about finding my true soul mate and making a happy family with him. I want to tell you more about me. If you interesting, of cause))) I am happy young lady, because I love life! I live and study in Odessa.

I have a lot of friends. I like traveling, sea and also music. I have a dog and cat but i am lonely. I am tired of coming home to empty house without my beloved there to meet me. My heart is ready to fall in love. .) I would like to wake up with a man, not alone. I want to make coffee and maybe if you want – something more substantial. And I hope that you, of course, as a real man, love to eat and to eat well)

For my happiness I also need a man who could share my life. Maybe this man will be you????? What do you think????? I want to love and to be loved, to spend evenings together with my family and to create a real paradise at home, so that it will be always a pleasure for my beloved man to return home from work.

I wish to know about you more. Write me more about your family, how you spend your free time.
I am waiting for your reply

Kisses to you
Warmly Nastya)))

TOUCHING ISNT IT…. AND NOW…my friend received this:

Hi darling James)))
Your letter intrigued me!!!!
I wish to meet you in this year. I really want to be happy and have real love. I am very serious about finding my true soul mate and making a happy family with him.

I want to tell you more about me. If you interesting, of cause))) I am happy young lady, because I love life! I live and study in Odessa. I have a lot of friends. I like traveling, sea and also music. I have a dog and cat but i am lonely. 

I am tired of coming home to empty house without my beloved there to meet me. My heart is ready to fall in love. .) I would like to wake up with a man, not alone. I want to make coffee and maybe if you want – something more substantial. And I hope that you, of course, as a real man, love to eat and to eat well))

For my happiness I also need a man who could share my life. Maybe this man will be you????? What do you think????? I want to love and to be loved, to spend evenings together with my family and to create a real paradise at home, so that it will be always a pleasure for my beloved man to return home from work.

I wish to know about you more. Write me more about your family, how you spend your free time.

I am waiting for your reply
Kisses to you
Warmly Nasty!!

My friend and I were in tears!! How could this be? Don’t you love us?
P.S. Spoke to a lovely lady (or whoever) called Oksana, “you will get refund sir in 24 hours”

Have a nice day!!

SingleBalticLady Company Description

Review #2: My experience with women from Singel baltic lady (by Tonie)

Hello everybody, my name is Tonie and I have been for a couple of years on Single Baltic Lady. For me it is over coz I am sure that most of the women are not serious. I have been in Odessa to meet a woman and one week before I went to here she was removed from the site. I met her with an Interpreter coz she didn’t know English.

I saw on her face that she didn’t read and saw my photos in my profile. I was there for 8 days and you have to pay 25 dollars /hour for the interpreter. By the way, even the interpreter was later on the site and she said in her profile that her English was bad. When I was back home she still was of the site and she gave me her E-mail address and telephone number. 

A half year later she was on the site again under another name. Let me tell you this I have much experience with these sites and can tell more stories from friends and other people and they have lost a lot of money and no women.

I have found a woman at TAU2 and this site is better coz there is no agency and not expensive. You can directly ask for her Phone number and E-mail address and cost 25 dollars minus the one dollar message you have send before to her. I have all personal information of her and we are on Skype every week send E-mail and SMS.

The women there are not so beautiful but they are real. You don’t love someone coz she is beautiful but she is beautiful coz you love her. Right!!!. If you want to know more about Single Baltic lady or other sites of the same owner, please ask me.

Review #3: Single Baltic Ladies (by Spoetnik)

Single Baltic Ladies the girl you’re writing with, 1s you get the email they or disappear, or with some search i found out 1 was even married , Internet

I have been registered to Single Baltic Lady for about 5 weeks, in this times a lot of girl and woman started to write out of nothing, even without putting a picture. I have been trying to filter out what would be to obviously fake, because I had my doubts already before starting it. 

You can see there is a pattern in the girls contacting, most of the time a lot of expensive girl start to write and after first letter, the 2th will cost you a lot. Even girls you are telling you’re not interested keep trying and trying.

