Lovefort Review 2024: Legit Or Fake?

There are too many online dating sites these days, and too many of these should 100% not exist because they won’t help you find true love. 

Is LoveFort one of these dating sites that should be blacklisted? 

I review numerous online dating sites every month, and I don’t just visit the homepage and make up my mind. No, I dive deep and consider various factors like the dating site’s reputation, quality, services, costs, safety and security, and more. 

If a site doesn’t meet even the basic standards, there’s no way you’ll meet your soulmate. It’s more likely that you’ll be scammed the minute you sign up. You’ll need to pay for everything you do on the site, and the ladies (or bots) are only there to entice you to spend your money.  

LoveFort is one of these scammy sites, and here’s why. 

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

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Okay, so I’ve got to start this with: According to LoveFort, the website is NOT a dating site. The company reply to reviews on Sitejabber insists that LoveFort is an “online and international communication platform” where the “primary focus is communication.” 

Mmhmm … need I communicate my concerns? 

Well, okay. review

LoveFort’s website clearly looks like a dating site and not a communication platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Even the pink homepage is geared toward love. Then there’s the site’s name: LoveFort. That alone indicates that it’s an online dating site. 

So that’s pretty much red flag number 1. also doesn’t have a stellar online reputation, with many previous members complaining about how the service is a scam. But more on this soon. 

My first general impression when I visited the website is that the site looks attractive, but I also immediately recognized the layout of the site. It’s pretty much exactly the same as other dating sites by a Nevada-based company called Interpillar Ltd. 

Interpillar Ltd. also operates:

Another eye opener was the lack of transparency about who owns’s site. Their “About Us” page is a joke. 

Lastly, if LoveFort was a legit dating site, it’d be in the Latin American online dating niche because most of the single ladies registered on the platform are from Latin American origins. But the company states that Americans, Brits, and Germans can make new connections with Russians, Argentinians, and Chinese. 

Yeah, I’m confused too. Seems the company doesn’t even know what dating niche they or their member profiles fills. 


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

How to Register on

It’s easy to register on LoveFort. You can (but shouldn’t) sign up on the homepage under the “It’s free to join!” heading. 

You need to fill in: 

Lovefort registration

Then click on the hot pink “Register” button after you’ve read all the T&Cs so you know what you are signing up for. 

Next, there’s two short quizzes you need to complete: one that asks some questions about who you are and what you like, and the second one is about your ideal love match. The answers help you create your online dating profile on LoveFort. 

Once the quizzes are complete, upload a profile photo. But … You can skip all this and have an empty profile. Now why would the company okay incomplete profiles if they really want to help actual people connect? 

You can verify your email address, but you don’t have to (#SuspiciousMuch).  

What Do the Profiles Look Like? (Features and Functions)

The profiles on LoveFort are pretty basic, as expected with the quick sign up process. 

You’ll see the following on a person’s profile: 

Lovefort profiles

You can access these functions on a person’s profile: 

LoveFort Profiles in Our Review

Most of the ladies on LoveFort look like they are professional models—that’s how stunning and edited those photos are. But that usually means that a real person isn’t on the other end, or that the person you are chatting up doesn’t look like their profile photo. 

That explains—partly—why the ladies never want to meet or exchange contact info. 

lovefort women profiles

Therefore, I conclude the LoveFort profiles are mostly fakes.  

Can I Use LoveFort for Free?

You can access some features on for free:

Memberships, Costs, & Credits at LoveFort

If you want to chat with anyone, send gifts, and more, you need to buy credits, which is LoveFort’s online currency. 

When you sign up, you get 20 credits for free so you can test LoveFort’s services. 

But these credits won’t last long, and soon, you’ll need to buy more. 

You buy credits in bundles, and here’s how much you’ll pay: 

The services on LoveFort ain’t cheap, so your cash will get:

Usability Check on Desktop and Mobile

Most online dating platforms are user-friendly to speed up how you spend your money. I mean, if you can barely find your way to sign up or buy credits, the dating site won’t do so well and make tons of cash, right?  

So when I did my usability check for LoveFort, I found that it works fine on a desktop (and I wasn’t surprised). It’ll also work on your tablet or phone, provided you access the website via a web browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. 

The bad news is that there is no mobile app, and in today’s world, it’s expected for these kinds of services to have an on-the-go solution so you can date and find love in peace, comfort, and convenience. 

LoveFort just lost some more points for not having a mobile app for iOS and Android users.

Safety and Security on

There are pretty much no safety and security features on LoveFort. One good thing: the profiles aren’t public, so at least that’s one thing you can breathe about. 

The site does have an anti-scam policy, but have you looked at it? 

It’s pretty much just an info article about what are scams, types of scams, and that you can reach out to LoveFort if you received a suspicious email and would like their compliance department to conduct an investigation. 

LoveFort even states that the policy “does not constitute legal or any other kind of advice”—so then, what good is this policy? 

Yeah, no safety and security on—a big turn off for me.  

How Can I Reach the Customer Support at

To get in touch with the customer support at LoveFort, you need to send an email to support [at] 

Most reputable dating sites have various communication options so their customers can easily reach out—not just an email option. 

Customers Reviews at Trustpilot & Sitejabber

I always look at what previous members or customers of a service say before making up my mind. Of course, this isn’t the last deciding factor but it’s a biggie. 

For LoveFort, I looked at the reviews on two independent third-party review sites: Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Let’s look at Sitejabber first. 

lovefort sitejabber

LoveFort has 44 reviews on the site and an average rating of 2.39 stars, so most reviewers weren’t happy with the dating site’s service (#NoSurprise). 

A summary of the LoveFort reviews on Sitejabber: 

Okay, next up is Trustpilot. has a claimed profile on Trustpilot. The dating platform has 55 reviews and an overall rating of 2.6 stars, indicating the company offers poor service. 

Lovefort trustpilot

A summary of the LoveFort reviews on Trustpilot reveals the following: 

Our Lovefort Review Verdict: Not Recommended

There is absolutely no way I can recommend LoveFort as one of the reputable dating sites you should sign up for. 

On the contrary, I can’t make it clearer that you should stay far, far away. Chances of meeting love—zero. Being scammed—99%. 

Reasons why I blacklist LoveFort: 

If you have your heart set on a beautiful and authentic Latin American single lady, rest assured: There are reputable sites where you can find and connect with your lady love. 

Read my guide on Latin American foreign singles and check out my review.  

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