How to Impress a Russian Bride When Dating Online

A Russian lady isn’t going to simply be impressed with you because you liked her profile and started chatting to her. These women have a lot going for them, so chances are high that you aren’t the first in the queue to win her heart and nor are you the only guy chatting her up. 

So how can you impress the Russian love of your life when you use online dating sites? Here’s how.  

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Impress Her With Your Perfect Profile: Our Top Tips

An outstanding dating profile will go a long way to impress a lady. After all, it may be the first thing the Russian lady sees if she found you or it will be the second thing she looks at if your intro message caught her attention. Read my recent article: “13 Reasons Why Slavic Girls Make the Best Girlfriends”.

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So how can you use your profile to impress the Russian woman of your dreams? 

The Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing any woman looking at your dating profile sees. So make this one pop. 

You want to ensure you choose a picture that a lady will find attractive (honor the female gaze) and not what you think she’ll find attractive (you’ll be wrong, 99.99% of the time).

Choose a photo that showcases who you are. If you like to surf, an action shot of you and your surfboard is a good idea. If you volunteer at the local animal shelter, get a fellow volunteer to snap a photo of you and the dogs surrounding you. 

Proofread the “About You” and Other Sections

It’s one thing to have one grammar or typo mistake in your profile message; it’s quite another to look like a careless mishap with a message that doesn’t even make sense and that has so many errors. 

So do yourself (and the lady of your heart) a favor and run your profile through an app like Grammarly, or ask a friend with good language skills to proofread your profile for you. 

A profile that doesn’t make sense is useless. You want to be descriptive, capture attention, and showcase who you truly are. 

Be Authentic

It doesn’t bode well if your profile is so well put together but when you message a Russian lady, she wonders if you are the same person. So make your profile sound like you.

If you are a funny guy, choose tasteful humor for your profile and don’t go overboard. Less IS more. 

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And don’t embellish your profile too much – the truth always comes out and then you’ll just look like a big fat liar. 

Show That You're Emotionally Available

While good looks can count in your favor, a Russian woman wants someone who is dependable, caring, and emotionally available

Show that you are emotionally available by letting the viewer of your profile in behind the wall you’ve built (even if it’s just a glimpse), embracing the big and deep stuff, and doing “feeling uncomfortable” well. 

Express your feelings appropriately, so use some emotive language when writing your dating profile description.    

Heading Use Words Like “Love” and “Romantic”

Analysis from PlentyOfFish, an online dating site, found that men who use certain words in their online dating profile are more successful in finding love. 

Words that will help you attract the love of your life are: 

Sprinkle the words that resonate most with you naturally in your profile – so use full sentences and don’t just randomly plug the words anywhere. That’s weird and won’t get you the attention and love you are looking for.  

Impress Her With Your Messages

The first message or reply needs to make the right impression on your Russian lady. And don’t think “Hey, how you doing?” ala Joey on Friends is going to get you anywhere. 

You want to be original with your messaging and replies. Think before you just blurt out (type) stuff and hit send. 

To give you some inspiration, study the lady in question’s dating profile and find commonalities – interests you both share – or a hook you can use to grab her attention. 

You can also send her a GIF, bait her with a good pun, ask a would you rather question, or play on stereotypes about your job. 

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You can also inspire a craving by saying something about research finding that intelligent women prefer chocolate cake over vanilla cake, and then add “… How do you feel about that?” Give the lady a few multiple choice options.

Once you’ve made the right impression with your first message, engage with her, reply as soon as you can so she knows you are interested, and be you.    

Impress Her With Your Smart Questions

There are plenty of questions and icebreakers you can ask your lady love when you are just getting to know her, and don’t think the conversation ends there. 

Once you’re on good footing and like each other, you can kick it up a notch and ask deeper and more soul searching questions. But keeping it light and fun in between the deeper is the best way to keep things in balance.  

Remember that the majority of your questions should be open-ended; closed-ended questions where the answer is either yes or no are conversation (and relationship) killers. 

But with open-ended questions, you can really have a conversation. You ask, she replies. You ask a follow up question or add to the conversation with interesting details, and so it continues. 

Smart questions are questions about your Russian lady: where she grew up, what her family is like, what’s her favorite childhood memory, what she studied, what she wanted to be when she grew up, and what her day was like. 

Would you rather questions are also fun. You can ask more normal questions like “Would you rather stay in and chill with Netflix or go out to a fancy restaurant and enjoy a 6-course meal?” 

Or you can make them kinda weird and fun in the best way possible: “Would you rather breathe like Darth Vader or talk like Yoda?” or “Would you rather go without brushing your teeth for the rest of your life or without brushing your hair for the rest of your life?” 

What Extra Services Help Me to Impress a Russian Woman on Dating Sites?

Aside from upping your game with having a killer dating profile, being the king of messaging, and balancing funny, deep, and engaging questions, you can also impress your Russian lady by: 

What Does Not Impress Russian Girls

The list of what not to do when you want to impress a Russian lady is quite long. But here are the most important not-to-dos: 

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Final Thoughts: Be Creative and Attentive

With any lady you are pursuing, you should be creative and attentive. Follow romance guides and tips, but put your own unique spin on the tips you get.

It is YOUR love story, so own it. Make it unique. 

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Your Russian lady will appreciate the original effort you are putting in to impress her and win her heart; no lady wants to feel like it’s a chore to date her. So by being attentive and creative, you are telling your girl that you want to be there with her and that you only have eyes for her. 

If you are ready to find your Russian lady, check out my guides on: 

Happy impressing and dating! 😍

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