Finally I requested 6 email addresses, which is 300 USD, beside that I could have spent another 600 USD for letters to open already. Personally i don’t care too much for this money. It’s just to warn others. Well from the 6 email, 1 was answering letters about 1s in 3 days saying she didn’t had much time, started to go to school bla bla bla. 

She was online every day on the site that I could see. So I started to search her name on google and found her mother first with pics of the daughter’s wedding in April 2011 and later found her own VK account. After that send her a mail what I found and ended it.

2th girl did send 1 email and after started to send a letter again through the site, which I would need to pay again to open, when I told her I wouldn’t open them she stopped writing completely. 3th girl never answered any email, still online every day on the site of SBL. 4th girl send me 1 letter back in Russian, about being busy with work etc., but also online every day on SBL

5th girl has send me a few letters, still not sure if she has any intentions of really putting this through or not, so far she has send about 3 letters in a week, but nothing in the direction of really getting to know her better. 6th girl I just recently opened and hasn’t answered yet.

So my conclusion this far is, probably most accounts are setup. If you see the quality of the photoshoots i personally think that they cowork with a model agency that makes photoshoots from girls that want to become model to make a portfolio. Many of them also write in their profile they are semi or prof models. 

Like another filled complain on here it’s possibly true they get a % of the payments that the site receives from opening letters and email requests. If you think of seriously finding a girl/woman on this site , i wouldn’t count the chances higher than 5% and at what cost i don’t know, endless.

Hope it will help you to not get ripped off.

Review #4: Single Baltic Lady; totally a scam? (by Palle1985)

Hello everyone!

I’m new here so bear with me one this one and my native language isn’t English so have a little patience 🙂 I really need some help and hope someone here could give me some good advice. Here is my story.

For some months ago, March 2009, I found a link on Facebook to a webpage called “Single Baltic Lady”. I was very curious about it and looked at it. It was many nice looking girls on it and I have always found eastern European girls very attractive so I joined in. 

Maybe the first days I got about 100 letters from different women’s and I thought I was in heaven 🙂 I discovered fast that is was rather expensive to communicate on that page but with no other experience in this matter I thought maybe it is like that. The time went by and I found some promising girls I really liked. We talked and talked and still everything felt good.

Another girl (not one of the once I had been communicating for a while with) start sending me letter and I answered her, she was willing to come to Sweden (where I live) which I thought was great until she asked me for money for a visa, then I realized that something wasn’t right and stopped the contact with her. 

And that was the first time I was in contact with a scam. I started to search the internet for information about this and found Jim’s page agency scams.
I read and read but still I didn’t know what to think.

I also read about his comment on singel baltic women and got very sad, was everything I thought was real only scam? Is every girl on that page scam or is it mixed with both real girls, looking for someone, and scams? 

Well I wasn’t sure and well Jim seemed pretty sure on his thing and I also read his example of a scammer and a genuine letter from a Russian women but maybe it is obvious to many it was not so clear for me, of course when she asks for money me too understand that it is something wrong, but to spot a scammer before she asks for money.

I decided to continue my correspondence with the girls on SBL hoping that they were genuine. Sometimes passed and I found out one of the girls to be very strange. 

She answered my letters and my questions but then wrote much about how she missed me and wanted to be with me and such… it got even worse after a while where she sent me letters only with affectionate words besides our correspondence and because you pay to open every letter it got very expensive so finally I could bare it and broke my contact with her.

But my correspondence with the others continued. One of the girls I also talked over the phone with, on msn too and another I talked to msn and she even got Facebook because of me. So that they were real girls there was no doubt about. I started to plan a trip to Ukraine and Odessa to meet this girls (about 5-6 girls I’ve been talking to).

