How Many Mail-Order Marriages End in Divorce

What’s the use of looking for a foreign bride (aka mail-order bride) if the divorce statistics are too high? 

I get it; you want your marriage to your foreign beauty to be a loving, prosperous, and long-lasting one. Read also: How to find a foreign wife? Some ways that actually work

I found love with my foreign husband, and I know my marriage is a success. But what about the other foreign marriages where couples meet on online dating platforms and singles tours and via matchmaking agencies? 

Here’s everything you need to know about the success and failure rates of mail-order marriages (although I prefer the term “foreign marriages”). 

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What Marriages Are Most Likely to End in Divorce?

Not all couples who get married live their fairytale happily ever after. Divorce is nowadays the norm when couples are no longer happy to be with their spouse. But honestly, the reason for divorcing a wife or husband is not as easy as simple “unhappiness.” 

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So what types of marriages and couples are more likely to file for divorce? 

So it seems the most common reasons that marriages don’t work out is because of: 

Mail-Order Divorce Statistics and Facts

There are many accounts and anecdotes about couples who fell in love and are (currently) happily living with or married to their foreign partner. 

Plus, every online dating site proclaims how its platform has made real love possible for singles all around the world. Also read: Can You Trust a Ukrainian Woman When Dating Online?

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But what’s the truth? Are foreign marriages really successful, or do these types of marriages have a high failure rate? 

Let’s find out by looking at the main foreign marriage divorce facts and stats: 

Reflections on the Mail-Order Marriage Statistics

Unfortunately, there aren’t many divorce or marriage success statistics on foreign marriages, and the other stats I found can’t be verified so I’m not going to bother including them here if I can’t trust where they come from. 

The four statistics above don’t “tell the same story.” The first two stats mention how interracial or foreign marriages are more likely to end in divorce, while the last two state that mail-order spouses have a higher chance at marriage success. 

So which of these do we believe?

In all honesty, a marriage between any couple requires love, respect, open communication, and commitment to stick together through thick and thin and make it work. Love can cross cultural, religious, and language barriers, and there are many people who marry someone from international waters who enjoy a healthy, successful, and lasting union. 


The opposite is also true where foreign marriages – just like their local or regional counterparts – simply don’t work out. 

I also have to raise awareness that there is the worry that foreign brides don’t share the same means as local ones do. If a foreign spouse moves to the U.S., for example, and they can’t speak English or don’t have money, how can they seek out a divorce lawyer if they are unhappy in their marriage? Can these ladies return home, or are they stuck with their husbands in a foreign country? 

Not all foreign wives are unhappy and isolated, but sadly, we’ll never know how many of these unlucky brides there are. 

I don’t want to scare you off from pursuing a foreign love, but if you know about the issues and that the statistics aren’t conclusive, you can make better decisions. 

Be sure that your foreign lady love truly is the one for you and that you are committed to taking care of her and wanting the best for her – especially if she agrees to move to your home country. Take her to visit her family back home (if she wants), and let her know she can file for divorce if she isn’t happy. 

Of course, you should work on your marriage – just like any other couple – to make it a fruitful one.

Final Thoughts: Believe in Love and Happy Marriage

If foreign marriages didn’t have a chance to be successful, there wouldn’t be so many online dating services and matchmaking agencies. Our tip: Check our Russian & Ukrainian Dating Site Reviews

But as with any marriage, the opportunity to fail and divorce your spouse is just as likely. 

It is up to you and your foreign wife to set boundaries, communicate, foster intimacy, and set healthy couples goals to give you every chance to have a loving, kind, and wonderful marriage that doesn’t end in divorce or separation. 

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