But about two-three weeks ago I visited Jim’s page again and found out some new information about SBL or Natasha club. There were guys that had talked to girls on SBL and then found same girls on other webpages and these girls didn’t know anything about SBL or didn’t know they had any profiles there. It wasn’t only one guy writing this so it must be many scam profiles and this got me a little worried.

Also I found out some new scam ways Jim wrote about. It was common in Ukraine that the women are real and she talk to you and agree to meet you and everything but she is not interested in any relationship. She will only use the expensive site to communicate because then she and the page makes money on you.

With this new info I was about to cancel my planned trip to Ukraine to meet this women’s I been communicating with. But after a talk with my friend about a trip to Ukraine he agreed on going there with me just to explore and see Odessa. And I thought, now when I have come this far with the girls, when I have spent both money and time, and I’m still going to Ukraine maybe I could meet some of them anyway to see if there is real. But I’m not so sure about it anymore…

I have like 6-7 girls now I’m talking to. One I recently start talking to says she is coming to Sweden for vacation in august and like to meet me then. I still am very careful about this until I know she will not ask me for money or something. But none of these girls have asked me for money, two of them is willing to meet me in Odessa without interpreters (they don’t speak English) one of them lives in Sumy and the other I Nikolaev.

Only one of these girls wants to use an interpreter from the agency when we meet. Some girls are very affectionate in there letters which I found a bit strange but maybe it is because I’m very affectionate in mine. But two of these girls have e-mails but it seems very problematic to talk over e-mail. 

Either there having problems with their e-mail or they don’t have a computer with internet at home. I don’t know if this is common or not. I have asked four of the girls for more pictures of them but it never comes, one of them uploaded one new pictures in her profile but they always says “I will send you but not now” and I have been nagging about this for some time now.

Well what do you suggest me to do? Should I meet them when I come down there? Is there someone that has meet their other half on that page and is any of the girls real and her intentions real? What should I do, I really need some help from people that have more experience and know more about this than me.

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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8 thoughts on “ Experience: 4 Reviews by Real Users”

    1. This is a scam site with fake women that work for the site and send out prepacked letters to men just so they can spend $5 to $20 just to read the sham emails!

      So sad that a websites can get away with this… Just like AFF!

      Fake photos of models that you may think are available, but they are not and never were, just a hook to get you to subscribe and hand your money to the site operators.

      This makes finding a worthwhile site so tough…


  1. Nils Hermann have totaly right….this whole page is a scam and i know it from my own experience trough a year incl. 2 real meetings…..beside i learned to know one Ex employee of theís company who worked as a interpretor there and who explained me everything. I just can advice to check and read the Website of Nils Hermann, because this is exactly that what await you if you use incl. their mirror pages. I just can appeal to all men`s – Let the fingers of it!!!! The only thing that is waiting for you there to lose a lot of money.








  3. I was a member of Single Baltic Ladies for 7 months during 2015. I got more than 1000 lettters from nice women, both in Russia and Ukraine, but I only contacted 4 ladies. After spending some 500 dollars I got their e-mails. But then none of them where interested to answer my mails, although I translated my mails to ukraine. They continued to write to me through the web site, which made me suspicious. But since I did not want to pay more for the expensive letters through the web site I gave up. The web site is probably a really good scam place, which the owners make good money from unlucky men……..

  4. This site is a total scam. I was on the site about 2 years. Finally corresponded with what seemed like a nice brunette. 21 year old. I flew to Odessa to see her. I booked the flight and the hotel (villa la premier) by Expedia. The driver from the hotel picked me up at the airport (the airport is something from the 60s..shock). No problems with customs with Canadian passport. I was on business in Warsaw so the flight to Odessa after business took only 1.5 hours. The girl was also at the airport with an interpreter. They both looked nice until we drove to the hotel and sat down for a coffee. The girl had an obvious scar on her nose (something not seen on the profile) and yellow teeth. The interpreter was nice but average looking. We went for dinner that evening close to the hotel. Paid 100 bucks for a dinner for 3. Shock considering people get paid on average 300 bucks per month. The girl practically ran away after the dinner and I was left with the interpreter. The next day next dinner down town. Again 100 bucks. After this I took a cab alone and with my limited Russian understood the driver that all restaurants are set up by the agency and that there is an automatic 40% overcharge that goes to the agency. Next day the interpreter took me to a “normal” restaurant without the girl from the agency but with a friend. For all 3 of us with 2 bottles of wine I paid half the price 50 bucks. From there on I practically ignored the girl. The was only one time that we went to the gym and spa. I worked out and took a normal massage and the girl died her hair. The interpreter insisted that the bills (plus the interpreters nails) be on the same bill. I objected but by that time the girl practically ran away leaving me with the bill. Her hair cost 50 bucks and the interpreters nails about 15 bucks. From there on I decided to completely ignore the girl and just have fun at clubs with the interpreter and her girlfriend. I got toasted two days in the row. I had fun before flying back to Warsaw. One more thing is that the hotel staff was very nice. The food was great and so were the drinks. All girls and guys at the reception were very nice and spoke English. For the flight and 5 days of the hotel I paid 1000 buck with extra health insurance. The pool was great but across the street there is major construction. So all day fucking noise. So what is the moral of the story. The agency is a total scam. The girls in reality look much worse and they work with the agency and picked restaurants to rip you off. The other moral of the story. Don’t go to Ukraine. Its like a time machine. 40 years back compared to Poland which is next door. Also everybody wants to scam foreigners because they make such shiet money. The hotel seemed to be an exception. Probably because they want you back. But all others want to rip you off. Its a shiet hole of Europe to put is in a nut shell and the girls on the street do not look like anything on the site. Yes they are hotter than N.American chicks but not nearly as hot as what you would expect. That is the end of my story about that shiet hole. My advice go to Poland. Its a civilized and much more developed country. Plus you will be in EU. Not some shiet hole that still wants a pact with Russia. Take care and take my advice. Adios amigos.

  5. Hi,I find all of this so crappy how the powers that be in any country can let it happen is beyond me just goes to show how crap the security of this so called internet the biggest money making business in the world is it’s a complete failure

  6. Tor.
    I have been in Ukraine many times, in periods up to three months, and I can say I really like the country and the people. But not this agency, and also other agecies I have been to, all the same.

    I have been at this agency for two years now, it has become almost like hobby, and it is perfect if you just want to look at pretty girls. But let me tell some facts. You never get a “smile” from someone, it is the computer fixing this. Also the computer tells when someone is online, and when last online. If you write one of the girls, you always get an answer. But not from the girl, it is proffesional “ghost-writers”. doing this. Also when you get message from them. Only after getting her e-mail adress, you get in contact with the girl herself. (You dont have to write 15 letters, you can get the private e-mail adress at once, read terms carefully), If you send for her some gift, you get the picture with the woman and the gift. After the photographer take the gift back and leave. This is done even with flowers, I think maybe it is not real flowers. Stay away from all their services, they are hugly overpriced. Eksample, I paid 30$ for transport, when I go back, I go by ordinary train, and paid abouth 8$ For translator, you can contact an independent translator (Internet) and pay abouth one third the price. I had agency translator once (driving a Lexus), in most expensive resturant (Monaco, in Kiev) I have ever been. I found later, I paid more than 40% above ordinary meny price, the whole meal cost abouth 500$, for the three of us. And remember, this is in Ukraine, where an ordinary worker maybe earn 400 – 500 $ pr month.

    If you pass all this, and hold your head cool, and suspecious, you might meet a girl. But first, her lock is maybe some different from picture, fixed by fotoschop, or pictures are many years old. (Videos are much more to be trusted.) And many times it is woman you dont want to bring back to your family. They want you to spend as much money at them as possible, and ok, they pay a little back, with sex. Some of them. One advice at the end, if you still want to go for a visit, stay away from bigger cities, good girls you find in smaller willages. I did.

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